Best A3 Laser Multifunctional Printer

Versatile A3 laser multifunctional printers allow automatic double-sided printing of documents for keeping businesses more productive.

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  • Color multifunction production with 55 ppm
  • Get 600 dots per inch technology
  • Tested and inspected A3 laser printers
  • Best to print entire plan professionally
  • Seed upto 105 pages per minute
  • Get 1200 dots per inch printing resolution
  • Best for high volume office environment
  • Standard functions include copy, print, color scan
  • Automatic duplex and feeder
  • Integrated with 3.5 GB memory and 160 GB hard disk
  • Dual core 1067 MHz frequency controller
  • Perfect for large range of presentations
  • Engine speed support upto 56 pages per minutes
  • 1100 paper sheet standard capacity
  • Support Window server operating system
  • Get 1200 copier and printer resolution technology
  • Perfect for cost saving over time laser printer
  • Interactive product tour for seamless operation
  • Electrostatic transfer system with dual component
  • Option functions includes fax, feeder, and finisher
  • Enjoy file digitization, mobile printing
  • Support A3, A4, A5 size paper with 75 print speed
  • Get USB, ethernet input connectivity
  • Built-with dual drawer and trays
  • Offer 3 GB RAM memory and 250 hard drive
  • Secure and affordable laser printer
  • Smart operational panel for customize workflow
  • 1200x1200dpi printing resolution technology
  • Cloud-based technology for overall productivity
  • Best for automatically gain insights
  • Input capacity of 3200 paper sheets
  • Trays include tandem, and bypass
  • 120V 20 amp electricity power consumption
  • Built with 80 GB hard disk drive
  • Integrated 160 GB hard disk drive for internal storage
  • Highest input capacity of 7700 paper sheets
  • Get dual drawers with tray accessory
  • Offer 30 days of parts warranty
  • Touchscreen interface for hassle free usage
  • Secure and cloud-based monitoring system
  • Wireless connectivity technology
  • Best to reduce costs

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Perfect A3 Printer?


Well, if you are someone who is running a small business from home or a student who needs to submit a lot of assignments in a short period, then A3 Laser Printers can turn out to be a life savior.

Printers have become extremely versatile devices and complicated as well. If that's not enough to confuse you then, the endless numbers of models and their printing technology will confuse you.

But wait, you don't need to be confused at all. The complete printer buying guide will not only make you aware of different types of a3 color laser printer present in the market, but it will also help you to choose the perfect one for yourself. Before knowing about different types of printing technology available in the market, you must possess some knowledge about a3 printer laser.

What is A3 Printer and what makes it different from a Normal Home Printer?

The term 'A3' stands for the size of the paper that the printing machine can print. Common households have A4 printers that can print up to the size of A4 paper. There is no limitation on how small you can print. If you need to print a small size printer, then both the printers can do the job perfectly.

When it comes to printing big papers, then the quality Kyocera 3d printer is in the race. However, A3 pages are slightly bigger than the common A4 size pages. Dimensions of A3 papers are 29.7*42cm.

From an arms distance, the A3 laser multifunction printer and the A4 printers may look identical to each other, but they are completely different. A3 printers are equipped with more robust technology with wider paper loading and printing facility.

A3 printers have been developed for some serious business, and it will help you to add more efficiency in your business operations as well.

Why do you Need to Invest in the A3 Printer?

As per some business studies, it has been seen that 60% of the offices globally are having the wrong printer. It is obvious that they didn't buy the normal household printers but the event worse. Small business owners, who need a print out 3 times a week, have invested in a high-end commercial printer.

Choosing the wrong printer not only makes your business less efficient, but it adds a huge maintenance cost to the business as well. If you want to save your hard-earned money, then invest in a printer that can fulfil your demand and fits your pocket also.

That is where the A3 printers come into the play. A3 laser all in one printer is slightly more expensive compared to the normal home printer, but it can provide you with all the features of a commercial printer. If you talk about efficiency, then the A3 printers will not disappoint you.

In the connectivity section and functionality section, the A3 printers will not disappoint you. Commercial printers can only print, but these printers can't scan your documents.

Also, connectivity is a huge problem for commercial printers. Commercial printers can't be connected to the office computer, and solo operations can be performed only. On the other hand, with the help of a3 multifunction laser printer, you can multi-task. You can print the paper documents; you can scan important details, and convert the documents in a different format.

