List of ON-PAGE SEO Techniques to Improve Keyword Rankings

Srinivas V | Aug 31, 2020


Proven On-Page SEO Strategies to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Do you know more than 5 lakh+ websites are created globally every day, and the cumulative of the entire sites in the world wide web is 1.5 billion and still counting. It’s pretty hard to rank top among the competitors of the same niche. To get your website ranking in search engines, you must need imperative strategies for increasing the website performance. It can be done by using various On-page, and Off-page SEO Techniques that helps to optimize and update the content for browsing and generating high-traffic to the web pages. 

One of the most essential and prominent On-Page SEO Tools encourages to achieve higher rankings in google search engine through targeting striking distance keywords and structured snippets functionalities. That helps you to boost the chance of information being published attractively for successfully running SEO campaigns and attracting a larger volume of traffic. 

Free and Paid SEO Tools helps to analyze web content, keyword research, page structure, web page schema markups to improve reliability and generate more impressions for better visibility in search engine page results.

Typical SEO services are designed with a rigorous process to improve the sales, revenue and provide reap the benefits of increased traffic for lead conversion. There are few strategies for online marketing campaigns such as content, keywords and backlinks to manage and optimize the SEO.

List of SEO Strategies

  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Compelling Headlines and Meta Tags
  • Responsive And Secure Designing of Websites 
  • Enhance Voice Search Functionality 
  • Increasing Of Page Traffic With Infographics
  • Create Authoritative and Evergreen Content
  • Beautifying and Styling of Web Pages
  • Optimization of Images and Multimedia Elements

Keyword Research and Analysis


Easiest and most advanced SEO Keyword Research Tools enable you to publish and update the blog content with various research and analysis tools. Whether you own a low or high DA site, pick the relevant long-tailed keywords that have decent search volume and low difficulty that will surely increase the site rankings.

Compelling Headlines And Meta Tags

Do you love to grab user-attention? Write compelling headlines. A great headline can create much difference; leaving an impression among the users. Since the early days of SEO, meta-descriptions are crucial for optimizing the web-pages. It refers to the short description of a category, product or service, listing page, and often displayed under the title in SERP. By preferring an ideal meta-description length of 155-160 characters, and primary keywords; help to crawl easily for bots. Further, it improves the search queries, CTR, maintaining the relevancy. 


Responsive and Secure Designing of Websites 

It is a well-known fact that 57% of the users never recommend poorly designed websites while surfing through laptops, desktops, and mobiles especially. So, make sure you have stunning templates and layouts that help you to attract customers with CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons for accurately displaying.


Enhance Voice Search Functionality 

Do you know more than 40% of Millennials voice search before purchasing any products? But only 1.7% of them have the exact voice search that matches the correct products. by considering this insert the more relevant long tail-keyword for enhanced results. Moreover, voice search functionality is also important to increase local SEO performance. It provides quick and concise answers with most featured snippets for traditional searches.


Increasing Of Page Traffic With Infographics

From creating a new page to updating existing pages, Infographics are the prominent elements to choose. That adds compelling visual content of captions and useful diagrams to enhance the user experience and website performance. 

Generate high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites through relevant content and anchor texts to elevate the performance in google search engine for optimizing the content for maximum shareability.


Create Authoritative and Evergreen Content

Check the fact that an average page result in google contains 1895 word content per page. These statistics will help you to write compelling and engaging content to the pages for the exceptional performance of the page. It gives you an opportunity to write lengthy content, probably 4000+words with interesting statistics, quotes, and other user-driven information to trigger the potential audience.


Beautifying and Styling Of Web Pages

Create aesthetically looking web pages with attractive design elements for making the content visually scannable, readable through beautiful combinations of various font and text styles. 


Optimizing Images and Multimedia Elements 

Fellow webmasters often confuse the page load with respect to graphic elements. Although adding images and videos takes 2-3sec, people are more willing to stay on respective web-pages for the premiuness. 

If you are using the content management system like WordPress, specifying the image names helps to position top in SERP results. Besides, the growth of effective digital and Social Media Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and other visual-based platforms make a page more exciting, as they are generating more than 20% of referral traffic to the web pages.


Final Verdict

In a nutshell, On-page Search Engine Optimization techniques help businesses and young entrepreneurs to increase organic traffic through keywords, header and meta tags,  and more. I hope you found this guide helpful. What strategies are you implementing on your website? What are your thoughts on on-page seo? Let us know in the comments.

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