Best 4K 27-Inch Computer Monitors

Purchase high-end 4K display monitors with an ergonomic design to offer superior image quality and gaming features.

By Customer Feedback

  • Advanced gaming technology with crosshair feature
  • Suitable for playing games and office use
  • Automatic standby and split-screen system
  • LCD borderless display monitor
  • Seamless ultra-thin bezels
  • Striking colour consistency
  • Compatible with RF Device, Display Manager, Windows
  • Four years of replacement warranty in the US
  • 10-bit color with ultraclear 4K UHD resolution
  • Low-level of energy consumption
  • TCG and Energy Star Certified Computer Monitor
  • Best for media streaming
  • Modern and sleek design with maximum screen space
  • Built-in 5ms sound response time
  • Best for children, teenagers
  • Premium arcline designed monitor
  • Optimum game mode and black stabilizer
  • Best for a professional graphics designer
  • 2.0 screen split with on-screen control
  • Dynamic action sync and black stabilizer gaming technology
  • Offer 99% coverage of sRGB spectrum
  • Get web, movie, text, game and mono preset applications
  • Dual integrated speaker with stereo sound
  • Ideal for a multi-monitor setup
  • Equipped multi-stream transport technology
  • Best for web developers
  • Exceptional AQ color accuracy
  • Protect from eye fatigue, irritation, and strain
  • Offer DisplayPort accelerate upto 70Hz
  • Enable movies, games, and documentary work

Buying Guide To 4K 27-Inch Computer Monitors

In recent times, the monitor screen size has increased considerably, intending to render a positive experience to the users. The standard size ranges between 24-27 inches has become a massive hit in the market. If you are looking to upgrade to an advanced technology computer display,  then go for 27-Inch as it is the best investment to unleash your passion for entertainment. Many of us would prefer to watch favorite movies or songs for which the 27-Inch display offers a high resolution.

A 4K monitor is the one that has a larger display with 3840*2160 pixels, which is four times greater than a regular display is. The displays are becoming prevalent in the market these days with the increasing demand for people to adapt to an advanced 4K 27-Inch monitor. Today, most professionals opt for this renowned 27-Inch monitor to produce commendable work results just by working at their comfort. Apart from this, the gaming industry has taken a toll on these 4K screens as it offers tremendous support to graphics. 27-inch is an ideal choice as a computer component of display as it stays compact on the desk without consuming too much of your space.

The industry boasts numerous branded 4K devices possessing unique features. It is challenging to choose the best fit for beginners, as there are many more aspects involved in this regard. Some displays may look attractive but may be misleading in terms of features. So, it is essential to be careful of such displays before spending your money on it. Listed below are a few primary things to consider before buying a 4K monitor.

Size of Monitor

The size has always been on the debate when it comes to choosing computer screens. And it is undeniable that the bigger the screen size, the more the streaming quality of videos. The size directly relates to the aspect ratio, which plays an imperative role in the screen's clarity.

Monitor Type

There are different types of desktop screens in the market that make the users confusing to choose one among them. 4K computer monitors are divided into three forms that include TN, IGZO, and IPS. Each type is unique, differing in its specifications and features.

TN Panels

The panels are the primitive ones and best suited for beginners. The response time is brilliant with these panels, but the images' color quality is not up to the mark when compared to other frames.

IPS Panels

The panels ensure accuracy in the images, color, and most suited for slow-paced applications with the least four milliseconds response time.

IGZO Panels

These are the best types of 4K monitors that can deliver high power with more energy consumption.

Colour Perfection

Gone are those days where TV units and monitors have the color adjustment or enhancement facility via the RGB method, which could be annoying for the users. With modern technology evolution, color accuracy for 4K videos is essential to give a radiant look for the images streamed on the videos or movies. If the color is displaying blurred, users may lose interest in watching their favorite screens.

Refresh Rate

Different applications demand different refresh rates based on their needs. For instance, a gaming display requires a 144Hz refresh rate, and needless to say, 4K monitors extend up to 30Hz refresh rate. 30Hz can be a bit slow for mouse handling with the reduced speed so that users can choose the 60Hz option to experience improved speed.

Aspect Ratio

This is generally inferred as the ratio of the length to the height of the monitor display. The significant aspect ratio is 16:9, which is favorable for movies and gaming. For hard-core gamers, 21:9 will be the appropriate aspect ratio. The standard ratio is 16:10 by offering maximum space and holds good when users need to work on multiple files and images.


Brightness is a key element for any electronic equipment, be it a TV unit or computer monitor. Most of the advanced displays launched recently render outstanding brightness in the range of 350cd/m2. But, exposing eyes to such high brightness can cause problems in the eyes. The most recommended brightness level is 250 cd/m2.

Response Time

The average taken by an image to load or change its color is recorded as response time. All the recently launched computer monitors come with an incredible response time keeping the users interested throughout the movie or gaming session.


Acquiring a certified cable for your monitors is imperative these days to avoid problems in the future. Some of the market's unauthorized cables are a big nuisance to the system as they establish a fake connection that can cause voltage issues. This has a direct impact on the refresh rates by causing a reduction in the speed of the images. The best choice is to adapt an HDMI cable for your 4K 27-Inch monitor and also any computer monitor to optimize speeds.

Windows Scaling

This is one important aspect to look upon before buying 4K 27-Inch monitors, and it is technically referred to as windows scaling. High pixel densities come in handy with PCs to expand the windows for better results.

Viewing Angle

A higher viewing angle promises a three-dimensional view of the movies or songs you run through your display if you plan to enjoy yourself with friends. Always go for monitors with viewing degrees of 170 and above.


Though Dell Ultrasharp and Philips are trending in the market, the LG display is deemed the best, with G-Synch technology and split-screen functionality being the unique features.

Pros of 27-Inch Computer Monitors

  • Provides a larger screen space for enjoying seamless gaming.
  • Aids in multitasking activities.
  • Sleek and compact in design.
  • Available at reasonable prices.
  • Aesthetic in look and delivers vibrant colors.
  • Best for media streaming with the least amount of power consumption.
  • Delivers high-end audio quality outputs with a great response time.
  • Holds a simple and intuitive interface.


There are a huge variety of options to choose from when it comes to 27-Inch computer monitors. We assure you that you can never go wrong with your selection if you follow the things mentioned above before purchasing the desired desktop screen. Always stick to your requirements, budget, and choose a monitor that matches the above criteria.

To conclude, the LG monitor is ranked the best among others in the market, which is best suitable for gaming applications. The desktop screen boasts an IPS LED panel capable of producing vivid images of the gaming icons. Be your kind of boss and have an enthralling gaming experience on the B-curve full HD monitor.