Types of A3 Printers

So, now you know what kind of performance to expect from an A3 printer. But, choosing the perfect one for your business can be tricky and confusing. However, here some basic things that you need to consider making the perfect purchase.

A3 Printer Technology

Different manufacturers offer different techniques to make their A3 printers. However, these factors make the buying process more confusing. A3 printers can be divided into 3 different categories depending upon the technology. These are the Ink tank printer, inkjet printer, and laser printer.

From the name, you can guess the basic difference between these 3 types of printers. The inkjet printers come with a jet mechanism and 3 small ink containers. The ink containers have a foam soaked with ink. When you click the printing button, the jet will extract the ink from the foam, and the ink will be sprayed on the paper. It also has an internal heating mechanism to dry the ink on the paper.

The ink tank printers are equipped with 3 different tanks of ink. In these printers, you will be able to see the jet mechanism, which will draw the ink from the tanks and spray on the paper. These printers are built to last long, and print in huge quantity. The robust technology of these printers makes it the most affordable to print. If you have a business that requires a huge quantity of printed papers, then this is the one to go.

Laser printers are the most advanced ones, and these are the fastest ones as well. Laser printers are equipped with carbon rolls, and the laser of the printer burns the carbon paper to make the print on the paper. These types of printers are extremely efficient, and some printers can print up to 50 to 60 pages/minute. There are two types of laser printers, the monochromatic tones, and a3 multifunction laser printer. Laser printers are capable of giving you high-quality color prints without burning a hole in your pocket, and that is why most of the billing counters use laser printers.

Speed of Printing

The inkjet printers are the least inefficient printers among the three basic types of printers. Most advanced inkjet printers can print up to 15-20 pages/minute. If you are someone who doesn't need frequent print outs, then this will be the perfect solution for you. Also, inkjet printers can remain idle for a longer period without any technical glitch. Inkjet printers have been developed for those users who require very frequent print outs.

Ink tank printers are more efficient compared to inkjet printers. However, these printers are for commercial purposes only, and you must print more than 100 copies daily to get the most out of it. Ink tank printers are costly compared to any other A3 printer. That is why you must consider this printer only if you need a large number of print outs daily.

Laser printers are the most efficient printers. Some advanced a3 size laser printer can print up to 50 to 60 pages per minute. If you need to get your print outs at a faster rate, then this printer can be the perfect choice for you. However, there is a myth that a3 laser all in one printer can't provide you feature like scanning, Wi-Fi connections, etc. But this is completely wrong. Well, those days are gone while laser printers were capable of printing black and white pages only. Also, the laser printer is the costliest option compared to any other printing technology.

Cost of Printing

If you need a lot of print outs to run your business, and the cost of per-page print out makes you worried, then you must consider this factor before making your purchasing decision.

An ABD Office Solution a3 wireless color laser printer is the most cost-effective printing solution, as these printers don't need any kind of costly ink cartridge. The cost of ink cartridge may vary depending upon the manufacturer, but smaller ink cartridges are costly, and it can increase the cost of the print out dramatically.

Color laser printers are less costly option compared to the inkjet printers. Ink tank printers have huge printing tanks, and you can fill up those tanks with cheap ink. Usually, the manufacturers keep the cost of the ink cartridge high to gain consistent revenue. However, if you can avoid an ink cartridge option, then you can get cost-effective print outs. As the ink tank printers don't have any kind of ink cartridge, that is why ink tank printers can provide you with high-quality print outs without burning a hole in your pocket.

The inkjet printers lag behind other printers when it comes to printing costs. Yes, the printing cost is very high compared to any other printer. You need to buy ink cartridges recommended by the manufacturer to get print outs. Also, the ink cartridges don't last long. Because of the higher printing cost, these types of printers are suitable for those business owners who don't need regular print outs.

Final Thoughts

Now you are well versed with different printer technology that is available in the market. But, if you consider these basic points before buying the printer, then you can easily choose the best A3 laser multifunction printer like Amazon Renewed Store. If you are someone who will need a lot of print outs in less time, then, an a3 size laser printer is the right solution for you. However, if you are looking to get color print outs, without spending much money, then you can choose from ink tank and inkjet printers. However, if you don't need the print outs regularly, then the inkjet prints out can be the right choice for you.

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