Best Curved Monitors

Curved monitors offer a more immersive experience with a high contrast ratio and fast response time while browsing.

By Customer Feedback

  • Unique venting system for heat dissipation
  • Fully customizable RGB lighting system
  • alienFX lighting for maximizing performance
  • Split-screen function for multiple input sources
  • dual QHD curved display gaming monitor
  • Optimized for virtual gaming of FPS, RTS and RPG
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync technology for HDR content
  • Virtually Borderless and ergonomic design
  • Advanced gaming features of a crosshair technology
  • 100% wide sRGB wide colour gamut technology
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology for smooth gaming action
  • Features wide viewing angle with 170 degrees
  • 1800R curved screen display with thin frames
  • Images change faster and smoother with 75Hz
  • Multi digital and analog ports to connect video and gaming devices
  • Advanced motion blur reduction technology
  • QLED gaming monitor for HDR content
  • Multi ports for gaming consoles and additional monitors
  • Innovative design with Ultra-wide cooling technology
  • Provides artifact-free gaming performance
  • 3 sided frameless design with narrow borders
  • Advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology
  • Advanced VA panel technology for brilliant colours
  • Ultra-narrow bezels for a seamless experience
  • VA panel for wide viewing angles
  • AMD free SYNC technology for smooth gaming
  • Dual HDMI and VDA ports for connectivity
  • Immersive viewing experience with 1800R curved display
  • Free Sync technology to reduce screen tearing
  • Suitable for office workstation
  • Access multiple windows by PIP or PBP functions

How to Choose the Best Curved Monitor Computer: Complete Guide


Why do you need a curved monitor might be your first dart at me but let me tell you if you are glued to your desktop/laptop all day around or if you’re an avid gamer then “curved monitors” are made for you. Computer monitors come equipped with greater immersion that allows us to have a better “real life” feel while working with the computer. They help us to perceive the screen pictures in 3D, i.e., we can understand the height, length and width of the screen pictures. The curved angles of the monitor help our eyes to glance at more information in a single dart that too without straining the eyes. The contemporary curved monitors come with many included features which are enlisted below:-


The best thing about curved monitors is the curvature itself. The curvature aids the user to see the monitor with crystal clarity without worrying about the brightness of the room or the surroundings. 

The curvature helps the user to observe the entire screen in a single glance without straining the eyes. This is helpful for those who are always using their monitor. Unlike flat-screen monitors, the curved screen monitors don’t strain our eyes to see everything, with all the light directed to the viewer. When a flat-screen exceeds the natural field of view, it can unnaturally stress the user’s eyes and the curved screen never let that happen for that we provide the quality samsung monitor for comfortable viewing experience. Flat screens are usually prone to blurriness or image distortion, especially if the monitor is a larger one Distortion is significantly reduced on a curved monitor due to the physics of light projection. A curved screen’s shape causes the light to be aimed at the viewer, limiting distortion. 

High Resolution 

The modern curved monitors and gaming computer monitors come with high resolution shooting up to 1440P which gives impossibly sharp images and wonderful user experience. This makes curved monitors triumph over the usual monitors and also it is a treat to the eyes. 

Striking Designs 

When you pay more, you want more, don’t you? Thus the curved monitor has shot up their design quotient with sleek designs giving a completely new aura to the laptops or the desktops. The monitors are now more than just a computer accessory they are now a part of the interior decor. The monitors come with glossy finishes and amazing curvature to suit your room décor. 

Pixel Response Time 

Pixel response time refers to the time it takes for a pixel to change from black to white, or from one shade of grey to another. This is particularly important for gamers as faster response times enhance the fast visuals of gaming. This is the best gift for the gamers who always suffer due to the exceedingly long response time of the gaming computers. The short response time makes the gaming experience come alive, and the user has a more “authentic” experience of being a part of the game. 

Combining a fast response time with the immersive nature of massive screens makes for the ultimate gaming experience. If you’re looking for high response time and superior visuals, a curved gaming monitor is the best solution for you. 

Smart Stands 

The monitors come with complementary and interesting stands- circular of T-style. The T-Styled stands for easier instalments and better views, whereas the circular stand adds more sheen to your home décor. What can be more interesting than having a stand dedicated to the monitor that enables the user to use it more easily and frequently? isn't it? Acquire the best touchscreen monitors for seamless operation

And the circular stands can make the monitor look like an exotic décor piece bought from a high-end home décor website. 

Free Sync 

This feature enables the user to experience an unusual clarity of the visuals, and it becomes very easy to read or edit the documents or the pictures. This helps in the performance at work too. 

Superior Productivity 

By reducing the eye stress and discomfort, the dell alienware computer curved monitors maximize the number of time users can work to their full potential. They also help employees to look at multiple things at the same time. Ultrawide curved monitors help desk workers to see (and work on) multiple open applications and windows simultaneously without disruption.