Best French Door Refrigerator

Keep beverages chilled at home with french door refrigerators that occupy less kitchen area and energy than traditional models. Have a glimpse!

By Customer Feedback

  • 3D LED lights and touch display
  • Door alarms, auto defrost and moisture controlled crisper
  • Dual cycle air cooling system
  • Tempered glass shelf and fingerprint resistant
  • Fast cooling and freezing with 2 freezer drawers
  • A full-width chiller drawer suits for a large family
  • Cabinet depth refrigerator with a child lock
  • Humidity-controlled crisper drawers
  • Great for storing snacks, and leftover foods
  • Tilt-N-Store door bins for more vertical place
  • 22.1Cu.ft capacity with multi airflow technology

French Door Refrigerator Buying Guide - Picking The Right Choice For Home


With a variety of styles available for refrigerators, confusion is bound to take place. French door style refrigerators have gained popularity because of its premium features. Now, what exactly is a French door style refrigerator? It is a side by side with a freezer present at the bottom. If you are remodeling your kitchen, replacing your old refrigerator or moving into a new house then this refrigerator is the one for you. Let’s see what all this French door style refrigerator has to offer.

Designed According To Your Convenience

Let's get it straight: We all hate to bend down and search for things in the refrigerator. Because of our busy schedules, we have a tendency of forgetting things. But forgetting food items in the refrigerator that is not visible to us ruins the grocery. Thor french door refrigerators have the crisper drawers at a certain height. You can easily find things without bending.

The refrigerator is on the top and the freezer is at the bottom. This is an extremely logical design. The refrigerator contains things that are often used. Hence, they are at an eye level. Some French door refrigerators have only one freezer. Whereas the others have multiple freezers.

Industrial Look

A French door refrigerator gives a whole new look to your kitchen. It looks elegant and stylish. You can get external temperature digital controls, a door alarm, LED lighting and door bins. For all the beginners and the master chefs, you get an indoor TV in your refrigerator. You can watch the recipes and cook along with it while giving your phone some rest.

Extra Storage Space

For all of you who swear by pizzas and frozen food, a little extra space is a must. French door refrigerators or double door refrigerators can fit pizza boxes, full-sized turkeys and large baking sheets easily. These refrigerators can even fit in narrow kitchens. The door opens at 90 degrees and does not swing at 180 degrees. This is a plus point as the doors will not slam the walls or the furniture beside it.

Conservation Of Energy

Of course, you are an energy conservation enthusiast. Along with it, you also don’t want to pay a high amount of electricity bill. French door refrigerators save energy as they open at only 90 degrees. It becomes easy for the refrigerator to maintain the temperature again as soon as the door closes. The doors take up less space providing a larger room for other things.

Multiple Storage Option

French door refrigerators have sliding baskets, adjustable shelves and drawers. You can separate each one of them for different items according to your needs. For instance, you can have a lot of shelves for vegetables and fruits. Whereas others can contain junk and leftovers. Cartons and gallons of milk and juices can be stored separately. For all the organizing freaks, this refrigerator will cancel out your anxiety for a messy fridge.

Budget and Warranty

French door refrigerators usually start from 1500 dollars. As the features start getting better, the price keeps on hiking. They include ice makers and wine coolers. There are some cool features like door alarms and stainless finish. Warranty is another considerable feature. Generally, 1-2 years of warranty is provided by French door refrigerators. They are efficient and long-lasting. A good French door refrigerator will last for at least 10 years. It doesn’t make a lot of noise like other refrigerators. The refrigerator is reliable and performs exceptionally well. You can get more premium features at a little higher price. Once you can look out the budget-friendly refrigerators that give same satisfaction level as them.

Pay attention to the handle style. It gives an aesthetic look to your refrigerator after all. The retailer should provide at least one free checkup of your refrigerator on a yearly basis. Make sure to measure the external dimensions of your refrigerator before finalizing it. If you are remodeling or moving to a new house then make a space for a refrigerator first, go with the smeta French door refrigerator for new home. Otherwise, some troubles occur while installing the refrigerator.