Top Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with sophisticated features like swivel steering, dust cup, and filters to block airborne disease-causing bacteria and viruses at home.

By Customer Feedback

  • Whole machine filtration with hygienic dirt ejectors
  • 2 tier radial cyclones for extra suction speed
  • Flexible crevice tool for Tackling pet hairs
  • Wind tunnel technology with Fingerprint control
  • Multifloor electronic brush roll
  • A powerful fade-free ion battery system
  • Self-cleaning brushes with dirt engine technology
  • Anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Powerful suction for pet hairs, and tough messes
  • High-performance digital motor with 450Mph
  • Wall mount with a charging system
  • Tangle-free brush rolls
  • High-density sponge filtration
  • Flexible and convenient cleaning for pregnant ladies
  • Ultra-quiet noise operation vacuum cleaner
  • Standard and max modes for deep cleaning
  • 40 mins runtime with 12kpa suction speed
  • Quiet cleaning technology
  • 4 stages of fully-sealed filtration system
  • Expells non-allergic fresh air
  • 350 watts impressive motor power with detachable battery
  • 17kpa suction speeds for cleaning car dust
  • Quick transformation between multi-tools for room cleaning
  • LED light dust search for cleaning home
  • High-density HEPA filter
  • Low noise operation with 120 watts suction speed
  • 4 stage filtration mechanism
  • High torque power brushes with 0.6litres of dust storage
  • Dual charging wall-mounted system

A Complete Guide on The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Premium vacuum cleaners demand portability because as equipment that takes care of cleaning it should be able to reach every corner of the house. But sometimes your reach is limited due to the insufficient length of a cord. To tackle this problem, cordless vacuum cleaners came into the picture and provided some degree of cleaning with increased portability.

As you would guess from its name, cordless vacuum cleaners don’t have the hassle of constant plugging and unplugging. You don’t have to deal with a cord while moving from one room to another. Initially, cordless vacuum cleaners were only compatible with cleaning on a low level, but now they have become powerful enough to take care of the full house. The lightweight hoover vacuum cleaner is easier to use compared to cord vacuum cleaners. This makes it pretty convenient and easier to carry around. With this, you don’t need to plug the cleaner every time you want to use it, which ultimately reduces the cleaning time.

While cordless vacuum cleaners possess various advantages over cord cleaners, it has some of its own issues. The biggest of them is battery life. So depending upon your requirement, you must thoroughly know the battery performance of cleaner. Apart from that, there are few factors that you should take into account as well, which are listed below.

Types of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuum cleaners mainly come in three types which are namely stuck type, cylinder type, and upright vacuum for seniors. These are classified as per the design of the cleaner. Stick cleaners are lighter in weight and most suitable for quick cleaning. With extended maneuverability, this type can reach every corner of your house. Cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners are heavier than stick version but can cover more area and carry out better cleaning.

Battery life of cordless vacuum cleaner

Battery life is the essential factor as it determines how a longer cordless vacuum cleaner is going to work without any interruption. Cordless cleaners don’t need plugging for power source because the battery takes care of that task. While selecting the battery, it is recommended to go for the lithium-ion batteries as they have a longer life. Before you purchase a cleaner, make sure to check the charging time as well as battery life on different types of modes. In both standard mode and maximum mode, power consumption is different. That’s why it is important that you check how long the battery lasts in both of these modes and then only make a selection.

Capacity of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners have less dust capacity compared to cord vacuum cleaners. As these machines are compact, they cant a higher capacity. Because of this, the frequency of cleaning dust bags is more. So when you select a cleaner it would be favorable if you take dust capacity into consideration as well. Normally dust capacity of cordless vacuum cleaners ranges between 0.4 to 0.6 liters, but in some cases, it can be more.


As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of a cordless vacuum cleaner is its reduced weight. With the help of reduced weight, the cleaning becomes easier. As you can move the machine around the house with no bother, you can take the dust out of every corner of the house. Usually, you will find these vacuum cleaners with a weight of about 3 kg, which may be more or less for different cleaners. But compared to cord vacuum cleaners, it is almost half. While low weight is an advantageous factor for these cleaners, you must account the balance of the machine as well while choosing one. If a cleaner is not properly balanced, you might face difficulties in performing various maneuvers while cleaning.

Final Words

As cordless vacuum cleaners have become prominent replacements for conventional corded cleaners, it is time you switch and get one. With the above-mentioned factors in mind, you won’t have any problems in selecting an ideal dyson vacuum cleaner for carrying out the cleaning of your house. While these cleaners are costly, they can ensure that you get excellent clean.