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Customized pre-made templates with ID card printer that offers to ensure professional-looking color full graphical cards printing.

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  • In-built holo kote security printer
  • High quality 300 PVC durable card
  • Best for hospitality, laundromats, universities
  • User-friendly designed software
  • Compatible with Window and Mac devices
  • Dye sublimation printing technology
  • Capacity of 100 card input and 30 card output tray
  • Perfect to create designs like logo, barcodes, photos
  • Equipped with 50 pre-designed templates
  • Get unlimited text field on front and back
  • 100 card input hopper with 20 second speed
  • Perfectly suites for wide range of ID applications
  • Create own logos and backgrounds
  • Durable 300 white bodno PVC cards
  • Get fargo 45000-250 print ribbon
  • Edge-to-edge fast printing within 16 seconds per card
  • Applications includes Employee id, gift, merchant credit cards, etc.,
  • Intuitive user interface for color changing
  • Sophisticated access control badges
  • Pre-made templates, drag and drop options
  • Dual-sided photo ID system for low-volume printing
  • Eco-friendly ribbon upgrade option
  • Cloud Badging software for individual workspace
  • Power cord and USB cable connectivity
  • Offer authentication technology for sensitive data
  • Revolutionary hopper design for loading
  • Premium graphical quality PVC card
  • Flip option for dual side printing
  • Clear and secure watermarks on card surface
  • Magnetic encoding editing software
  • Integrated erase and rewrite functions
  • Sharp monochrome technology
  • Resin thermal transfer and dye-sublimation
  • Output hopper card capacity upto 30 cards
  • Built-in 32 MB GB memory storage
  • Color ribbon for graphic printing
  • Additional cloning tool includes adobe photoshop
  • Cloud-based workspace for ID badge
  • Get 300 dot per inch resolution technology
  • Allow to create full color and black prints
  • Receive notification for hassle free operation
  • Premium mil blank white PVC cards
  • Perfect for corporate with upto 500 employees

A Helpful Guide to Choose the Best ID Card Printer


In today's modern world, identity cards have become an essential part of every organization, like private companies and government offices. Would anyone not love to get a peace of mind by printing own id cards at a cheap cost? The premium quality printers can solve the problem.

Instead of giving the work to other companies to print id cards, an individual can print themselves and reduce the risk of a security breach. Moreover, owning a photo id card printer can give complete control over all the aspects of creating the cards along with their distribution process.

Essential Features Of The Id Card Printers

The id card printers are a cost-effective option for the organizations who want to enhance their security. The id cards can be customized as per the individual's requirements and make the process of printing them easier and fasters. Now let's take a look into the features of the photo id card printers are:

High-Quality Picture

The photo id cards can print high pixel image on the card, which can be a quick method to confirm an individual's identity. The photos printed on the identity cards cannot be replicated by using a scanner or other equipment.

Print Volume

The evolis id card printers can print nearly 500-700 cards in a day. The printers are of two types - double-sided printing or single-sided printing; double-sided printing is always preferable as one side; it consists of a picture of the employee. At the back, it includes the bar code for enhanced security. The printing capacity of the single-sided printers is more in contrast to the double-sided printer.


Magicard enduro printing cards for office is and another essential feature of the id card printers. The speed of the printers usually depends upon the type of tray which the printers use. To get large prints in a day, one can use the large input tray; whereas, to reduce the number of prints in a day, a small input tray can be used. The individual can use these two tray as per their requirement.

Printing Technology

Printers use the direct to card print technology to print the photo identity cards. The process involves the dye sublimation process along with the print head that increases the temperature of each panel of the ribbon. Further, it converts the ink into vapour and finally scatters over the surface of the card.


One of the prominent and distinctive features of the identity card printers is encoding of the cards. The printers use the technology of the high coercivity for more durable and more prolonged usage of the identity cards.

Benefits Of The Identity Card Printer

The photo identity card printer consists of numerous benefits like enhanced security and cost-effective. Therefore, the benefits one can avail using the identity card printers are:

Fasters Issuance And Replacement

One of the prominent benefits of having an id card printer is that cards can be printed in a short period. Apart from that, if any employee's card gets damaged, it can be replaced instantly and is not possible when assigned the task to third parties.

Full Control Over The Design

The users can have complete control over the designs of the id card. Different models of identity cards can be given to various groups to differentiate, and this process becomes more cost-effective by owing an id card printer.

Cheaper Rates

The vital benefit that the user can get from the photo id card printers is that they can print a large number of cards at a more affordable cost. Apart from being cheap, it also saves a lot of time for the users.

Tips For Purchasing Id Card Print

Before purchasing the id card printers, an organization has to make sure about its print requirement. There are several varieties of photo id card printers available in the market with different printing speed and specification. Moreover, the buyer should also check whether they require double-sided printing or single-sided printing.

Therefore, id card printers are the basic requirement of every firm and business organization. They enable them to save more amount of money and at the same time, print a large number of cards. Moreover, by using the magicard id card printer, the organizations save to reduce the risk of a security breach.

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