Best Double Door Refrigerators

Get rid of bad odors using anti-bacterial gasket technology and filter mechanism with compact double door refrigerator.

By Customer Feedback

  • Space-saving compact design
  • Glass shelf vegetable drawer and slide out shelves
  • Built-in can dispenser and 2-litre bottle door basket
  • Adjustable thermostat and compressor cooling technology
  • Automatic defrost and temperature control dial
  • Separate fruit and vegetable compartments
  • Adjustable legs and reversible doors
  • Suitable for office purpose
  • Low noise operation (less than 40dB)
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Magnetic seal reversible doors
  • Spot-less steel finish design
  • High-tech mechanical thermostat for perfect temperature
  • Cycle defrosting system and energy star compliant
  • Integrated door and bottle storage shelves
  • Space-saving flush back design
  • Slide-out wire shelf for more space
  • Adjustable thermostat and HCFC free operation
  • Soft Interior Lighting, transparent vegetable crisper
  • Space-saving handy can and bottle compartments
  • Full-range temperature controller

Latest Double Door Refrigerator Buying Guide


Everyone is not technophobe. Most of us care only about the common features of an appliance. But other than the looks and price of a machine, more things matter too. For instance, there is a vast difference between a single door refrigerator and double door refrigerators. They not only serve different looks, but there is a drastic modification in the features of a double door refrigerator. As the name suggests, the refrigerator has two doors - it has a separate door for the freezer. Here are a few things to know before investing which fridge is best double door or single.


A double door refrigerator can store quite some grocery. You can buy a week’s groceries like meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits and organize it into your refrigerator accordingly. If your family consists of more than three people, then this Midea double door refrigerator will work for you. If you are a good host and love to throw parties at your place, then you got your food and beverages part sorted. The refrigerator has multiple and bigger shelves for your convenience. Most families go for the capacity of 250-500 liters for daily use and glance the side-by-side refrigerator comes in large capacity available for bigger refrigerators.

Why choose double door refrigerator?

As mentioned above, there is a door exclusively for the freezer. If you require something from the freezer, you can do so without opening the main door. Also, the freezer capacity in double door refrigerators is larger comparatively. Along with ice, you can store ice creams and other frozen food in the sliding shelves, plates. Furthermore, you can set the temperature of the freezer according to your needs.

Frost-Free technology

The refrigerators in the earlier times did not have this feature. The ice needed to be cleaned manually. But with the invention of frost-free technology, this issue is solved. There is an auto-cleaning feature that cleans the ice automatically to save your time. You do not need to worry about cleaning the water from your refrigerator anymore. Fresh air is circulated inside the refrigerator with the help of electric fans. This helps in preventing your frozen food from the formation of ice on it, and some even come with an ice maker and filtered water dispenser.

Cooling Effect

Before anything else, the most important factor is the cooling effect. A refrigerator’s topmost priority should be to protect your food from getting spoiled. Double door refrigerators for large family provide more cooling effect.

Double Door Refrigerator Power Consumption

There is an adequate amount of power consumed by the double door refrigerators. The electricity bills are not too high. You can easily afford and maintain a double door refrigerator. Double door refrigerators are energy efficient, a significant factor to consider. Check the Energy Efficient Rating (EER) before buying any refrigerator. The higher the rating, the higher the energy efficiency will be of the refrigerator. Always go for the fridge having a 4-star or a 5-star rating.


Now here comes the biggest weapon: Compressors. Compressors maintain the temperature inside the refrigerators. There are general-sized compressors for small refrigerators and large-sized compressors for big ones. Inverter compressors or large-sized compressors are more efficient. They enhance the cooling effect when it is required. They usually operate at low speeds and increase the speed when necessary.

Some Additional Features

One of the magical features it offers is a convertible refrigerator. When you are running low on space in your fridge, just convert the freezer into a fridge. How cool is that! The RCA double door refrigerator is fully featured product known for a cool pack. If your power goes out, your refrigerator will still be cool for another 12 hours to protect grocery and other food items. There is a deodorizer present in some of the refrigerators to offer a pleasant odor and keeps your mood fresh whenever you open the fridge.