Best Ultrawide Computer Monitors

Ultrawide Computer Monitors allows you to place multiple screens side by side without any multi-monitor setup.

By Customer Feedback

  • Adaptive sync technology with quick response time
  • 1800R high-performance display
  • Advanced and secure pop-up webcam
  • Integrated KVM switch to control two PCs
  • Perfect for studio and playrooms
  • Ultra-wide screen for cinematic experience
  • Built-with high dynamic range for shadow,colors and brightness
  • Best for writing and reading
  • Free Sync Premium Technology Certified
  • Support 144 Hertz rapid refresh rate
  • TCO and Energy Certified with EPEAT Gold Rated Computer Monitor
  • 34 inch, 21:9 curved monitor with panoramic screen
  • Increase brightness with OSD contrast control
  • HD resolution with crystal clear technology
  • 16.7 million displayable colours with 115% sRGB gamut
  • Get uniformed focal distance
  • Suitable for a game and board rooms
  • Zero flicker and blue light especially for blurred vision
  • HDR vivid curved monitor display
  • Screen brightness adapt sensor technology
  • Perfect for programming and coding
  • Wide viewing Vertical Alignment(VA) panel
  • Support immersive high-speed gameplay
  • Radeon free-sync technology for tearing and stuttering screen
  • Comfortable viewing screen with height adjustable stand
  • On-screen controls for quick and easy access
  • Blue light shift mode feature for eye protection
  • AMD-free sync technology for smooth and seamless videos
  • Built-in 2 Watt speaker for listening tunes

A Buying Guide to Choose Ultra-Wide Computer Monitors for Amazing View


You may be using your computer for several different reasons, and to make your experience better and easier it is always important to own a good computer monitor. The ultra-wide computer monitor is the best thing to invest in for all regular users of the computer. More than 74% of all adults in the USA own their desktop. From studying to office use, from gaming to official work and projects, an ultra-wide monitor for your desktop is the best thing to own. 

Ultra-wide Computer Monitor Features

Display Quality

The ultra-wide computer monitor is not only a matter of size but more importantly it is a matter of clear and vibrant resolution. While looking for the best, Philips ultra-wide monitor makes sure that it has a high-quality resolution display Otherwise, the display will appear to be grainy at a lower resolution. The poor resolution affects your viewing experience and will not catch the minute details.

Compatibility with the CPU

Ensure that you are not using an outdated CPU while buying an ultra-wide monitor. An outdated CPU will not be able to offer the resolution which it can support. Depending on how old your CPU is, there are chances that the resolution may just be too outdated to display. Similarly, make sure that your CPU isn't too advanced for the monitor either. The ultra-wide monitors are generally built to support all the high-quality resolutions but depending on the brands and model there may be some which may not be able to support the FPS and HD features of a highly advanced CPU.

Angles and Curves

In 2020 widescreen computer monitors have evolved and taken different forms with various curved monitor models featuring curves and unique angles, along with the high-resolution display, it allows users to have a more immersive experience. While looking for a widescreen computer monitor, always remember that with the screen's size, there are also options concerning the curves and angles that can allow you to have the best experience. 

Attachable Components and Connectivity

The widescreen computer monitors in 2020 usually have compartments that support USB ports, HDMI support ports, and inbuilt WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. While looking for a widescreen computer monitor, make sure that you get access to all of the required connectivity features to ensure convenient usage.

Color Accuracy

This feature is vital for professional video and photo editors. The color accuracy is a factor which can make a massive difference in one's work. The color displayed on the screen and the color seen after exporting the final file onto other devices or after printing must be the same. Keep in mind that a highly accurate screen to colors will make your job as a professional editor much easier as you will always be confident about the accuracy of the final product. 

Price and Functionality

This is probably the most important factor one should consider before buying a computer monitor. It may get confusing and overwhelming while looking for the best widescreen computer monitor in 2020 as there are many options to choose from. Some may appeal to you but may be out of the budget. 

It is important to understand the purpose and requirements you need before looking at different brands and models. If you need a widescreen monitor for entertainment, then looking for extra added features is not as important. Going for a standard widescreen device will save you a lot of money. Make sure the price you pay matches the utility the monitor provides. However, if you are looking for gaming computer monitors or a professional editor then you will surely require a high-end model. 


All in all, Samsung monitor is the best choice as it comes with built-in features to fit perfectly for home and offers a cinematic experience. The widescreen computer monitor is an important investment for most computer users, and in 2020 it is easily available in large varieties in stores and online. Pick the best and most reasonable widescreen monitor to enhance your experience while using your computer and upgrade your vision to the next level. With this guide, you should be able to find yourself the best widescreen for your daily use.