Upright Freezers

Mini freezer offers an extra freezing space for your frozen food, making it ideal for bedrooms, office and other commercial places.

By Customer Feedback

  • Space-saving modern design
  • Manual temperature controller
  • Quick freezing reliable compressor
  • ETL approved and energy efficient
  • Accessible wire shelves and Levelling legs
  • Adjustable thermostat controller mechanism
  • Best freezer to place in kitchen, home and garage
  • 40 dB soft running compressor motor
  • Handy usage with 3 pull out baskets
  • Adjustable thermostat settings
  • User-friendly design, manual defrost option
  • 1-7 level precise temperature controller
  • Food grade, HIPS and anti-bacterial liner material
  • Energy-saving and low-noise (38dB) compressor
  • Healthy and safe place to store frozen food, breast milk
  • Flush back designed freezer
  • Two fixed shelves and a removable drawer
  • Energy Star compliant- low power consumption
  • Mechanical adjustable temperature
  • Convertible storage removal shelves
  • Best in segment mid-range freezer
  • Smart compressor for cooling
  • Reversible swing door option
  • Reversible swing door
  • Attractive flush back design with lock facility
  • Manual defrost system
  • CFC free R600a Compressor motor
  • Mechanical thermostat regulator
  • Compact size and smooth back design

A Quick Guide To Purchase Upright Freezers

Freezers have all the food that gives you happiness. In an ordinary refrigerator, the space for a freezer is not enough. Be it a top or a bottom freezer refrigerator, the freezer has less space as compared to the fridge. If you are someone who likes to store the grocery for months to come in advance then these freezers are amazing for you. Upright freezers look like refrigerators but are freezers alone. They stand vertically and provide space for all your food items. Let us see what are the features of an upright freezer.

Space-Saving Features

Just like a refrigerator, an upright freezer has shelves and compartments. You can categorize your food items and store them on different shelves. This will make your freezer look systematic and will be easy for you since all the items will be visible, prevents food from getting ruined.

Upright freezers are a good call when it comes to storing more and more things. These space-saving features have made upright freezers quite popular and will find them in many households and commercial places.

Installing the Upright Freezer

You just have to plug in the freezer and make sure there should be a gap of one inch at least from the freezer to the wall. It does not require a lot of space and can be accommodated anywhere. Even if you have a small space, this freezer will fit there. Some freezers have a door that opens at 90 degrees whereas the others swing open at 180 degrees. If you are opting the freezer for a small place then go for a door that opens at 90 degrees. Also, upright freezers can get through your door easily. What good is a freezer if it can’t come inside your house? But these freezers will save you from the headache of this issue.

Maintenance and Pricing

Upright freezers have auto defrost feature. This is obviously a stress reliever feature since less time will be required in cleaning the freezer. You can clean it once a month and you will be good to go. The lifespan of an upright freezer is 10-12 years. So it is a nice one-time investment. The range of upright freezers starts from 300 dollars. It keeps on increasing with advanced features and sleek looks.

Do you need an Upright Freezer?

This is a doubt that arises in the minds of people. The applications of this freezer are wide and hence are very useful.  If you live in a joint family then this freezer will be perfect for you. The groceries required are in huge quantities. Buying the grocery in bulk will save you money and you will not have to go to the store again and again. The freezer will provide you with extra storage. Meat, eggs and other grocery items will stay fresh for a long time in your freezer.

Do you love hosting parties at your place? Because if you do, this freezer will always be a saviour. You can store your drinks in it. Parties require additional space for everything. Even if you have kids, you require extra storage space for snacks and ice creams.


It will be convenient for you to have a separate freezer. You can keep it in your room for your late-night cravings. You would not have to get up time and again. The cooling effect of upright freezers is incredible.If you are thinking of buying a freezer then considering upright freezer would be a safe option. You can go to various showrooms or compare the rates online. User experience and reviews are also available everywhere. Before finishing a model of your choice, go through some genuine reviews. The freezers come with a warranty and free servicing once a year. In a nutshell, upright freezers are useful, affordable, stylish and worth every penny you pay for it. They are made to add extra luxury to your lifestyle.