Best Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are equipped with smart detectors and use laser points to measure exact and accurate temperature.

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  • Non-contact design infrared thermometer
  • Equipped with an automatic power-off feature
  • Memory recall and fever alarm feature
  • Scan and lock recordings of readings
  • Weather and scratch resistant UV coatings
  • Auto-off function and low battery indicator design
  • Accurate results on backlight display
  • Durable and long lasting exterior body
  • User friendly operations and measurement range
  • Crystal clear viewings in LCD display
  • Easy emissivity adjustment feature
  • High and low temperature alerts
  • Convenient operational mechanism
  • Prest settings with low battery indicators
  • Various functions to quickly identify the problem
  • Made with quality system standards
  • Detects body temperature without touching
  • Easy and safe to use infrared thermometer
  • Digital temperature detector with light indicator
  • Standard medical thermometer for accurate reading
  • LED display shows temperature and body readings
  • Digital screen displays temperature
  • Innovative thermometer with highly sensitive sensor
  • Advanced and safest thermometer to operate
  • Quick and reliable thermometer detects fever
  • Measures temperature from 3-5 cm distance
  • Detects body and surface temperature
  • Expert-tested medical-grade thermometer.
  • Easy-to-read LED display for readings.
  • Fever alarm feature to alert people.
  • Water-resistant product for oral use.

Infrared Thermometer Buying Guide


A thermometer is one of the medical and health essential items for healthcare that one needs to have in their household. Even more so when a deadly virus is large, the usage of thermometers has become a norm nowadays.

Having a thermometer in the immediate vicinity is essential for the survival of any family. You cannot hope to rush to a doctor or a nearby clinic every time you experience a slight fever. Their essential nature gave birth to many different thermometers beyond the normal mercury and digital ones. In various markets and shops, you might have come across a specific infrared thermometer, which is a more advanced version of regular thermometers. The best-infrared thermometers have gained massive popularity in the last few months, owing to their user-friendly nature, and their ability to prevent the transfer of germs from one person to another.

However, the market is saturated with poor performing thermometers, with several problems. Therefore, you must understand the product to help better your chances of buying an excellent infrared thermometer. Let us look into the article to understand better.

Comparison Of Regular Vs. Infrared Thermometers

There must be a reason why Infrared Thermometers are more popular than the regular ones. Before we set out to purchase one, we need to know about the difference between the two.


Infrared Thermometers estimate the temperature that an object has using the radiation that the said object emits. They do not require any contact with the object and are known popularly as non-contact thermometers or laser thermometers.

Whereas, Digital Thermometers use direct contact with an object to give an estimation of their temperature. They display the temperature as a numerical reading on a small screen on the device. The reading is exactly as it also includes one decimal place. We also know them as contact thermometers.

Level of Accuracy

Infrared Thermometers are more comfortable to use than the regular ones. The readings are much more precise than normal if we use it correctly; that is we should minimize the distance between the object and the instrument and make sure that the laser is pointing towards a precise spot.

However, the results are inaccurate and disappointing if the laser beam is not pointing at the correct spot. Therefore, it is clear that if we don't use the device with precision, then the reading will be compromised, as the device detects the radiation emitted by the object it's pointing to.

Digital Thermometer is one of the most common ways by which people measure temperature using a digital thermometer is rectal checking. You place the thermometer under the tongue of the patient to get an accurate reading. This gives an exact and accurate reading and is more convenient than any other method.

At the same time, some people use digital thermometers by placing them under the patient's arms, which compromises the accuracy of the reading as the thermometer won't be in contact with the inner parts of the body. If we use it correctly, then digital thermometers give a much more precise reading than infrared thermometers.

Benefits of Using Infrared Thermometers

Safe, contact-free reading: The most significant disadvantage of using a regular thermometer is that it relies too much on contact to give an accurate reading. While the reading is precise, it increases the threat of transferring germs from the patient to the tip of the thermometer because of the contact.

  • The etekcity lasergrip thermometer prevents such transfer as they do not require any contact to function. This is a considerable advantage, especially at the time of a pandemic when a deadly virus can spread even with the minute of contact.
  • Multiple Applications: For example, infrared thermometers are popular in the food industry, as they can easily check the temperature of the food without any contact, and thus avoiding the risk of contaminating the food with touch.
  • Easy to Use: An infrared thermometer is small, compact, and light-weight. You can carry them around anywhere easily without any problem. Furthermore, you can switch to a cold laser for effective treatments.

