Best Video Interviewing Software

Enhance your business growth with video interviewing software to conduct interviews through video chat and hire candidates to achieve organisational goals.

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  • Send personalised Email and SMS massage for beginners
  • Built-in interviews scheduling software
  • Real-time notification about status of interview
  • Auto-grading system for all assessment test
  • Technical and non technical skills like coding ,writing and sale
  • Library skill test and video interviews assessment
  • Schedule upcoming meetings
  • Easily share mobile screen with remote control system
  • Compatible with android and iphone devices
  • Automatically connect audio through internet connection
  • Best webinars software for students
  • Provides online courses and training sessions
  • HD audio and video streaming software
  • Easily share on social media platforms
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Real -time interaction with all participants
  • Google calendar scheduling system
  • High quality video conference via window MAcs and Iphones
  • Free conference call for conducting interviews
  • Built in Background blur feature settings
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  • Compatible with all smartphones , tablets and PCs desktops
  • Offer trainings and coaching for students
  • Fastest webinar hosting platform on market
  • Automatically host pre-recorded events
  • Powerful drag and drop page builder
  • Integrated with audio and 720p HD video
  • Recurring and custom URL meetings
  • SSL and SRTP protocol for data protection
  • Built in collaboration tool to share with teammates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable layouts and images
  • Best for digital marketing events
  • Built in security system to protect data
  • Provides online training for interviews
  • Available for android and iphones devices
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  • Manage your upcoming interviews
  • Online chat and video call with Work from home candidate
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  • Cloud phone system for Enterprise
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How To Pick The Best Video Interviewing Software For Corporate Offices

Getting a job these days is quite tricky, and with all the process of filling up applications to waiting hours in the queue can be a lengthy and hectic process. Many candidates even have to travel to different cities for the interview, and until the time comes they become really tired, which can be stressful, and chances of messing up the interview are quite high. Today, many enterprises and organizations are using these kinds of software in Business Software to create an opportunities and improve profits.

What Is Video Interviewing Software?

Video interviewing software is software that provides a platform to create various forms of live interviews and communication in a structured way through video streams. This software is specially designed to recruit people in an organization or to hire them after a successful interview. There are various video Conferencing, interviewing software in the market that are available both online and offline, and each of them comes with unique features and capabilities. The video interviewing software provides a more holistic approach with the candidate rather than having a phone call. It helps in sourcing candidates smartly, evaluating each of them with the help of Artificial intelligence, thus improving workflow.

Benefits Of Video Interviewing Software

Reduce hiring cost

Video Interviewing software help organizations to save money and time while conducting onsite interviews with the candidate. Money and time can be later utilized by organizations to improve better tasks and management within the organization to improve productivity.


It helps people to collaborate within the platform and share data, files with various users of the organization, which encourages collaborative workflow and generates profit.


Video Interviewing Software is especially used to analyze skills. It is useful to identify a candidate for how he performs and communicate or how fluent he/she is in a certain language instead of writing all the details on the resume.

Easy Connectivity

It helps employees to connect to the best talents out there fast and easily so that they can hire them for their organizations and use their talent.

Features to look for in Video Interviewing Software

Record your Interview

Vervoe Video Interviewing Software for assessment that allows employees to record all the on-going processes of the interview, which can be stored directly to your computer's data or online through the cloud. These stored videos can be later viewed and analyzed thoroughly to select or hire a candidate based on the response. It is also helpful for instances when the HR cannot conduct all the interviews so that the recorded interviews can be sent to higher-level authorities for review.

Real-time Reporting

Video Interviewing Softwares allows real-time monitoring and reporting through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps in tracking details and bias and helps in improving the process of selection/hiring. Further, it also analyzes and generates behavioral profiles of the candidate, which makes the process of hiring more easier.

Live or Practice

These Video Interviewing Softwares conduct live interview sessions or one-way interviews. Some of the software also allows us to conduct practice sessions or a redo before the final selection process, which helps in improving the quality of the interview. You can easily set or edit questions or have a trial process that benefits both the employees and the candidate.

Comparison tool

Some software uses a tool to compare candidates and their reviews when they are in a larger number. It can aid in reducing the burden on the selection panel to manually perform all the evaluations in the lengthy process, which ultimately helps in saving time and resources.

Online Notifications

The software allows candidates to register to the software with an ID and password. All the details, notices, questions, and crucial information like the time and date of interview and selection results are sent to their ID via email so that they can view and be ready for the interview timely. All this can be done by an efficient video interviewing software. All you have to do is enter the information. The software will email out to all the candidates at scheduled times.

24/7 Tech Support

This software can be tricky to use. Therefore, they come with a dedicated team of tech support that can address all your queries 24/7. Check to see how responsive they are, how well they understand your problems and resolve the issues through the Zoho video software for webinar.

System Requirements

Video Interviewing Software is a cloud-based software that you need to visit their official website to know about all the subscription plans and pricing modules. The software supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

Set Questionnaires

Video Interviewing Softwares helps to conduct a screening process for hiring when there is a larger number of candidates. The questions are based on the response of a candidate which helps the employees to select or hire one based on skills, knowledge experience, etc. Some tools come with the added advantage of setting your questionnaires so that you don't have to spend more time on them! It also ensures a standard procedure for the interviews.


So, we hope our suggestions were helpful when you are selecting a video interviewing software. It is important that your final selection is a tool that has a simple UI, is reliable, and comes with multiple useful features. Jobsoid video interviewing software is an essential tool that can make the hiring process a lot smoother.