Best Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software enables to host digital meetings and interact with clients in secure connections around the globe.

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  • Enables screen sharing, polls and surveys
  • Provides a vast collection of presentation tools
  • Enables screen sharing, polls and surveys
  • Hosts single-tap meetings for every room
  • Cloud phone system with online faxing
  • Video conferencing with the screen sharing feature
  • High-quality video conferences for seamless communications
  • Provides broadcastings in live events
  • Provides vast communication channels in high quality
  • Helps to communicate via video calling and group texting
  • Uses the custom applications and POD’s
  • Enhanced background noise reduction system
  • Easy to share and downloadable files and links
  • Advanced fork feature for private messaging
  • Single chat room for voice and video callings
  • Secured and simple file sharing terminologies
  • Solid integrations for video conferences
  • Context-based authentication system
  • Audits and compliance visibility integrations
  • Fulfils web and video conferences of businesses
  • Compatible with Mac, iOS and Android
  • Event management notifications and alerts
  • Easy to use a simple interface
  • Screen sharing with analytics and reporting
  • Provides on-demand webcasting services
  • Presentation streaming with the latest tools
  • Two-way audio and video conferencing
  • Offers brainstorming and project management
  • Helps to enhance the customer relationships
  • Provides easy to use collaboration tools
  • Advanced audio and video controllers
  • In-built video player for desk-top sharings
  • Allows to post the polls and surveys during meetings
  • Provides top-notch production values
  • Offers online courses for entrepreneurs
  • An affordable and reliable platform for conferences
  • Host meeting through Tablets, PC and Mac devices
  • Video to go resources for effective solutions
  • Various audio and video conferencing plans

How To Get The Suitable Video Conferencing Software As Per Your Need?

No matter wherever one lives, they are all just a video call away. In these modern times, technology in business services has made our work more accessible. In this pandemic situation, we all have to sit back at our homes, but our work cannot stop. 

All of us cannot meet each other, there are so many changes, but the only solution for us in this pandemic is video conferencing. It helps us connect with everyone sitting far away. 

All the work meetings and presentations can be done through video conferencing. Our work life is mostly dependent on this. It is beneficial for students as classes are being held online through video calls that help connect many people.

Video conferencing has upgraded a lot in today’s time, and it is not just a simple video calling software, but it is one of the leading software in today’s time. It has also lent a hand in the global economy; it has tremendously affected people’s lives in this crisis.

We maintain our work life at home correctly and need the best video conferencing software to face any issues while working. So, before purchasing any video conferencing software, we need to look for the best factors, so let’s throw light upon some attributes that need to be considered by each one of us.

7 Important Factors To Consider While Purchasing Conferencing Software


It is the foremost factor to be considered. In contrast, purchasing and pricing is an integral problem for many ventures, so before deciding anything, estimate the amount you need to expend on conferencing software. 

So that you can make a proper budget and then purchase under what you have selected. If you don’t plan for your account before purchasing, you might pay more for it, which obviously you would never want for yourself. 

So fix a budget before purchasing and then go for the one that fits into your estimate.

Size Requirements

Analyze about the size of the video meeting, and check the number of people you need to organize a conference with. Suppose you have a small or a new business and would do with a lesser amount of people. In that case, you should choose a cloud-based video conferencing software according to this size requirement, and if you have to organize a meeting with numerous gatherings, then you have to go for it by this size. 

When you are arranging a large conference, looking presentable is the first point, and not being prepared for the meeting you manage is very unprofessional. You need to portray to your group that you are a good leader and then choose the software to help you the best in your meetings.

Recording Facility

Each of us considers characteristics that make software accessible; this is the same with video conferencing software. Some essential features like recording make it helpful for us to record the session for future use. 

Many of us prefer to record our conference meetings, especially the ones of longer duration so that we can re-watch it later and keep taking needed assistance and keep learning from it. It is also helpful for those who couldn’t attend the meeting on time and want to know the details later. 

So, search for this characteristic while purchasing a video conferencing software.

Texting Feature

Another characteristic that makes some tasks simpler and should be considered by the customers while purchasing is texting while video conferencing. To pin up your point in front of everyone while they are talking. 

It stops the regular interruption between presentations, which is created when people start speaking up in between. It can help you raise your doubt by merely texting on the chat box in front of the presenter rather than interrupting in between.

So, look for this feature while purchasing and make all your presentations interruption-free.

Screen Sharing Ability

It could be so much easier for us if we could show the others directly what we see on our screen about the presentation or anything else, so for this, we have the comfortable feature of sharing the screen. 

Many of us host private conferences and discussions. In these people, they need to show their screens to the attendees. It is much easier and accessible than explaining verbally and through texts. 

Screen sharing feature and sharing screen are much easier than explaining someone through your words and books, so, purchase the one having this feature.


Some video conferencing software has the feature of adding background images. In contrast, a video meeting helps lighten up the mood a little, and on the work front, it also helps in sharing essential things about the meeting.

HD Video Conferencing software provides you with HD quality background images, making it easier for us to see and understand what’s in the picture. This feature should also be kept under consideration while purchasing.

Customer Support

Suppose any problem occurs in using the features for yourself or your group. In that case, you should ensure that you have an alternative source for finding the solution to that problem, so select the software that comes with perfect customer assistance, search for the suggestions and comments for customer support, and then decide on that basis. 

Customer support is one of the essential considerations and for that choose software like RingCentral or CyberLink. Eventually, if you face any issues regarding your video conferences, you will need help, and great help would only come from those who have excellent customer support.


We all want the best for our business. In today’s time, half of our business is dependent on video meetings, so we, without any argument, need to select the best software for us like Click Meeting Video Conferencing

It has all the attributes that one needs in a conferencing software. It has in-built training sessions, an interactive whiteboard for web visitors, runs projects effortlessly, provides a vast collection of presentation tools, recording, screen sharing, texting, and the best customer support. It gives you all the outstanding features one needs in a video conferencing software, so choose the best for yourself and your business.