Best Top Freezer Refrigerators

Get energy-certified, corrosion-resistant refrigerators for enhanced usage as per the convenience.

By Customer Feedback

  • Top-mounted freezer for ice maker
  • Elegant and sleeky look design
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Easily fits in small spaces
  • 7.5 cubic feet storage capacity
  • Stylish and Flatback model
  • Best refrigerator for Moms
  • 99.9% lower global warming potential energy
  • Compatible with EZ ice maker kit
  • Flexi-slide bins and two crisper drawers
  • Spill proof glass for easy cleanup
  • 17.5 Cu.ft of refrigeration and freezing capacity
  • Best in quality top freezer
  • Easy twist ice box for making ice-cubes
  • Stainless steel door material
  • Crisper box for storing fruits, vegetables
  • Quick connect auto ice maker kit
  • Pantry shelves for storing meats
  • Twin cooling plus technology for longer freshness
  • Temperature adjustable freezer
  • Wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves
  • Humidity-controlled crisper

How To Choose A Top Freezer Refrigerator?

Top freezer refrigerators are traditional Quality Refrigerators. These continue to be the favorite of many people. You will find a lot of households using top-freezer refrigerators. For decades now, this kind of refrigerator has gained the trust of users. Many people still imagine a top freezer refrigerator when spoken of a fridge. With various colors and variety, premium features are also offered by these refrigerators. A wide range of refrigerators is available in the market. Here is why you should buy a top-freezer refrigerator.

List Of Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

Whenever it comes to refrigerators, people usually select the wrong options for them and then they are unable to take proper advantage of their refrigerator. Hence this is the reason we have made your work simple by hand-picking a few of the best top freezer options from which you would be able to take advantage of keeping food items fresh and chilled.

Equator-Ascoli Top Freezer Refrigerator

The first option in the list is the Equator-Ascoli top freezer refrigerator that is entirely built of stainless steel and hence you would be able to take advantage of impressive reliability and support.

With the help of this Equator-Ascoli top freezer refrigerator, you would be able to give great looks to your kitchen or place wherever you install it. This option is a UL certified refrigerator that is 60 inches tall. With the help of this specification, you would be able to store a lot of food items within the fridge.

You would be able to get adjustable shelves, hence can make more space for storing food items easily. Some other features that you would be able to get are reversible door, glass shelves, sleek design and many more.

Premium PRF737HB Top Freezer Refrigerator

If you are trying to find a smaller size option in comparison with the Equator-Ascoli Top Freezer Refrigerator, then Premium PRF737HB Top Freezer Refrigerator is the best option for you, as it is a 7.4 cubic feet size option.

You would be able to get a high-quality and larger compressor, and the company has fit in impressively into a smaller place. Moreover, if you are trying to find a fridge for a small office or workplace, then again it can do the work efficiently.

There are numerous features you can get with this refrigerator, and one of the most important ones is the energy star rating. Which means you would be able to save a lot from your electricity bills. Along with this feature, you can get removable, adjustable and spill-proof glass shelves that you can adjust according to your needs.

Whirlpool 24-inch Wide Small Space Top Freezer Refrigerator

This is the last option from our list of top-freezer refrigerators, and that is Whirlpool 11.6 cubic feet, and with this option, you would be able to get an EZ ice maker kit with the help of which you can make ice efficiently.

Not only that, it has a gallon door bin, which means as the sides of door you would be able to store the liquid in gallons. It also has electric temperature control and can be considered as a medium-sized option in comparison with Equator-Ascoli and Premium top freezer refrigerator mentioned above.

Separate Doors

There are two separate doors. One is for the freezer, and the other one is for the fridge. The good thing about having two doors is that you can have access to the freezer and the fridge separately. If you want something from the freezer, you do not need to open the main door. Since the fridge has most of the items for daily use, you can get things quickly.

Energy Efficient Top Freezers

Top freezer refrigerators are energy efficient. Check the ratings of different models. Usually, 4 or a 5-star rating refrigerator is the most energy-efficient. It doesn’t matter how little or how more energy is being conserved. It is good as long as you are cautious and aware. Top freezer refrigerators also consume less power. You can save yourself from the burden of huge electricity bills. Saving the environment and your money can be done simultaneously.


Top freezer are quite budget-friendly refrigerators. They offer cool features at an affordable price. They are lower in price because of its traditional design. They will fit your budget just right. You can compare different models of top-freezer refrigerators and invest in it accordingly.

Storage Space

Since the freezer and the fridge are separate, things will be sorted for you. The fridge is extremely spacious as it is made of FDA approved materials like plastic and stainless steel materials. You can categorize shelves and store your groceries accordingly. Water bottles, milk and other beverages can be stored on the shelves attached to the door. Bottles of any size can fit easily without adjusting the shelves. There are drawers that can fit veggies and fruits. Meat, eggs and leftovers can be stored on another shelf. The freezer is enormous, too is enormous. Other than ice, other items like frozen food can be stored in it in good quantity.

Go for top freezer refrigerators with ice maker and toughened glass shelves as plastic tends to break easily and is not a good option to store food. Suppose you have guests coming over and you do not have enough space in the fridge. What do you do? Just convert your freezer into a fridge. It is as simple as it sounds. Your refrigerator will work as a fridge for as long as you want. You can convert it back to a freezer when your requirement is over. The temperature is also adjustable. This feature is exceptionally useful.

Voltage Stabilizer

Top freezer refrigerators have inbuilt voltage stabilizers present for optimum performance. These stabilizers are useful when you live in an area where voltage fluctuations take place often. Voltage stabilizers protect the compressor. The compressors are the reason behind cooling. They adjust according to the need of the moment. If the cooling effect is low, they speed up. Otherwise, they operate at low speeds.

Benefits of Freezer:

Most of the heavy food items are kept in the freezer. For instance, you have a chicken or a turkey in your freezer. It would be much easier for you to take out these from a top freezer. No bending is required. All the things are present at your eye level. How difficult would it be to take out a heavy turkey from a bottom freezer! Top freezer gives minimal straining. We often tend to forget what all is kept in the freezer. With a freezer on eye level, you can see things and use them before they get ruined. There are some additional features of a top freezer refrigerator like frost-free technology, cool pack and inbuilt deodorants. Alarms are also present in most of the refrigerators.

Wrapping up, the Equator top freezer refrigerator provide you with the best features at an affordable price. Compare different models to see which refrigerator is the most suitable for your needs.