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Duplex scanner offers high-speed, efficiency and convenience with a wide range of connectivity and tremendous colour options.

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  • Customizable touch screen control panel
  • Energy-efficient layer multifunction printer
  • Default two sided printing
  • 28ppm speed of black and colour print
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection system
  • Supports TIFF, PDF, JPG, and BMP file formats
  • Acoustic document sensors for careful scannings
  • Intelligent sonic paper protection system
  • Simply actions with nine shortcuts
  • Save files in any digital format
  • Fast and efficient scanning of 40 pages per minute
  • Scans documents with third-party cloud services
  • Easy sharing and collaboration system
  • Robust auto 50-page document feeder
  • Intelligent colour and image adjustments
  • Powerful scan smart technology
  • Create searchable and multi-page PDFs
  • Intelligent scan correction for quality check
  • Scan speeds upto 12 double-sided PPM
  • Scan directly with cloud service and desktop
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac
  • One-touch scanning for any applications
  • Dual CCD image sensing technology
  • Duplex automatic document feeder
  • The versatility of single and double-sided scanning
  • Dedicated card slots for easy scanning of cards
  • Automatic colour adjustment and detection system
  • Features multi page scanning and faxing
  • Smart technology to low toner levels
  • Supports TIFF, JPG and PDF file formats
  • One-touch connect system for convenience
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Photo oriented flatbed scanner
  • Create unique user-profiles and save info
  • Uses 8bit colour and 660*660 resolution dpi
  • Process files with an OCR system
  • Share scans directly to emails and address books

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Duplex Scanner


Maintaining stacks of papers, files, and folders in the office can become quite tiring and hectic, isn’t it? Moreover, there often arises the chances of losing important papers and documents in the whole stacks of files and papers. Losing relevant documents and files can bring misfortune and unwanted issues in our life. Therefore it becomes essential to keep all our essential records and paper safe and in a proper manner. Wouldn’t it become easy and manageable if we have such a Scanner machine that can digitally store all important documents and papers? Well, the Duplex Scanner is the key to all paper-related issues.

What do you mean by a duplex scanner?

Before dwelling into the concept of a duplex scanner first, let us have a look into the arena of scanners. Though scanners have become quite common in today’s market, still many people are unaware of the usage and benefits of the scanners. In simple terms, fujitsu scanner is a device that is manufactured specifically to read, examine, and monitor documents and papers. One can think of the scanners as similar to the digital cameras. The scanners are meant to optimally scan printed texts, images, certain specific objects, handwriting, etc. and convert them into a digital image.

These scanners typically are used in office establishments since they have to deal with stacks of papers and important documents that need to be kept safe. However, the scanners also have found their place in the residential buildings as well. The duplex scanner is designed to scan both sides of the inserted paper automatically.

Benefits Of Duplex Scanner

A duplex document scanner is one of the most helpful inventions of technology that we need to have in both our office and home. Let us have a look at the benefits of a duplex document scanner.

Efficient Photo Restoration

One of the significant benefits of owning a duplex document scanner is the benefit of photo restoration that it provides to the users. One can even scan photos that are in a very delicate and deteriorated state and save it digitally without the fear of losing it.

Enables Rapid Communication

Sending a scanned document is apparently easier than using fax. Emailing of electronic documents provides for timely communication. Moreover, as compared to the traditional emails, the one at the receiver end does not need to own a computer anymore to receive the scanned documents. Those owning a smartphone or a tablet can also receive the emails with the scanned documents without any hassle.

Efficient Filling

Dealing with a large number of files and folders needs to have a proper handling system. Moreover, tackling a warehouse stacked with old documents and files is also quite challenging as well. In such a situation, having a duplex document scanner enables one to scan and digitally store all the documents securely in one place.

Factors To Look While Buying A Duplex Scanner

Duplex scanner printer is such an invention of the technological advancement that has made our life and work much easier and simple. These duplex scanners have found a place both in the office as well as a residential building. However, before getting a duplex scanner printer, there are certain factors that one needs to be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at some of the factors that one needs to take into consideration before making a purchase.

Speed of the Scanner

Speed of the scanner is one of the significant factors that one needs to take into consideration before making their purchase. In today’s world of technological advancement, we hardly have any time left to carry out our work at a slow pace. Every work and task needs to be completed in a short span of time. Therefore it is essential that we have machines that complete our work at a faster speed. While making a purchase for the duplex scanner printer, one must look into the factor of the scanner’s speed. The speed of the scanner according to the size of the paper, chosen resolution, choice of color, etc.

Duty Cycle

In simple words, the duty cycle is the rating of the manufacturer regarding the number of pages that the scanner can scan without wearing out prematurely or getting overheated. If you wish to purchase a duplex scanner printer for your home use or small scare use, you can opt for the one which has a lesser duty cycle, that is, a scanner that can at least scan five hundred pages per day. However, if you wish to keep your duplex scanner printer immensely busy the entire day, then you will have to opt for a one that has a higher duty cycle such as canon scanner

Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

A duplex scanner usually is designed to scan one page at a time. Putting more than one page into the scanner for scanning purposes can create many issues in the working and function of the scanner. However, quite often, we tend to put more than one page into the scanner by mistake. In such a scenario, the ultrasonic double feed detection proves to be quite beneficial. The ultrasonic double feed detection alerts the users if more than one page gets inserted into the scanner. Therefore while purchasing a duplex scanner, one must always opt for the one featuring the ultrasonic feed detection feature.

Bundled Software

Almost all scanners consist of software installed from the manufacturer that enables the user to configure certain things such as storage and format of the scanned documents. The duplex scanner printer usually features the bundled software that has the capacity to automatically figure out the type of the scanned documents.

A hp color laser duplex scanner printer is such a gift of the technological advancement that has made storage of files and documents not only easy but also secure as well. One no longer has to go through long racks of the warehouse to get hold of certain documents. Moreover, the easy handing process also accounts for its popularity as well.

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