Best Cloud-based Video Conferencing Software

Cloud-based video conferencing software utilizes advanced terminologies and security protocols to create an engaging webinar experience.

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  • Custom personal meeting ID with host controls
  • Pany and user-level intuitive interface
  • Provides remote control support
  • Custom links for personal meeting rooms
  • Secure web conferencing with SAML SSO logins
  • Quality based diagnostic reports and analytics
  • Chat and collaboration with unlimited members
  • Online audio video calls with screen sharing
  • Enforced with a multi-factor authentication system
  • Powerful learner management and tracking tools
  • Comprehensive platform for digital marketing events
  • Measures results and optimizes campaign investments
  • Real-time high-quality streamings
  • Host webinars directly into user browsers
  • Hoost high attendance events without any limits
  • Screen sharing and control mechanism
  • Real-time chat translation and moderation
  • Latest webRTC technology for high-quality videos
  • Display relevant statistics and documents
  • Management for tracking deadlines and due dates
  • Handle multiple products with a single CRM account
  • Reliable identity software management
  • Supports android and ios devices
  • Multi-factor authentication for secured conferences

How To Choose Cloud Video Conferencing Software

Did you ever imagine even in your wildest dreams that business would be just a click away without the need for any face-to-face meet-ups? The boardroom meetings would be reduced to small screens? The present is definitely moving that way. As businesses and communication, in general, are picking up new trends and technology, the traditional video conferencing too is getting groomed. Best of the best cloud-based video conferencing software is bridging gaps and how!

In recent times, video conferencing has a revamp. Zoom calls are the new board meetings. The global economy has managed to thrive even the wrath of a virus thanks to cloud video conferencing software like Zoom. Work is made easy at the comfort and safety of one’s home. The days of having to drag oneself to discuss business are steadily shifting its gear.

In a technologically privileged world, it is only a matter of a handy device and a network with a good bandwidth to be enough to sail your boat. The ladder of popularity as a mainstream communication method is being climbed steadily and fast by the video conference services. No wonder that Bloomberg has made a whooping prediction of video conferencing to hold a value worth $6.7 billion by 2025. Polycom’s research study in 2010, too, shows how businesses have hiked because of quick and easy offshore deals through video conferencing. Cloud-based video conferencing out of which is stepping one foot higher in the clouds.

A cloud-based video conference is where one needs to log in to a company shared directory via its name instead of the dial string. The entire setup hardly requires any infrastructure. The method is much more easily deployed with minimum hardware requirements and space. A cloud video conference comparison with the traditional video conference is the equipment. Hardly any material is required to set up a cloud video conferencing system.

Things To Look In Cloud Video Conferencing Software

Low Cost

The cloud-based video conferencing market is gaining popularity for saving big bucks for the business sirens. The implementation hardly has any overhead attached and is a cost saver. The system is very low on infrastructure.

Excellent Performance

Cloud video conferencing services are incredibly efficient. They are quick to set up, use and hardly any interference required from the IT department as it is easy to manage by oneself. Even if you are not very aware of digital technology, that won’t be a barrier for you; because it is pretty easy to use.

Quick Management

A significant factor of difference between cloud or on-premise video conferencing is that it does not require additional supervision from a team to check the connectivity all the time. The service provider will do the needful. Users can directly access and retrieve data as per their requirements through a web console. Everything gets handled in the back end.


There is a great boon to cloud video conferencing solutions as every employee can be registered and accommodated in the company directory for video calls. Earlier with on-premise video calling, selected few could only be managed to be a part of a meeting. But now, all the official FOMOs can be at bay.

Automated Updates

Default software upgradations save you from keeping track of the renewal dates. All the new updates are done throughout all systems that are part of the company cloud.

Best Quality

In the debate of on-premise vs cloud video conferencing, hands down the best quality certificate will go to cloud-based video conferencing. The audio-video quality is just supreme and nothing else. No more pixelated images and cracking voices. Everything will be crystal clear!

Highly Secure

The cloud video conferencing is backed by firewall traversal and is discreet with information exchanges. Be it, anyone, from within or outside the company; any data shared will be encrypted, which boosts the confidence to hold meetings online.


Worried that you missed out on a point for the MOM? Refer back to the recording of the meeting. Not just calling but recording and sharing are possible with a cloud video conference system. A personal video library feature is present that will help you access a recording through any device of your choice. To add above all, it just takes a browser to access the call.

Many of you are yet to be familiarised with some of the best cloud video conferencing systems. There are many services out that might be the right match for your business needs. The market is up and running with a new influx of cloud video calling software every day. While the most popular ones are free of cost, there exist some unbeatable plans that might transform the way official activities are carried out.

Plans that start from just $10 to avail unbelievable interface and quality are sure to get a thumbs up from businesses around the world. More so, global telecom companies are looking to devise data plans that support more and more cloud video conferencing. The success of which would soon be called the dawn of a new work style. These services are easy on the wallet and are considerate enough to include every individual in a workspace for discussions with their large member login spaces. While businesses are making work from home a common phenomenon, it is only made possible through cloud-based video conferences.

Final Words

The face of the future workforce is about to witness a significant revolution on how deals can be sealed. The pre-existing methods of working by being physically present on the premises will be revoked. More and more work from homes will be ratified shortly, thanks to some of the best cloud-based video conferencing software. The best part is they don’t pinch the pocket much, are less on infrastructure, are simple to use, and are high on quality. What are you waiting for? Get on a cloud video conferencing software and join in a new age bandwagon!

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