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Opt cloud-based device with mobile-friendly connectivity color laser printer obtained dual-side copying, smart application, which leads to accomplish necessary tasks.

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  • Flexible and multiple optional paper tray
  • Automatic dual-side printing technology
  • Easy to use wireless Ethernet network interface
  • Best color laser scanner for photo quality
  • High-capacity toner feature to give longer usage
  • 24-bit color depth and 50-86°F operating temperature
  • Standard, high-yield toner option
  • Helps to increase firm productivity
  • Ideal for home and small business
  • Advanced security for user authentication
  • Offer scanning speed upto 33ppm facility
  • Get 2400x600 DPI class quality resolution
  • Ultra fast and premium quality constructed
  • Ideal color copier for architects people
  • Impressive engine for optimized performance
  • Lightweight and compact designed printer
  • Automatic two-sided copying techniques
  • N-up printing, toner saver featured product
  • Fully spectrum security from thefts
  • High-quality 35ppm speed technology
  • Touchscreen intuitive interface display
  • Support upto 5000 pages capacity box
  • Offer black and white printing technology
  • Mess-free reloadable refill functionality toner kit
  • Quality and reliable engine technologies
  • Easy to use, one touch machine operation
  • Single pass duplex scanning experience

Color Laser Printer Buying Guide - Working, Features and Benefits


Buying a color laser printer can be very useful for a person who has a computer at home or office. As there are different types of best printers available in the market, we tend to look for some of the finest options. they have always been in demand. They are inexpensive and productive when compared to inkjet printers. Moreover, they offer added color print functionality compared to monochrome laser machines.

Higher effectiveness of technology for text printing jobs, faster printing, higher reliability, and low-cost, especially when high-volume printing is involved, makes these designs a reliable option. They are a suitable option for printing documents with text like leaflets, newsletters, office emails, reports, etc. Further, they are also suited for medium-quality images printing jobs like personal photographs or family pictures. To select these over many other printer types for home or office use, you have several reasons covered in the buyer's guide here. However, look at how these machines work and the primary difference between a monochrome and a color laser machine. 

How Do Color Laser Printers Work?

They uses the unique functionality is that it offers black and white laser machine speed and has the features to print in full color. They also produce the output image on four rollers, one for every primary color, using a heat-powdered toner cartridge. To be precise, they work the same as any tech gadget does. The machine combines these primary colors through permutation and combination to generate any volume of the color spectrum. The rotating wheel of this machine helps in the effective execution of the entire process of printing. 

A static electric charge gets generated on the imaging drum by the printer at first. As the light hits, the laser partially eradicates the charge and lets the roller roll over the machine toner reservoir. The remaining charge on the roller finally starts the printing process on the paper. 

What is the Difference Between Color and Standard Laser Printer?

We know technology is growing, and new advanced models of best printers are coming on the market. As we plan to buy one of the finest quality machines at an affordable price, we must know its several types. 


They use a laser beam to construct an image on things. The light of the laser modifies the digital charge on the drum wherever it hits. Later the drum is rolled in a toner reservoir, which is then picked up by the charged parts of the drum. Then, the toner transmits on to the paper all through a combination of heat and pressure.  

Color Laser 

The typical monochrome laser printers use a single toner, and color laser printers use four toners to print in full color. However, each color applied in a split pass over the drum. Though the process can take a while to complete, most users prefer this process. They are more advanced and accessible. You can buy yours online at an affordable price. 

Features of Color Laser Printer

Some essential features that allow a color laser printer to stand out as an ideal option for businesses are listed below: 

Color Touchscreen

Laser printers allow you to conduct operations on your fingertips as they work in an automated manner. 

Automatic Duplex Printing

Duplex printers are very useful and this type of printing is one of the pros that gives printers an upper hand over other printers. This feature is a laser printer that allows you to print on both sides of the page. 

Wireless and Ethernet Connectivity

You can access the printer from your computer using a network (Wi-Fi). All you need to do is establish a connection between your computer and printer by installing the driver software.  

Mobile Device Printing

This feature of the HP color laser printer allows you to connect through your mobile device to process a file or document for printing. In the current times, when mobiles are a primary source of accessing data apart from laptops or desktops, this feature comes in handy. Moreover, it is a major cause of the high demand printers. 

Benefits of Color Laser Printers for Commercial Use

There are numerous benefits of using printers when compared with other types of printers. Check out the following benefits of using a color laser printer.

Several Printing Options 

It can print text, photos, and various other documents. Photos are not as lively as compared to inkjet printer photos. Moreover, it is an inexpensive option to print colored documents compared to inkjet printers. 

Print Volume

Laser printers particularly cater to the needs of eventful workspaces, where a heavy workload is present. This includes offices or places where monthly print volumes range somewhat around 5,000-100,000 pages a month. However, before you buy one, check the printer specs to match your monthly print volume. 

Toner Cartridges

The toner powder present inside the toner cartridges of a color laser printer does not dry out as easily as the ink cartridge. Since toner cartridges do not dry easily, they remain in your printer unused for a longer time.

Higher Cartridge Page Yields 

A Canon color laser printer is an ideal choice for those who want to keep their printing costs low because of toner cartridges. These can print considerably more pages than inkjet, which use inkjet cartridges. While one standard ink cartridge typically prints 300 – 600 pages, a toner cartridge can print at least 1,000 pages.

Fast Print Speeds 

They are able to print anywhere between 15-100 pages per minute. It is most suited for fast-paced workplaces. It matches the speed of monochrome lasers for printing black and white documents. Whereas for colored documents, it takes a little longer but still offers better speed than inkjet printers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Color Laser Printer

We all want to buy the most efficient product at affordable prices. When it comes to buying a color printer, you generally have to choose between a laser and an inkjet model. A color laser machine is comparatively faster, and its paper tray has a larger capacity to hold papers than the inkjet printers. Therefore, you don't need to refill the paper tray repeatedly during a high volume print job. Simultaneously, inkjet machines are an ideal option for printing photographs but are less productive than color laser machines. 

Check out the following points you should consider before shopping for a color laser printer. 

Ease of Use

Most of us are addicted to using the touch screen on the phone, tablet, and laptop. So why not go for a touch screen on a machine? A touch screen can make it easier to steer through the menu system, particularly if it has built-in access to apps that need the user to punch in their login details.


One of the important reasons for buying a color machine is that it can print faster than an inkjet can. While shopping for a printer, compare the speeds, and determine how much extra you want to pay to get a faster drawing.

Paper Handling 

One of the most considerable benefits of having a color laser printer is that it can handle a high number of papers at a time. An average consists of numerous trays. Each tray can store a minimum of hundred sheets at a time. Moreover, many of them can print on both sides of a sheet. Besides, they can even staple the produced sheets. This means the tray can carry two or more kinds of paper of different sizes, including cover stock and usual paper. You can give a print command for large printing jobs, have it printed without any supervision, and then pick it up later.


The cost of printing a file using a laser depends on two factors - the printers and consumables cost. They cost more than inkjet did, but the consumables cost for each printed page is less. Toner cartridges cost as little as a few cents while calculating each page's printing cost due to high volume printing. The total cost per page is generally lower as compared to an inkjet. Also, consider the cost of occasionally replacing the drums and imaging units too. 


A branded printer is sure to last long. However, if you are purchasing one, make sure to check its warranty to be sure of your investment. Check the care instructions of the user manual thoroughly to keep your machine out of dust and grime. Be it for commercial use or your home. they seem to be the fittest and the best way out for all related to printing requirements through the Brother color laser printer for quality photo prints.

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