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  • Monochrome card functionality within 7 second
  • User-friendly digital interface for hassle free usage
  • Integrated with holokote techniques for water-mark picture
  • Capacity of 100 card input and 30 card output tray
  • Highly durable white bondo card with color ribbon
  • Premium graphic quality cards PVC cards bondo
  • Drag and drop images with pre-designed templates for projects
  • Three years of hardware and software guarantee service
  • Offer color badge functionality in 38 seconds
  • DIY film ribbons with 50 PVC cards option
  • Compatible mechanism via mac and windows devices
  • Professional-quality plastic component ID card printing
  • Multifunction designed printer for quality fax
  • Highly secure threat notification technologies
  • Dual band wireless functionality device to increase workflow
  • Customized 550-sheet paper tray integration for effortless operation
  • ADF color scanning techniques for business cards
  • OCR technology to create appropriate folders
  • 600 dpi optical resolution mechanism for color pages
  • Intuitive software product with dropbox, google drive
  • Automatic 60 sheet feeder scanner techniques
  • High-quality optical character recognition mechanism
  • Quickly setup and connect with PC via USB port
  • Perfect printer device for photos, business cards, paper
  • ADF color scanning techniques for business cards
  • Single click save and scan functionality for users
  • Helps to save time for excellent firm performance
  • Hassle-free software with monochrome speed upto 12PPM
  • Single-touch printing touchscreen display for users
  • Optimize text and images technology for better print
  • In-built USB flash memory storage to keep business data
  • Wireless scanning device with cloud-based application connectivity
  • Fully refurbished in-house certified scanners
  • Mobile scanning support for travelling purposes
  • Configured with feeder, fax, finisher functional device
  • Dual 1500 sheet, 100 manual bypass, and 550+550 cassettes capacity
  • Professional quality 33ppm color printing
  • Fast yet low cost printing technology printer
  • Equipped with NFC card reader for authentication use
  • Adjustable 250 sheet paper tray capacity for legal, plus, letter
  • Durable quality color laser scanner mechanism
  • High-yielding 6500 sheet cartridges printing for bulk print
  • Color and black printing support upto 33 paper per minute
  • Top-notch security level mechanism for working environment
  • Wireless printing with LED user interface device
  • HTTP, IP, and other security protocol integrations
  • Energy start automation operating device for employees
  • Ideal black and white scanner for business environment use
  • Simple to use with mobile printing technology
  • Helps to store organized and secure information
  • Durable quality multiple functional mechanism for academic use
  • Super fast 56 pages printing engine integration
  • Provide 30 days parts warranty service for clients
  • Offer printing, scanning, and copying standard features
  • Professionally tested and fully functional printer for small office

Buying Guide - How to Choose Printers From Walmart Stores?


Printers are the essential computer component for printing official documents, leaflets, posters, etc. The never-ending requirement of the printer in the workplace, at home in your daily life, yet urges you to purchase one. To avail from one of the renowned stores across the world, Walmart allows getting their hands on the latest design of electronics at an attractive price range. The free-delivery on the printer are associated accessories such as the cartridges, printing paper for the smooth workflow. The deal value the purchase with pick up and delivery for the convenience shopping on the customer's end.

Why Should You Prefer Walmart Stores to Buy Printers?

The all-in-one printer with high design launched the latest model available at Walmart stores for great offers and deals which you drool for a period. The newly added technology caters to the attention of the tech lovers to try your hands on it. And the productivity of the office work increases with the smart wireless printers for speedy connectivity with the wifi recognizing the reliable and stable connection with multiple stages of reconnection. 

The high-end services on the part of Walmart, the customer protection plan secure the purchases from unkind mishaps. The security of the product that you purchase goes through levels of up-gradation to ensure you get the high-end products. The dedicated experts help to set up the item with minimal charges, arrive straight to the destination, and install the color laser printer without any fault. With accurate product information, Walmart aims to build a family of the entrusted customers residing widely. With the hassle-free experience shopping of the printer, scan and copy the documents with utmost convenience. Walmart delivers the highest stack of the product straight up to the hundreds of destinations accessible at the wholesale rate that you can't imagine. Reliability and customer satisfaction is one of the plenty reasons that allows millions of the user to stop by the store location available in the prominent place. The 24*7 services are appreciable with high-end quality products cum services to offer. Along with the mentioned reason, the Walmart store is convenient for all kinds of shopping with every item available at the disposable. The cheaper wholesale rate, high-quality product, rendering philanthropic services to the American community make it an incredible choice among citizens.

