Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes

Create a modern blogging website with minimalist design themes it offers multiple templates and layout for your blogging business.

By Customer Feedback

  • Perfect for travel blogging
  • Customizable google map shortcode
  • Audio blog post and video background section
  • Great adventure and tourism blogging layouts
  • Blog standard layouts with sliders shortcode
  • Provides Cool video section
  • Well-suited wordpress theme for events
  • Modern and creative graphics for blogging business
  • Integrate with multilingual website and Woocommerce
  • Unique design templates for travel blogging
  • Perfect for tour operator
  • Secure pay payments via paypal
  • Multiple albums and blog layout
  • Offers Unlimited number of tour packages
  • Suitable for travels agencies and agents
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Image gallery shortcode
  • Add video ,audio recording and more
  • Fully flexible set of destination tours
  • Interactive map generator to share your journey
  • Smooth page transitions for webpage
  • Huge collection of page and template
  • Multiple layout for all tour lists
  • Offes multiple header and footer option for websites
  • Strong social media integration to share photos like instagram
  • Offers infographic shortcode
  • Ideal for travel blog wordpress theme for tourism
  • Customizable google map shortcodes
  • Perfect for all travel business
  • Supports manual editing and adding bookings
  • Advanced tour search with custom filter
  • Secured payment methods
  • Admin panel with unlimited sidebars
  • Genius wrapper system with google fonts
  • 4 widget areas with customizable layouts
  • Theme optional panel with live preview
  • Minimalistic design for readability
  • Custom image background colour support
  • Flexible online payments
  • Get daily automatic notifications
  • Mobile friendly design templates and themes
  • Support Multi-language and currency
  • Ideal for booking hotel and restaurants

How To Pick The Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes?

Do you own a travel business? Or are you someone willing to share your travel experiences with the world? More than a million travel blogs already exist on the internet. So, whichever category you may fall into, running a website will require much more than passion. The technology is up-to-date and the overall layout is interesting and easy to navigate. This is where your website's WordPress themes become important. 

While a lot is said about the content and optimizing your website as per the latest technology, themes often remain ignored. To bridge this gap, we have come up with a detailed Buyer's guide that can easily help you make the right choice. Using this guide, you can also improve your existing travel blog and increase its reach.

What Is The Best Travel Blog WordPress Theme?

In general, the word theme is understood as the central idea that gives unity to work. Borrowing this idea, they are understood as designs that decide the website's entire look and feel.

If you voluntarily do not choose any WordPress theme, it will automatically format your website as per the default. But going by the default may not be best for your website. It simply shows a lack of effort and professionalism. 

Further, themes that are not in keeping with the niche you operate in may also make a bad impression. For instance, a WordPress wedding theme will be completely unlike a beauty and skincare website. 

The best WordPress travel blog allows you to customize your website with limited technical knowledge easily. 

With features such as shortcuts to image galleries, audio, and the like, the best themes help you make your website more interactive and stand out amidst the crowd. Combining the features with your creative ideas will allow you to respond that you were always looking for in the blog.

Top Features of the Best Travel Blog WordPress Theme

With endless themes available on the internet, choosing the right one for your website is often a challenge. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. Go through this list of features to know what exactly you must look for:

Easy To Use and Customize

While you may be very passionate about travelling, you may not share the same amount of interest in technology. Therefore, the themes that are difficult to customize or require a high level of technical knowledge are a big no. 

Even if you are a tech wizard, using easy to handle themes will save you a lot of time devoted to other aspects of the blog. That is why leading providers such as Backpack Traveler Theme offer eye-catching themes that are easy to handle, even for beginners. 

Interactive Designs

How likely are you to spend your time on a full-content website but does not have any pictures or images? The answer is negative. When it is difficult to hold on to people's attention in today's competitive era, interactive website themes have become a must. 

Interactive themes allow you to add easy shortcuts to your image galleries, videos, and other such multimedia content. So while the reader is going through what you have written, the images and videos will help you hold on to their attention.

Some of the leading WordPress themes even come with the option of integrating maps to your website so that your audience can know the exact route you have taken, and so on. This feature is exclusively helpful for those who own travel business.

Secured Payment

Another feature that has been developed, especially the business community in view, is secured payments. If you are running a blog for your travel business, you will likely encourage your customers to make some purchases by going through the content. 

If your payment gateway is not secured, it can harm your business image. That is why leading themes are already designed so that you do not need to spend any additional thought on the payment gateway. Opt for the theme, and your payment gateway will get sorted too.

Benefits of the Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes

When you have the best themes in your support, running your blog will become easier than ever, here's how:

Hassle-Free Handling

Running your website with the best themes makes it much easier and hassle-free. Since they have been meticulously designed and tested by the experts, there are fewer technical glitches or errors. Even your audience will have a smoother experience with these themes to your aid.

Unique Designs

Since the leading themes offer you the option of endless customization, it is easy to give a unique look to your website. With trendy designs and attractive background images, you can easily stand out in the crowd. You can also use the various interactive features to encourage your audience to make purchases or take other actions through your blog.

Cost of the Best Travel Blog WordPress Themes

Opting for a good WordPress theme for your travel blog is more of an investment that will reap you innumerable benefits in the years to come. If you monetize your website or run your business through it, you can easily recover the cost in no time. Even otherwise, the leading multi-purpose WordPress themes are totally pocket friendly and accessible even for beginners.


With theme providers such as Wanderland, many travel blogs have already experienced positive growth in their audience base. Businesses, too, have experienced a positive change in their sales record. You could be experiencing the same. All you need to do is to understand your needs. Once you are clear about what you need, this buyer's guide can easily direct you to the right choice.