List of New Year's Eve Decoration Supplies For A Fun And Memorable Party

Sreehitha | Dec 21, 2020


It is a norm for anyone to decorate their house for any party, but welcoming a new year is a whole different matter. People enjoy their heart's content on New Year's eve to let out their past worries in the previous year and get ready for a fresh start in the upcoming one. To make that phenomenon a success and do not have any regrets, party supplies that enhance the festive vibe are crucial.

Even if you have a busy lifestyle and barely get to celebrate anything with your family and friends, New Years' is one event after Christmas on which you wish to spend your time with them. Below is a list of items and props, like glitter decor items to fancy tableware, that will help bring the festival to your house. 

15 Party Supplies That Create A Festive Environment 

1.Decoration Items

The first and foremost thing anyone would notice as soon as they step into a party place is whether the venue is fully decorated or not. The best way to enunciate the happiness you share with your guests is to add glitter balloons, fairy lights, colorful disco balls, and New Year banners to the existing home decor

Confetti poppers, tinsel fringe curtains, ribbons, balloon garlands make the perfect background for taking photos. Fancy flower vases stand for exotic plants and shrubs bought from online plant stores that give off an exotic look to the area. These props not only accentuate the interior decor of a place; they also increase the interest of the guests to enjoy the evening more. 

2.Glittery Couch Covers

Balloons and ribbons aside, furniture is also no exception to decoration when there is a house celebration. There are stores that sell high-quality table and couch covers that are colorful and full of interesting patterns. But if the drapery is only beautiful to look at, it would be a waste for parties. 

Ensure that the covers are made of gold or silver sequin so that they sparkle to match the whole festive atmosphere during the evening and catch the guests' eye. Pillow covers and curtains are also available in such material to go well with the rest of the furniture. 

3.Christmas Tree

As this event is directly after Christmas, you can see a Christmas tree already there, ready to be a visual spectacle. Throw in some ornaments, charms, and fairy light strings to it, and it will look amazing.

It could be a mini Christmas tree or a large one; huddling together near it to make wishes and share some champagne with the family is a tradition that never goes old. Do not settle for a routine type when you could afford to get products like trees made of silver, gold, and black tinsel that are currently in trend.


Isn't cake the most important thing that comes to your mind when you think about celebrations? That is because the sweet deliciousness it spreads in your tongues represents how you wish your year to be, sweet and memorable. There are some popular websites to buy baking supplies that come to your aid in making different kinds of cakes. 

No matter what the flavor is, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or even mixed fruit, one can efficiently make them with the help of these supplies. One can even get accessories like stencils to make designs, New Years Cake Toppers, etc., to make the cake more attractive. 



Try using candles in slightly lit places or your backyard or even front porch to glow up the path. Though people today prefer to use light strings to decorate the place, candles always remain a statement of style and class. 

Did you know that there are candle subscription services that offer various types of accented candles and their stands? Some of them even conduct giveaways of huge packages at the end of the year that suits the atmosphere of festivals. Also, you can bring home metallic, wooden, iron, or brass candelabra that give off a rich feel to the decor. 

6.Wall Decorations

Wall decor is also part of the whole party preparation for New Year's eve. Be it an oil painting, a picture of the scenery, or even clocks, they are art to the eyes of spectators. Wallpapers and customized New Year banners also count as decorations of the house. 

You can always find some exciting wall decor ideas online like shelves of different shapes, wall arts, antique metal hangings, mirrors of size ranging from small to large, 3D stickers of favorite cartoon characters or superheroes, and many more. The main purpose of adorning walls and rooms with spectacular designs is to make a spot for the guests to take good background photos.

7.Food and Drink

Have you ever been to a party or a get together where there is no food to eat? Food and drinks are a significant part of any family party or a celebration with friends or co-workers. If the number of guests is beyond your expectation, there is no other option but to order some quality dishes from a good restaurant. 

But, if the guests present are limited, you can cook the dishes yourself by following simple recipes from famous food recipe websites. Now coming to drinks, wine, and champagne are also one of the important parts of the evening, especially if it is from excellent wine clubs that complement the food are go-to options for any host. 


8.Dining Essentials

Dining essentials like table covers, plates, glasses, and other tableware items are as important as the food itself. There is a wide range of cutlery items on well-known websites that sell kitchen appliances

The versatility in types and material by which they are made of is what counts when you select these online. The host has to make sure that there is a sufficient number of items for all the guests they invite before anything. Wine glasses and normal soda and water tumblers are also necessary if there is going to be champagne popping.


