Best HD Video Conferencing Software

Reliable video conferencing app has the power to work remotely, and allow face to face communication all around the world.

By Customer Feedback

  • In-built webinar software for training sessions, demos
  • Interactive whiteboard for web-visitors
  • Run effortless projects and online collaboration
  • Perfectly suitable for teammates, trainees
  • Global broadcast for streaming live events
  • Drag and drop page builders with professional templates
  • Create real-time communication with audience
  • Affiliate dashboards for making promoter account
  • Best video conferencing for checking employee activities
  • One-click to connect telepresence system
  • Breakout sessions for small group discussions
  • Broadband internet with 1GHz Window processor
  • Share one-to-one messages with stickers, GIFs
  • Support remote work and distance learning
  • Advanced security to protect data
  • Seamless connection for fast operating system
  • Virtual classroom allows rapid training
  • Comprehensive platform to deliver immersive events
  • Flexible and secure web conferencing
  • Cloud based lightroom photo services
  • Customer-centric CMR for accelerate sales
  • Online file management with WorkDrive function
  • Best to improve productivity in workplace
  • Optimize operation by supercharged desk
  • Equipped with meeting transcription, HD videos, and audio
  • Exceptional hosting with an affordable conference
  • Integrated applications like slack, outlook
  • Online interactive and face-to-face communication
  • Real-time privacy protection from malwares
  • Capacity to work with lockdown computer
  • Best for recurring and scheduling meetings
  • Equipped speakers and microphones for quality voice
  • Industry-leading audio and HD video for exceptional experience
  • Compatible with BlueJeans, Lifesize, Webex, Zoom, and more
  • Unlimited call recording, screen sharing options
  • Integrated with Slack and Microsoft Team for seamless operation
  • Offer crystal clear audio calls
  • Intuitive high definition video conferences
  • Eliminate access code for hassle free usage
  • Enjoy effective meetings and productive demos
  • Virtual and hybrid classroom engagement
  • Unparalleled usability and collaborative device
  • Offer meeting recordings with searchable transcripts
  • Zoom video webinar option for monetization
  • Exceptional clarity and quality of hearing services
  • Best for reducing travel time
  • Reliable wireless network and fiber infrastructure
  • Offer cyber security to manage risks and attacks
  • Integrated IoT and M2M portfolio for telematics
  • Innovative network transformation for speed operation
  • Professional AV equipment with multiple cameras
  • Enterprise room system to facilitate large meetings
  • Firewall traversal feature for spam calls
  • Bi-directional screen sharing technology
  • Best to reduce redundancy from work
  • Fully managed conferences for professionals, investors
  • High quality screen sharing, recording, and more
  • Local and toll-free worldwide conferencing
  • Built-in Microsoft outlook and google calendar
  • Most engaging and multitasking device
  • Cloud based software for 4k video conferencing
  • Smooth operation for quality experience
  • Smart device designed to connect meetings
  • Compatibility with Skype for business calls
  • Best video conferencing for build strong competitive work
  • Built-in broadcast videos and movies for users
  • Controllers enables webcam or microphone
  • Best for improve productivity and affiliate marketing
  • Access with Windows and Mac operating system
  • Streamline scheduling and IT management
  • Automated alerts and live meeting control
  • Offer unparalleled one-touch accessibility
  • Integrated with canvas and cirQlive learning features
  • Fast and lightweight interface to enjoy frictionless discussions
  • Built-in google calendar to catch up agendas
  • Global infrastructure with dedicated security
  • Best for saving time and travelling expenses
  • Enables PPT presentation on whiteboard
  • Accessible to share files for multiple times
  • Incredible live streaming to social media applications
  • Moderate desktop sharing with end users
  • Browse web conference, adobe flash, camera to attend meetings
  • Voice over IP(VoIP) for quality calling
  • Video conferencing helps in troubleshooting and resolve issues
  • Scalable educational platform for students
  • Engage with live events, creativities, and new content
  • Stream 24/7 teaching classes for learners
  • Build innovative online workforce
  • Best to explore passion globally like photoshop
  • Upload presentation and slides to share with audience
  • Privately text with participants
  • Powerful and reliable platform
  • Quick screen sharing with crystal clear audio
  • Unique telehealth practices with medical devices
  • HIPAA complaint with SSL, TLS and 256 bit encryption
  • Advanced WebRTC video, audio, and data streaming
  • High-quality hybrid architecture
  • Get personalized meeting room with video conferencing
  • Audio controller and monitoring tool
  • Ecommerce option for on-demand training
  • Suitable for positive employee contribution with teamwork

Detailed Guide on a Video Conference Software


Companies all over the world apprehend the importance of best video conferencing for large groups. Video Conferencing Software has become a need for some organizations to stay connected with their colleagues or with their team members. Freelancers around the world are taking the help of the Best Video Conference Software to conduct meetings with a remote team. Somewhere, it is one of the significant needs in the current globalized scenario of business. If organizing an offline, face-to-face meeting is not possible, then businesspersons can rely on video conferencing software. Let's see some video conferencing software, how does it work, and which types of video conference software are in the market.

What is Video Conferencing?

