Best 27-Inch Computer Monitors

27-inch ultra-wide Computer Monitors comes with different sequences of panel resolutions and refresh rates for quick actions.

By Customer Feedback

  • Advanced gaming experience with AMD free sync
  • Automatically reduces screen brightness with eco-saving mode
  • Brilliant picture quality with 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Game mode technology for smooth and fastest moving scenes and images
  • Outstanding reproduction with exceptional colour fidelity
  • Radeon free sync technology for graphic-intense gaming
  • 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms motion blur reduction
  • Height, pivot and tilt adjustments
  • Edge to edge ultra-wide-angle display with 1920*1080 resolution
  • IPS panel technology with LED backlighting
  • Consistent colour and image clarity with 5,000,000:1 dynamic ratio
  • Asus eye care technology with TUV Rheinland certification
  • Quick fit virtual scale for previewing photos and documents on-screen
  • Dual HDMI ports for extensive connectivity
  • Super slim profile with a sleek design
  • Mercury-free white LED backlighting for power savings
  • Smart connectivity with a smartphone for gaming and media
  • Contemporary sleek metal design for your living room
  • 2.4-inch diagonal viewable curve screen for better visibility
  • VGA, Displayport, and HDMI inputs to connect peripheral devices
  • FPS and RTS gaming modes with fast refresh rates
  • Low blue light technology for instant eye strain relief
  • Fast 1ms GTG response time for immersive video experience
  • D-sub, DVI, HDMI and headphone jack connectivity
  • Builtin lock port for added security
  • Flicker-free video with smooth transitions
  • Optimal viewing comfort with anti-glare display
  • Super clear IPS panel technology with frameless design
  • Versatile connectivity and dual integrated speakers
  • Best in class screen performance with 1920*1080 resolution
  • Optimized viewing experience for different screen applications
  • Flicker-free technology to reducing eye fatigue
  • Ultra-high-definition matte display screen
  • Ideal for developers, photographer and gamers

What to Consider When Buying 27-Inch Computer Monitors?


Computer monitors have been evolving every day with an increase in demand for screen size. To have an immersed experience, people are now choosing more giant screens. Among big monitors, 27-inch computer monitors have become the favourite choice of people. This size works well with all kinds of applications. Research is a necessary aspect when buying 27-inch computer monitors. We are listing specific parameters that you have to investigate thoroughly before making any purchase. Let's see them.

Resolution for 27 Inch Monitor

People sometimes confuse resolution with screen size; however, both are entirely different terms. Resolution in simple words refers to pixel size in vertical x horizontal space of the monitor. It is a common belief that more resolution means more clarity in pictures, but no that's not always the case. To have the best quality on-screen, you have to optimize the pixels. In general terms, the higher pixels density will result in more explicit images. Pixel density or simple pixel per inch is the availability of pixels in one inch.

Calculating pixels per inch is no hard task. To calculate all you have to do is to put values of resolution and screen size on any DPI calculator. It will give you pixel density. You have to ensure that the value of DPI is high. It is necessary because ultimately, it will be responsible for the sharpness of images. 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160 and 4K are some common resolutions. You can combine both budget and density elements and end up with the best 27-inch computer monitor. 


With the immense size of 27 inches of the monitor, you get to have options of choosing between the curve and flat-screen. This one is a subjective thing, but still, some few things require your attention. If you are opting for 27 inches, then why not go extra steps and get curved screen monitors? It's not like flat screens aren't doable, it's just that curved ones are more convenient. Especially in this case, it is more applicable since 27 inch is a big size. So to have a more immersive experience, getting a curved screen isn't a wrong choice.

Curved screens will allow you to cover more distance within a single glance. On the other hand, you have to divert your eyes every time for flat screens. Suppose you wish to remain conventional, fair enough, no issues in getting a flat-screen. Also, if budget is a big issue, it is smart to choose flat screens. But to experience 27-inch computer monitors to their fullest potential, curved is a better choice. 

Prefer High FPS

You will have to be a bit considerate about the refresh rate if you are looking for a gaming monitor. There is a term called frames per second which is relevant to the refresh rate of the screen. For a better gaming experience, higher FPS is recommendable. Momentary or continuous drops in frames per second can ruin the gaming experience. This thing also matters when you do work like video editing. If the refresh rate is low, you will face the issue of lag. All of this is only applicable if your target use is gaming or video editing. If the monitor is strictly for office use, pay no attention to refresh rate. By considering these things, select the most optimal refresh rate. More than that for ending up the most suitable refresh rate you can invest your money in Samsung Curved FressSync monitor.

Monitor Brightness

When a large monitor comes into the picture, brightness plays a vital role. Brightness is customizable, but well apart extreme limits constitute a better experience. If your screen uses HDR, it is better to have higher brightness to align well. The unit of brightness is units and the recommendable range for 27 inches is 400 to 1600.

Vibrant Colors

Colour range more technically referred to as colour gamut is the ability of the monitor to display a vast range of colours. In simple terms, it is a colour that the human eye can see. Now that you got the gist of it, you may understand how it affects your selection. Just think about it, you're watching a video that contains dazzling colours. For living out the best experience of colour range Acer 27-inch monitor is the extensively recommended. 

All of these colours are equally important for your interpretation of the subject. Now, in this case, if the colour range is low, you may not get all the things the video is trying to portray. So to ensure that you don't miss out on any detail, you will have to see through the colour gamut. 

Response Time

It is somewhat related to refresh rate but significantly different in application. Response time indicates the amount of time the monitor needs to change consecutive pixels. Higher FPS is always best for your hardware, however it's a different story for response time. Here the demand for response time is low for improved performance of the system. If response time is too long, it may result in motion blur, which isn't convenient. Whenever you select the best 27-inch computer monitors, get the one with the short response time. 


The buyer must be clear about the end-use of budget monitors to move forward. Some typical end uses include gaming, watching movies/shows, or doing office work. Determining a product's application has to be the first step in finding the best monitor. Once you've decided on this, then only you will be able to progress further. 

Once you get the purpose of use in your head, it will be easier for you to differentiate between features. Besides, it will also help you in deciding what specifications or what parameter to look for. By narrowing down elements in a linear path, the end product will be everything that suits your conditions. In such a way, deciding applications at the initial stage could prove out to be beneficial. 

Final Words

These monitors cost some hefty amount which is why you will have to be solid with your research. Lastly, we would say that in the same league, ViewSonic will surely bring righteous satisfaction for all your expectations. In any case, the factors as mentioned earlier are sufficient to get the best deal for you by your requirement. Have an in-depth analysis and you will find the best 27-inch computer monitor.