Limitations of Infrared Thermometer

These thermometers are not suitable for measuring the temperature of gases or liquids. Also, the accuracy is less precise than that measured by a digital thermometer. The gravity of the reading depends a lot on external factors such as the environment. For an accurate reading, the surroundings must be clean and dustless.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Infrared Thermometer


Before you choose the correct product for yourself, you will need to know that the accuracy levels of different infrared thermometers are different. The best-infrared thermometers, which have a very precise reading power, come from the best brands. It is really difficult for a person to be sure of the accuracy of individual products. Still, the best way to avoid getting thermometers with poor results is to go for trusted and branded options.


You should know that although a thermometer is a fairly small purchase, and doesn't require large capital or investment, it is a product that will last a long time in your family. Therefore, before choosing the right product, you need to ensure that you choose the most convenient one. For example, an infrared thermometer with an ergonomic grip is a great option for people who will need to measure temperature quite frequently. This allows the thermometer to be stable in your hand, making it easier for you to point the beam in the right direction and get accurate results. Make sure that the quality of the display is top-notch and clear. You should have the option to turn sound of the beep on and off at your convenience.

Check Unit of Measurement

If you are ordering a product online, the chances are that it could be imported. The best-infrared thermometers, manufactured by the top brands, will specify their units of measurements as these thermometers come in both the Celsius and Fahrenheit variations. So be sure to check the unit of measurement before you buy the product. Some thermometers even come with a setting where you can switch between the two units of measurements.

Response Time

A significant advantage of infrared thermometers held over digital thermometers is that they take little to almost no time to come up with a reasonably accurate reading. The time of response of an average infrared thermometer is somewhere between 3 to 6 seconds.

Memory Setting

If you invest a little extra amount on a branded etekcity infrared thermometer, you can purchase one with a special memory feature. These thermometers store a particular number of previous readings that you have taken to track how the temperature of a patient or an object changes over time. You can retrieve this data easily for future uses and comparison with the help of this powerful feature.

How to Use Infrared Thermometer

Now that we have talked about everything that an infrared thermometer can and cannot do, it is time that we talked about how we can use the device.

  • Since it does not work like a regular thermometer, we should know how to use it to get accurate readings correctly. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can measure temperature with the help of an IR Thermometer:
  • Turn on the thermometer. You will have to set the mode. Usually, there are two – body, for when you have to measure the temperature of a person and object, for when you have to measure the temperature of something inanimate.
  • After you set the mode, you have to point the tip of the thermal gun to a precise spot to get efficient results. If you are using the body mode, make sure that the tip is pointing towards the patient's forehead.
  • On the other hand, if you are using the object mode, make sure that you point at its center. Also, make sure that the distance between the object and instrument is not as large as that can hamper the accuracy of the results.
  • Wait for a few seconds until you hear a beep. Only then can you move the tip of the thermal gun away from the object you are pointing at. An estimate of the reading will be displayed on the bright display screen.

Final Thoughts

Having a Berrcom thermometer has become essential in light of the coronavirus pandemic if it wasn't before. And not just any regular thermometer, but a non-contact, infrared one that can prevent the spread of the virus. It is a safer and better option in general and can prove to be a worthy investment for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best infrared thermometer?

Etekcity is the best producer of infrared thermometers that need no contact with objects to measure their temperature, but when it comes to body temperature, we prefer handy smart thermometers from brands like Candy Care to measure a distance.

2. What is the best infrared thermometer for cooking?

No matter how hot the food is, Etekcity Lasergrip 630 infrared thermometer will accurately measure its temperature. The LED display of this product shows the reading clearly and also the emissivity adjustment feature is one of its perks.

3. Are infrared thermometers accurate?

According to the latest clinical research by medical practitioners, infrared thermometers that have absolutely zero contact with people or objects can measure their temperature as accurately as normal digital oral and rectal thermometers.

4. Can you take body temperature with an infrared thermometer?

Yes, one can measure body temperature with an infrared thermometer without having to touch the sick person. During this dangerous pandemic time, many of us have seen infrared thermometers becoming prevalent to measure body temperature from a distance.

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