When efficiency meets quality, the outcome you can expect is outstanding. And the convenience to choose the latest trends of A3 color laser printers at cheaper rates, can apt you to buy from the Walmart stores, the new arrival of the electronic items, for example, the printer, attracts your attention without second thoughts, incorporated with all smart features to boost. The upgraded functionality of the advanced printer delivers quick print, scan, and copy of the document with speedy connectivity. Get the advanced printer at a cheaper rate than the rest of the store.

Amazing Benefits Of Buying Printers

The maximum number of retail outlets are out there with exciting offers and quality products. But when you shop from the biggest retailer, you get numerous benefits along with the added perks, as compared to other retailers. Here, we point out some that you shall agree with while shopping from Walmart Stores.

Get the Latest Design

Smart workstation increases the propensity to do complete chores at a time. Here the latest technology-based printers are capable of the work in a few minutes as compared to the regular printers, where it takes a lot of time to print, scan a document. The imbibement of the latest feature instigates you to use the Fargo ID Card Printer for quick work with high connectivity, and dual side-scanning technology is moderate up-gradation. When thinking of buying with updated features and functionality to intensify the workplace, home office, and go, grab it from the near Walmart Stores.

Expert Installation

While purchasing electronic devices such as printers can be quite simple with shopping from the Walmart store, accessing you through the expert installation option. And with expert installation services, you do not hire other professionals to set up for you. You can avail of the service by checking the small box option on the page and paying a minimal fee; you can access the expert help conveniently. And with doorstep service, the installation cannot be this simple on your end. Without any technical knowledge, you can place the printer with expert service assistance.

Purchase Protection Plan

Not every retail service takes charge of the security of products procured from the store, whether online or offline. But with every purchase from the Walmart store, you assure the safety of the product purchased by availing of the protection plan. Once you get a protection plan, the products are safe even after they get late for the delivery. By availing of the purchase plan, you insured the purchase from lethal damage and misplacement. The website is intriguing, with a wide range of variety to avail from it.

Hassle-free Pickup

And starting from picking up the product to delivering it, the services won't disappoint you with it. Meanwhile, you buy the highly designed printer for the office work, the installation, and guided instruction for everything you procure from the service. The safe delivery of the product is the priority of the store with a highly trained professional. And they are for every assistance regarding the operation and installation of the item in the setup. Regarding any complaints, you place them on the website, the 24*7 customer services, answer them and replace the product.

Get 2-month free ink

The cartridges of the printer play a vital role while printing the documents. But if you get 2-months of free supply of the ink from the store's end, it won't be a bad deal for you who use it often regarding work. While shopping, you can get a free subscription for ink without paying an extra penny. The offer is for a limited period, which you can avail of if you shop now.

Comparatively Cheaper rate

As we all know that Walmart offers products at a cheaper rate. But many of us still do not prefer, for the fear that it might deliver degraded quality. Wait a minute! Just take a breath and think, as it caters to the product from every export nation and distributes the item to every retail store, and claims to one of the largest distributors, the prices are as compared cheaper. The printer of the latest design cost you 2-times more in the other retail store with added expenses included in the shipping, transporting of the product.

Offline Store

If we compare the store valuation, Walmart has a large number of offline sections that make it more reliable. Purchase the printer from one of the stores available near your location with much adequacy and compatibility. A great deal of the offer available in the stores will blow the mind at products such as electronics, appliances, essentials, etc. Redeem points on the shopper cards for the extra profitable purchases.

What are the Major Features To Consider While Buying Printers?

Below are the elements for the well-informed purchase of the printer from the retail outlet, The Walmart Store. The following factors are:

Great Quality at a cheap rate

The good thing about purchasing the product from the Walmart Store is that they offer the original item at a low rate in comparison to other retail outlets. As you can procure the printer directly from the store with a product investigation from the expert technician.

Wide Range To Choose

The wide range of product variation is what you get from starting from the monochromatic color to Jet Black Printers, available for the latest models newly launched in the marketplace.

Free Delivery

With the purchase of the printer, you can enjoy free delivery on the product, with fast services directly at the doorstep.


The Brother Laser Printer with Walmart is the best line of the printer for smart, updated office work with no need to connect with tangled wires for the power supply. The easy to connect, print, scan, and copy, simplify the daily workload.

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