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Travel wallets and pouches comes with multiple slots and compartments for keeping passports travel documents and cards organized for both men and women.

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  • Minimalist and slim bi-fold travel wallet
  • Easily fits up to 10 cards
  • Sufficient space for change, tickets and bills
  • RFID protection for passports and ID cards
  • Strong leather wallet with silicone band
  • Supports a maximum of 12 cards
  • Extra space for bills and receipts
  • Best travel wallet with RFID blocking
  • Top standard polyester travel wallet
  • Compact and lightweight wallet
  • Tiny pocket in front for a change
  • Highly durable waterproof pouch
  • Multi-functional interlayered wallet
  • Convenient space to hold up 5 passports
  • Keyholders, coin and cash pockets
  • Travel document holder for families
  • High-quality eco-friendly leather wallets
  • Cell phone holder, card and ticket slots
  • Functional and easy-to-carry design
  • Trendy and multi-coloured purses for women
  • Efficient wallet with multiple sections
  • ID lock protective lining
  • Zippered closure for safety reasons
  • Best travel wallet made of nylon material
  • RFID protection technology-enabled lining
  • Perfectly suitable for women and men
  • Multiple compartments with a zip
  • Best under clothes travel wallet
  • Toggle bag with an adjustable strap
  • Three inside sections for organising documents
  • Enduring rip-stop nylon waterproof pouch
  • Best wallet for overseas travel
  • Simple and suave travel wallet
  • RFID blocking protection for id and credit card
  • Compact and easy-to-use design
  • Includes pen and cellphone holders
  • Sturdy leather exterior with a pebbled finish
  • Wristlet strap for an easy carrying
  • Ideal choice to women for daily use

A Complete Buying Guide On How To Choose A Suitable Travel Wallet


 Travel wallets came into existence around the early 70s and specifically designed for people who had a lifestyle to travel around more to carry essential documentation like passports, tickets, boarding passes, foreign currencies, itineraries, insurance, hotel booking, etc. With RFID security features and hidden pockets, a good purse is more functional than a normal. Selecting the best travel wallets is all about getting rid of unwanted belongings and keeping your valuable organized and safe.

They normally have more space than conventional purses and can accommodate more than one passport. This type of purses normally has multiple sleeves and compartments. Once back from the outside trip, this is normally kept back separately, and the cards for day to day use are transferred to a minimalist Fashion purse type.

Significance of Travel Wallets for Men and Women

They are normally securely fastened and, as already stated, almost always lined with RFID blocking to prevent scanning and to lose personal details from the cards and passports by external thieves. Money belts also come under the category of purses and wallets and are used for storing documentation and currencies on a foreign tour however, contents in money belts, as opposed to traveling purses, are much less accessible as these are worn around the waist.

There are also monogrammed purses available with the initials of your name and with different colors. It provides an added joy of ownership and helps in personalizing a Herschel travel purse for easy identification in the event of doubt.

Materials for Travel wallets

Most of them are made from leather. However, as leather is not water-resistant, high-quality nylons are used in manufacturing leather purses. Other materials like fabric, PVC are also used in dango travel wallets.

Types of Travel Wallets

There are several types of purses based on design and functionality and primarily depend on your choice for safety, security, storage space for storing documents, and cash for yourself and your family.

Document Purses

Travel Document purses are usually for keeping all your precious documents in one place. They are normally bigger and have plenty of space to store passport, boarding cards, driver’s license, credit cards, currency, a pen, and more. They are comfortable, handy, and come with a snap magnetic button closing feature.

Money-Belt Purses

Money Belts are the best travel wallets against pickpockets. This waist-worn under-clothing secured purse comes with zippered pockets for additional safety of money and documents. They come with waistbands for tucking and also called Waist Belts

Leg Pouch Wallets

Leg Pouch Wallets are to provide the maximum level of safety. This leg purse is specifically designed to be worn around the calf or lower leg to keep the important documents out of sight. This has zippered pockets for ensuring that nothing falls off. Usage of leg purses is considered while visiting a country with deteriorated law and order situations. Your documents need added protection against pickpockets and street robbers.

Shoulder Wallets

Shoulder Wallets assist you in keeping your cash and important documents secured for maximum peace of mind. This shoulder wallet is worn across your body and under the arm to keep cash and documents safe. It may even be worn as a neck purse and provides easy accessibility to all your important documents. This type is especially comfortable while moving in a car.

Neck Wallets

Neck pouches are minimalist wallets and synonymous with extra comfort and safety. they deliver the secure way to wear a wallet over your neck, with one strap under one of your arms.

Bra Stash For Women

Bra Stash is an under-clothing designed for women to keep cash and cards out of sight. This wallet is stashed at the center of your bra and snapped over the bra strap for tightness and safety.

Family Travel Purses 

Family Travel purses are normally bigger than document wallets as it needs to store all passports and belongings to your family.

IPad Wallet

IPad purse features a passport and boarding pass pocket, two credit card slots, one large pocket for extra cards & receipts, plus a slot for your iPad or Tablet. 

Taxi Wallet

Taxi Wallet is a minimalist type of purses for maximum comfort. This is very suitable for a casual outing, a car drive, and attending get together. It normally goes inside the front pocket.

How to Choose Your Travel Wallet

  • They come in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors; however, which one is truly the best for you depend on a few factors.
  • Destination matters when it comes to portable purses. In countries or areas where coins are more in circulation than paper currency, you normally look for bigger sized purses
  • Size is important in the selection of your wallet as it directly determines the storage space. If you are moving out with your family, you would always need a bigger sized document purse.
  • Extra safety requirement in the case of countries with poor law and order situation you are traveling may compel you to go for a leg pouch wallet
  • Security against external digital thefts by scanning your passport and cards may necessitate the selection of RFID protection in your security  wallets
  • Passport Holder becomes a requirement for selection if frequent displaying of passport is needed in a foreign country 
  • The number of slots and cardholders often decide your selection of purse. You should normally select purse with slots or cardholders matching the number of cards you have
  • Price and affordability also dictate your selection of wallets. As it is a long-term investment, a low-cost poor quality purse is not normally recommended.

Benefits of Travel Wallets

  • A travel wallet is an extremely helpful gear for easy and fun-filled enjoyable travel. 
  • A wallet keeps all of your essentials in one place for easy accessibility
  • Different types of travel wallets give you the choice of storing them anywhere from your shoe to your belt. 
  • Helps in avoiding last minute hassles with your documents 


The price of wallets is determined by design and material that govern the functionality. However, all branded bill folders come under standard pricing. 


They are normally covered for one year warranty with a returnable policy in case of damage and manufacturing defects.

Bottom Line

A thin layer of PVC film is always sought after over the front and back slots of cardholders instead of leather, as it would enable you to see the card you would like to pull. The slot or pocket size is important as it would determine how closely and securely your cards and passports are held in your travel purse with the Bellroy brand for ID cards, passport, and many more. 

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