Is it even a party if there is no music blasting off the stereo or a dance floor lit by disco balls? But the music can not reach far if it is from a single stereo system, which is why it is suggested to use portable party speakers that hosts can put anywhere in the house where there are more guests. 

Select party music from any top music streaming apps on smartphones and connect the speakers to it via Bluetooth to enjoy any music genre like rock, pop, and EDM to have a fun dance-off with your friends and colleagues. 

10.Air Humidifiers

The first impression is everything when it comes to welcoming guests to your house. Besides decorations and food, the house's atmosphere and how it smells is also taken into consideration. Getting rid of laundry by washing them and doing dishes will let you have a smell-free home, but for purifying the air we breathe, using a high-quality air humidifier is necessary. 

They kill off harmful bacteria and viruses that enter from the outside. This is exactly why it is one of the essential home appliances that one should employ in their residence, considering the Coronavirus pandemic situation. One can also find LED essential oil diffusers that spread refreshing fragrance in the room.

11.Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a must-have for any big parties, whether they are celebrated in houses or even hotels. Have a supreme quality camera and a photographer ready, and you are ready to rock the party as a host. If it is a case of a low-key house party for New Year with family and close friends, it is better to use mobile camera lenses to take HD pics and videos of the people near Photo Booths. The advantage of using mobile camera lenses is that they save money on a brand new camera and a photographer.

12.Theme Party Essentials

It is not fun if you gather some people, let them chat for a while, take pics, and say goodbyes. How about deciding on a theme and then inviting them to come in a certain dress code? Theme parties are a huge trend nowadays as everyone, especially women who would like to show off their makeup and clothing choices, love to go to such parties. Costumes are not a big problem as there are online stores to buy cosplay clothes, which are usually always open to attractive discounts for bulk purchases. 

13.Gaming Area

Previously, people used to play poker to keep themselves and their guests busy and entertained during parties, but it is no longer the trend. There are online games and video games that entertain people despite age differences. Just get some affordable gaming consoles on the market that allow multiple players to have fun at a time. Playing helps in increasing the enthusiasm for the party and does not let anyone feel bored for a moment in the least. Just follow the latest games and download them in the system to make people excited and cheerful. 

14.Sanitization Tools

Although the lockdown period and curfews have been lifted off, Coronavirus is still active and has not stopped spreading. It is not a rule not to have parties or celebrations at home but inviting a few people is the best solution to avoid the further spread of the dreadful virus. 

There are some important tools like hand sanitizers and hand soaps, which have proven to be useful to kill the unwanted guest, i.e., the virus. Create a booth at the entrance to give nice quality face masks and shields to the guests as a reminder for taking care of their own and other health during the whole festival bonanza. 

15.Return Gifts 

It is a quality of a good host to give return gifts to close friends and family whenever they attend any party, not only New Year's eve. Return gifts do not have to be super expensive; they just need to be meaningful and should be able to show the host's gratitude for the guests for attending their party and sharing the joy in the celebration. Research on the web for the best gifts or get some cutely warped gift baskets from online shopping stores in bulk for a good discount.

Things To Look Out For While Buying Supplies Online


Even though items that are available online are cheaper thanks to all the cashback offers and discounts that the customers can avail of during holidays like Christmas and New Years', they must remember to check the quality of the products first by viewing their pics and videos. 

Reviews And Ratings

Before buying anything online or even in stores personally, it is important to refer to some of the reviews and feedback are given by customers previously. Reading the feedback gives an idea of where the product often gets defective or even if it is a branded item or not. 

Return Policy

If the supplies are in a bad state personally or if they are completely different from what the customer viewed on the shopping website, they should be able to return the products. For that purpose, make sure to shop on websites that have flexible return and refund policies.

Customer Service

Shopping on sites with 24/7 customer service will help clarify doubts about any product, be it the working style, features, benefits, and even how to operate the item. The support team also helps in tracking the order, changing delivery date, time, or place.

Final Words

New Year is a bearer that brings fresh joy and success into life, which is all the more reason why it should be celebrated like any other festival. The above-mentioned party supplies are some of the tools and devices that bring a joyful environment anywhere. They help to enhance the people's excitement about welcoming a new year. Just decide on a place and decorate that area with these props to create a perfect party destination for your family and friends.

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