Best Side-By-Side Door Refrigerators

Maximize your Refrigeration needs with well-designed spaces, adjustable gallon door bins and all-round airflow technology to ensure uniform cooling.

By Customer Feedback

  • Gallon sized door bin for storing containers
  • Freshness technology, dual pad ice, and water dispenser
  • Perfect refrigerator for small families
  • Wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves
  • Less energy power consumption refrigerator
  • Adjustable gallon door bins, sturdy metal handle
  • 10 years warranty on smart inverter compressor
  • 22.Cu.ft capacity of interior storage
  • Suitable for ice and water dispenser
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Multi-air flow system for longer freshness
  • Smart vario-inverter compressor
  • Silver door modern design finishing
  • Odor-free refrigerator for home
  • Dual pad cooling for ice and water filters
  • Automatic defrost system
  • Contour door style and metal handle materials
  • Perfect for commercial usage
  • Multi-level drawer for storing food
  • Advanced water filtration system
  • Spill Proof glass shelves support
  • Uptouch electronic touch temperature control
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Door open alarm mode freezer
  • Automatic defrost refrigerator
  • Appropriate for hotels and restaurants
  • Store meat and cheese in deli drawers
  • Frameless glass shelves for groceries
  • Best cooling and freezing function
  • Premium tempered glass door and adjustable legs
  • Smart inverter and Temperature alarm mode
  • Approved Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

Things To Consider While Buying A Side-By-Side Door Refrigerator


How ignorant we are towards things like Latest Refrigerators until we require a new one. You may be shifting in your new house or replacing your year's old refrigerator. Before you start visiting every showroom and take advice from your neighbors, let's discuss some basic things - size, the type of refrigerator and the budget you have are the top-notch things to consider.

Amazing Features Of Side-By-Side Door Refrigerators

Size Of The Refrigerator

If you are replacing your old refrigerator, then you have to take the new one of the same size. Here, we are talking about external dimensions like the width and height of the refrigerator. Measure the dimensions of your old machine and purchase a new one accordingly.

Further, you will have various options open to you if you are moving into your new house. You can create a space for your refrigerator depending on which one you like the most. If you have already decided space for your counter refrigerator, then measure its dimensions. Always make sure that you leave a little space behind and above the fridge so that the heat from inside the refrigerator moves outside through coils present at the back of the machine. Also, the most complicated part is moving the refrigerator in your house. Measure your front door first and check if the refrigerator you have chosen can get in quickly or not. You don't want your new refrigerator with dents and scratches after all.

Side-By-Side Door Refrigerator

Side by side refrigerator is split into two parts that can open simultaneously. The left part is the freezer and the right part in the refrigerator. These types of refrigerators are usually 33-36 inches wide.

Cost-Effective Nature

Affordable refrigerator cost you around hundreds of dollars but is worth every penny. It offers premium features at an affordable price. Side by side style refrigerators is suitable for literally every kitchen. Even if the gallery of your kitchen is narrow, it will fit right there. The door opens at 90 degrees.

Keeps The Food Frozen

Workaholics like you who don't get enough time to cook fresh food. For them, this whirlpool side by side refrigerator is a perfect choice as it comes with temperature settings, door adjustments, alarm, ice-tray, locking mechanism, and more. There is a lot of space in the drawers for each section where a frozen food can be stored and kept fresh for a long time.

Stainless Steel

Every refrigerator looks good, enhances the appearance as well as protects the exterior in stainless steel. Although, it is fingerprint-resistant, does not carry magnets. Hence, it is extremely easy to clean.


Most Refrigerators come with handles, and some are handle less. The most common and preferable handle is the one with European style. These are also of two kinds: curved and straight. The curved ones are smooth, handy and straight handles look more aesthetic and are textured. The handle less refrigerators are not so popular because handles are very practical. Unknowingly, you pay quite some money for these handles as they change the look of the refrigerator.

Inside Of A Refrigerator

The containers are of different shapes, sizes, and fit effortlessly in the refrigerator. The sections are spill-proof so that the entire place doesn't become all messy. A folding shelf helps you provide bottles and cans. You don't have to adjust the height of it. There is a gallon door storage present in the refrigerator. Milk and juice containers can be placed there separately.

Energy Efficiency

You surely wouldn't like to pay large electricity bills because of your refrigerator. Most of the new refrigerators are energy efficient. The older your refrigerator gets, the more energy it consumes. The average lifespan of a good refrigerator is 10-15 years. Before buying a refrigerator, check its safety measures.

Warranty Services

Most of the refrigerators come with a warranty for 1-2 years. They also provide yearly check-ups. Reliability, efficient customer care service, installation services are some important factors to consider. To summarize, before buying a Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator in the market, read about the user experience and reviews. Go for a refrigerator that fits your budget and provides all the features. There are aesthetic looking refrigerators available that go with the interior of your house and have premium characteristics.