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Bring stylish and elegant Infrared fireplace to home that gives pleasant warmth and ambience of the fire with flickering flame effects.

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  • Infrared quartz fireplace for large rooms
  • Electric heater constructed with wood frames
  • 3D smoke and realistic flame effects
  • Heating technology protected with tipping resistant
  • Portable heater with thermostat controller
  • Convenient indoor and outdoor infrared fireplace
  • Powerful and ideal heating alternative for home
  • Free-standing electric heater
  • Adjustable flame effects controls
  • Designed with safety features
  • Brings classy look to home
  • Remote controlled electric fireplace
  • Mantel fireplace perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms
  • Heater produces warmth up to 400 sqft
  • Features realistic and flickering flame effects
  • 5200 BTU capacity infrared fireplace
  • Auto shutoff feature prevents from overheating
  • Digital and adjustable digital thermostat
  • Controls room temperature in home
  • Durable and comfortable electric heater
  • Maintains ideal humidity in air
  • Rustic style infrared fireplace
  • Portable design provides heat anywhere in room
  • Cost-effective and energy saving fireplace
  • Timer and overheat protection settings
  • Electric heater keeps home dry and warm
  • Indoor fireplace crafted with four caster wheels
  • Commercial grade infrared heater
  • Circulates constant warmth in home
  • Premium infrared heating technology
  • High quality heating technology
  • Heater produces comfortable warmth
  • Built-in thermometer, digital controller
  • Standard Infrared quartz electric fireplace
  • Tradition style electric heater
  • Smart and elegant design electric fireplace
  • Beautiful fireplace and a decorative furniture
  • Adapts to home and commercial furniture
  • Fast and convenient heat operation modes

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Infrared Fireplace


Have you ever come across the idea to have a fireplace in your living room that gives an authentic and classy look to the house with quality appliance? You might think that it is a lot of complications to set up a separate fireplace, have a genuine chimney duct through the roof, but Infrared Fireplace is here for the rescue. About 2 million people have purchased Infrared Electric Fireplace in 2019, helping the product generate about a massive 4011 million dollars’ worth revenue.

So, what is this product and how is it becoming everybody’s choice? It is an enclosed rectangular glass box with heat-insulated linings where the materials inside to heat are heated using infrared light. It is powered by three main sources:

  1. Propane
  2. Natural Gas
  3. Electricity

Electrical Infrared Fireplace is the most popular choice among consumers. All of them have all the features, except the fuel.

Features of Infrared Fireplace

Infrared Light

The Infrared Fireplace uses infrared light to heat objects directly. Infrared is just above the visible spectrum. Therefore, they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Cheaper models have only a single source of IR lights, which take time to heat the objects, while the more expensive ones have multiple IR sources that help in evenly distributed and fast heating.

Smart Switch

All Infrared Fireplace devices, devoid of their source, have an on and off switch on top or the back of the box. The models in the $100-$200 range have the basic manual on-off switch. In the better models, the switch can be controlled manually or automatically by the phone application. Plus, they have an auto cut-off feature that switches off the device if it's on for too long or if the surrounding temperature is way warmer than intended.

Mobile Application

Some top Infrared Fireplace brands have their applications that can be downloaded on the mobile phone. The phone application can help set timings for when you want it on and till when you want to use it. This is extremely useful because when coming home to a cold room can be draining, and the already-warm room will help you relax faster. Hence, you can set the timers accordingly to switch it on at the appropriate time. Also, the notification is always there to show if the Infrared Fireplace is on or not. It can help you to switch it off if you left the house in a hurry.

Temperature Control

Some Infrared Fireplace models can help you control the temperature of the fireplace too. Like an Air Conditioner, Infrared Fireplaces allow you to control the temperature too, as the heat is electrically generated. The intensity of the infrared light is adjusted to the requirement. Hence, the temperature can be increased or decreased. Some fireplaces come with a wider range of temperatures but may cost you more.

Smart Heating

The objects heated directed by the Infrared Lights dissipate heat from one corner of the room to another. They keep the room warm. This is a neat feature as the heat is passed on from object to object by lifesmart infrared fireplace and hence very gently keeps the room warm.

Benefits Of Infrared Fireplace

Being affordable, and easy to install and use, the Infrared Fireplace has huge benefits and advantages over a traditional fireplace.  Some of these are as follows:


The first thing that will catch your eyes when you view an Infrared Fireplace is that its flames aren’t real. The flames are 3D generated and seem super life-like. It is the IR light that delivers most of the heat. The fireplace produces infrared heat similar to that of the sunlight therefore there is no risk of fire in your home. Therefore, it is safe for the children in your house too. Checkout some home furniture for best looks

Luxury in Disguise

It is indeed a luxury at a very affordable price. The flames do not at all intrude in the viewing angles of your TV if you choose to place it under the TV. Secondly, they are silent and in a very gentle way, spread the heat around the house. Since they are portable too, they can be used in the bedroom and help you get a sound sleep without worrying about the fire at all.


The comfort smart infrared fireplace comes with a 24-inch model which is the most popular in the market weigh around 20-50 pounds on average. Therefore, it makes it very easy to shift the fireplace to different locations around the house, wherever it is suitable.


Since the infrared lights only heat the objects and there are no flames produced. Hence, there are no gaseous emissions. The air remains clean and not filled with flame emissions like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is safe for people who have asthma and does not cause suffocation of any sort or make your skin dry. Infrared Heating is also thought to improve blood circulation, too.


To get the warmth that a natural wood fireplace with an actual fire would give but cancelling the flames, the humidity, and the harmful emissions. The classic flame fireplace is a safer, convenient and environment friendly. For the unlimited number of benefits, you should buy yourself an Infrared Fireplace keeping these suggestions in mind.

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