Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Best bottom freezer provides flexible storage space with a freezer drawer to keep frozen items in close reach.

By Customer Feedback

  • 21 Cu.ft big storage capacity best for prominent families
  • Multi-flow air system with electronic sensors
  • Sliding snack drawer and turbo-cool technology
  • Icemaker and MWF water filtration
  • 17.5 Cu.ft capacity stainless steel refrigerator
  • Solid glass shelves and door water dispenser
  • 'Active smart' food care technology
  • High-efficiency 20.7cu.ft refrigerator
  • LED touch display and moisture retention technology
  • Energy-saving inverter compressor
  • Adjustable shelves and dedicated 2litr bottle racks
  • Electronic temperature control and frost-free technology
  • 10.8 Cu.ft capacity with sleek and elegant design
  • 19.5 Cu.ft, German engineering technology
  • Low noise cooling circuit and telescopic rails
  • Duo cooling for safer food preservation
  • Activated carbon filter and recirculating air mechanism
  • 10.8 Cu.ft convenient storage capacity
  • LED touch display and interior lighting
  • Suitable for space-conscious areas like apartments
  • 'Super cool' and 'super freeze' option for immediate cooling
  • 100 % CFC and ozone-friendly refrigerator

Buying Guide for Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for Convenient Access


When it comes to purchasing a new refrigerator, apart from its size and price, other factors matter too. Let’s talk about why a bottom freezer refrigerator is an excellent choice for your household. As the name suggests itself, fridge with bottom freezer.

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Brand Reviews

If you are sick of bending over and over to get your fruits and vegetables from your refrigerator, then we suggest you get a bottom freezer refrigerator for yourself with the help of which you would be able to get the freezer section at the bottom and other essential food sections on the top. But which one bottom freezer refrigerator we should buy? If you have the same question in your mind, then do read the following information.

GE GDE21EKSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Here we have the first option from the list of best bottom freezers for all those people who are trying to find a modern fridge, then GE is the perfect option for you. There are various important things to know about this premium quality GE Bottom Freezer refrigerator, and one of those things is energy star rating with the help of which you can save a lot from your electricity bills.

You would be able to get this refrigerator with a slate design that offers a matte look, and it can fit almost every color room or house. All the controls related to your temperature, you can find them at the top of this refrigerator that makes it easy to control. With the help of cool turbo settings, it offers better freshness to the fruits, vegetables and other such items efficiently in the refrigerator.

Fisher Paykel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Next option in the list is energy efficient Fisher Paykel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, and this is an entirely automatic freezer which makes it completely different from the GE model. You would be able to get independent temperature control and that with LED lighting support and a water dispenser too. Another difference is that it has a left-hand hinge control, so you would be able to open it from the left end. This refrigerator is wholly made up of stainless steel where you take advantage of better reliability and long-term usage support.

SMETA Upright Counter Depth Refrigerator

Here we have the last option from our list is Smet Upright Counter Depth Bottom Freezer refrigerators. Compared to others, you would be able to get a total of four sections to store the beverages, food items conveniently without spillage.

It has a different ice maker section where you can create a lot of ice efficiently. The total capacity you can store in this refrigerator is 20.66 cubic feet and is a perfect option for large families, or you can even find it an excellent option for using in restaurants. With the help of side door bins, you can store a large number of liquid materials.

Space-Saving Nature

The first thing that comes to our mind when we see a refrigerator is: How much space will it consume? If you are moving into a new house or remodeling your kitchen, then no worries. You can first finalize a refrigerator and create a standard space for it. But if you are replacing your old refrigerator, then you have to buy the new one of the same size. Bottom freezer refrigerators can fit comfortably in even narrow kitchens. This is an advantage for people who have comparatively small kitchens. The refrigerator makes your kitchen appear more significant than it is.

Convenient Design

Keeping aside all the factors, this refrigerator gets a full score for its design. You do not use the freezer as much as you use the fridge. Bending multiple times to take out things from the fridge can be quite inconvenient. When you have a fridge at your eye level, you can easily see what all you have got in there. No food items will be hidden. There will be no worries about your food getting ruined. It is also effortless to take things out multiple times a day without bending and searching for them. Since the freezer is required only at times, it is best suited at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Excess Storage Options

Bottom freezer refrigerators can suit your needs for any phase of your life. If you are having a party or just chilling with your spouse, you can store all the food in your refrigerator. It is suitable for small as well as large families. It can fit your beloved pizza boxes and beverages. There is a rolling storage drawer, pull out basket along with the shelves. Your frozen vegetables and fruits can be adjusted well in this refrigerator. The bottom freezer has a lot of space. It can contain all sorts of ice creams for the times when you are low.

Set The Temperature Level

Most of the bottom freezer refrigerators offer a pull out drawer just above the freezer. You can store veggies or fruits in it. You can also store certain drinks like water bottle, juices and other beverages. After storing it in the drawer, set the temperature accordingly to keep the food items fresh. You can change the temperature whenever you want. The temperature of the whole refrigerator does not change—just the pull-out drawer functions at the temperature which is set by you.

Types of Bottom freezer refrigerators

These refrigerators are mainly of three types.
• Single door bottom freezer refrigerator
• Dual French Door top refrigerator
• French door with pull out drawer in the middle

Above mentioned are some models of a bottom freezer refrigerator. Each of them offers different features and most importantly, looks. You can choose a suitable refrigerator accordingly.

Things to Remember

Before you finalize a refrigerator, check its Energy Rating. The refrigerator should be at least a 3-star rating. This rating is crucial as it decides the electricity bill you are going to pay every month. Look at the additional features of every model and compare them. Pay for them only if it seems worth it. A decent bottom freezer refrigerator will fit your budget. Splurging a little extra will not harm you since it is a one-time investment, we recommend to opt for the GE brand. Refrigerators often work well for 8-10 years at least. With full colors and designs available, you can match your refrigerator with your kitchen.

On the whole, A bottom freezer refrigerator is definitely worth giving a shot. Do a little research and consider buying this refrigerator for premium features with industrial looks.