The number of people accomplishing from home has increased at a high pace in the last few years. Video conferencing software is for both point-to-point and multipoint conferences. It helps in conducting an online meeting with peers using a webcam, laptop, and internet connection. Point-to-point video conferencing is for two persons, but more than two people participate in multipoint video conferencing. The best video conference software can transmit clear audio, text, and video data. Some video conference software free is loaded with file sharing and transfer features. Therefore, you should be careful while buying or installing video conference software for PCs.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Collaboration With The Team

Effective communication among the members of an organization is vital. Regardless of their location, people can take part in an online meeting organized through video conferencing software. It brings your team members closer and improves the decision-making process. Meetings are held to collect new ideas, make decisions, and plan to achieve the goals. With video conferencing software, you can do it quickly.

Getting Solutions

Online meetings simplify the process of gaining a solution to a problem. An employee alone can't come with the right solution. Even if he or she provides a solution, some flaws exist that get eradicated when people come together and talk over it. A video conference software for business eases the process of getting answers for a problem. From small to large organizations, each one of them is using video conferencing software for board meetings.

Cutting Extra Costs

Businesses carry out operations effectively and efficiently. If a business has multiple branches, then organizing at the office incur high costs. Companies can save the travelling expenses of employees by using video conferencing software. Smaller companies have the option of video conference software open source if it can't purchase it. Some free video conference software is also available.

Fast and Secure Connection

Video conference software for Mac and other devices offers an instant way to connect with the person you want. Staying in touch with team members and communicating your ideas are simple. It ensures that your employees are working rightly, and the team members are collaborating correctly or not.

Standard Features of Video Conferencing Software

  • Whiteboard – Participants can share their viewpoint
  • Video streaming – Uninterrupted video sharing
  • Two-way audio and video – for effective communication
  • Record and playback ability – Record meetings and view them later
  • Private text chat – Participants can chat with each other
  • Presentation streaming – Reach to more people by streaming
  • On-demand webcasting – Broadcast meetings on the web
  • Electronic hand-raising – Join the meeting and put your points
  • Application sharing – Quick sharing of the app to other

How to Choose the Right Video Conference Software for PC?

When choosing a video conference software for your organization, some factors have to be taken into account, including key features.

Participants Size

Calculate the Number of participants who join an online meeting regularly. Some video conference service providers permit you to connect with the participants without any cost. When you have the exact data of the participants that join the conference daily, then your company doesn't need an expensive type of video conference software. Save your time and money by selecting an inexpensive or free video conference software if the participants are few. For a large number of participants, you might have to invest some bucks.

Video Feeds

There are video conferencing services that feature the potential to host hundreds of participants. Moreover, some services are capable of hosting thousands but with some terms and conditions. They put restrictions on the video streams. Choose that service that doesn't limit the video feeds. You have to check and collect details to know it. Apart from it, video quality can't be underestimated. It should also be useful. Some video conference software delivers HD quality experience.

Ease of Use

Imagine using a video conferencing software that seems complex to use. This causes a problem when the manager connects with its team members. The product must possess a user-friendly interface. Keep this in your mind. Members can lose the chance to give presentations. Otherwise, you can train them regarding the software, but again, this is a time taking task.

Types of Meetings

You can organize various rooms by deciding the type of meeting you want to conduct. Suppose you need feedback on a product from the members of your organization. Your meeting type is of open-forum Q&As, where people can share their opinions. If you have to give a presentation, then it's crucial to keep other members shut. This is only possible when the video conference software contains the option to mute audio. If you are interested in hosting a different kind of online meet, it's better to find a software that matches all your needs.

Mobile Experience

Some of the participants join an online meeting with their mobile devices. You know it's hard to carry a laptop everywhere and use it whenever you want. When you want your employees to connect to the online meet, urgently then the most reliable choice is a smartphone or tablet. Try the software you have chosen on a PC and a phone too to see what experience it serves to the other participants.

Video and Audio Recording

Recording a meeting so that you can view it later, this benefits you in many ways. Nowadays, a massive number of cloud video conference software for medium-sized businesses are there, which is very importance of audio video conferencing. This feature is useful when you feel an urgent need to replay a part of the presentation missed by you. Also, it is helpful when you are experiencing a weak internet or Wi-fi connection. Video conferencing services can offer cloud storage, and this is available in a few of the conferencing software. When considering this feature, get the details of the cloud storage space provided to you.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is a powerful feature if you want to keep the meeting attractive. Besides, it avoids the meeting from becoming dull. This kind of functionality is for those organizations that want to provide training to their employees. It is for displaying a remote team member and giving instructions on how to achieve a task effectively.

Room Systems

Do you always feel the need to create a conference room only for video conferencing? To check this in a free video conferencing software for family, you have to collect full data or choose the trial offered. Some can't integrate with the meeting room setup.

Application integration

A plethora of video conference service providers permits the users to integrate the third-party application to your conferencing software. Like, take the example of the Google Hangout meeting. This allows the integration of all the G Suite products. This is the feature desired by many organizations. It facilitates working and boosts productivity. Adding notes, importing presentations, these are something to expect in a cyberlink video conference application. Hence, find out what software you want to use in integration with your conference software. Integration of calendar or email clients can be helpful too. If your video conference software is supporting external plugins, this is going to be a bonus for your company. Third-party integration permission should be one of the priorities.

Supportive Customer Care Services

Don't miss the chance to know the quality of the customer care team of the video conference software for PC, Mac, or other devices. Understanding how they pamper you and how active they are in providing support is significant. The support team must be quick to act on your feedback and complaints. Moreover, they are responsible for giving you the quality service that your business deserves. Choose the clickmeeting video conferencing for better e-learning and attaining classes from anywhere in the world.