Best Car Phone Holders

Latest car phone holders are often designed with sturdy plastic frames and flexible clips that lead to 360° viewing angles for a better experience.

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  • Portable and pocket-sized holder
  • Equipped with 360° pivot functionality
  • Push-button vent clip option to prevent slippage
  • Magnetic phone mount for custom attachment
  • Stainless steel designed frame with thinner gap
  • Anti-interference mechanism phone accessory
  • Premium quality reinforced rubber design
  • Best for windshield and dashboards usage
  • 360° rotation ball with adjustable ball for flexibility
  • High-quality and durable material crafted
  • Swivel technology for viewing GPS maps
  • Powerful closed magnetic field for stickiness
  • Foldable supporting feet adjustable angle
  • Temperature-resistant and strong material
  • Charging port with headphone jack connectivity
  • One touch trigger for automatic close
  • Adjustable rotation to give optimal viewing
  • Wireless charging technology for long usage
  • High-strength vent blind clips construction
  • Spring mounted arm for smooth movement
  • Secure audio and charging connectivity
  • Quick and easy installation for beginners
  • Wall-mounted and clipped designed holder
  • Sturdy and strong suction cup feature for users
  • Lock and releases mounting system
  • In-built sticky gel pad for better stability
  • Telescopic arm feature for closer viewing
  • Best for electric system to charge anywhere
  • Quick release technology for hassle free usage
  • Single-handed operation with 1-years of guarantee

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Phone Holder


Living in a world earmarked with technology has exposed us to certain uncertainties too. Using mobiles while driving is an offence and can also lead to accidents. While mobiles have become an important part of our lifestyle, the insecurity quotient attached with it also cannot be overlooked. To combat such issues, car phone holders were designed to allow users to drive hands-free and prevent accidents. Traffic rules are also followed, and the user can easily attend important calls while driving. The use of mobiles and accessories has gone considerably high, leading to an increase in demand for such tools. 

The hands-free communication device has become very popular amongst users. Several companies are manufacturing chic and latest designs of the product to grab the buyers' attention and present them with a variety of car phone holders. The product allows securing the Smartphone to the dashboard. The mobile remains in place even while the car is moving at a high speed. The phone remains mounted to the accessory, and the driver is at ease while driving. Hence dual purpose is solved, one being the driver's safety and other being the safety of the Smartphone. 

Different Types of Car Phone Holders

Air-vent Mounted Car Phone Holder

Such type of magnetic car phone holder can be attached to the blades of the car's air vents. But the only constraint is that such types of product work great with straight line or square air vent but not round ones. Even if the phone is charging, it will not interfere with the car's compatibility and configurability.

Suction Cup Mounted 

Such products are attached/mounted to the dashboard or the windshield of the vehicle. As there are two installation methods attached with the product, it has acquired popularity and utility in the related field and market.

Adhesive Car Phone Holder

These can simply stick on to any surface of the car. These are extremely easy to install and can be installed anywhere in the car. But the removal process can be tricky and difficult as the adhesive used is of high strength. 

CD Mounts

Such a variety can be mounted to the CD slot of the car. This is quite a secure mount and does not interfere with the road's view unlike the windshield one. 

Types Of Car Phone Holder Attachments

Magnetic Car Phone Holder

These are easy to install, and the phone is held securely by the magnetic components. But it is advisable to read the product descriptions before making the right choice. Kenu is a great product that is gathering great reviews from the users. 

Cradle Car Phone Holder

Such a product is a great choice for heavy handsets and keeps the phone snugly to the attachment. The phone is quite secured and allows easy installation too. The only limitation in this variety is the narrow range of sizes to fit the Smartphone properly.

How to use a car phone holder?

Both landscape and portrait mount holders are available in the market. The user needs to be sure of the specification that they are looking for in the product. Depending upon the same, the buying decision can be made. An online research about the diversities of the product can lead to an optimized buying decision. A magnetic car phone holder allows non-slippage of the phone and hence is a highly considered product. Such products are manufactured using neodymium magnetic components. The product should have a quick remove mechanism so that the handset can be easily removed from the attachment when the user has to move out of the vehicle. Moreover, the phone should be in such a position that it can easily be attached to the charging port.

Consider the interior of your vehicle

Yes, you got it right! Firstly, consider your car's interior and then buy the right car phone holder to compliment the same. The holder can be secured either to the dashboard or the windshield. In case the room between windshield and dashboard is not enough, then the product cannot be secured to the windshield as it can interfere with the view. Hence, it is advised to secure the holder to the dashboard. On the other hand, if the air vents are round, the holder cannot be placed between these. Hence, the user must buy a holder after reading the product reviews and gathering enough information about the best place for installing it inside the car.

Consider your handset

It is advisable to consider the size of your Smartphone. A big one cannot be attached to the cradle as the chances of it falling is high. Hence, a magnetic one can keep it secured to the holder better, and the driver can also drive without any hassle. The product will have specifications about it; whether a cradle design or a magnetic one.

Frequency of Use

If the buyer wants to use the product scarcely, then investing in a cost-effective product is wise. On the contrary, if the product's usage is high, then buying a holder with a high satisfaction quotient is the best option; even if it might be a costly one. The quality of the product should be considered, and then it should be bought.

Key Features And Advantages of Car Phone Holder

There are a plethora of options available in the car phone holder category in the market. It is essential to ponder over the features, advantages, and utility of the product to buy the right product. 


Smartphones have become an expensive investment for the users as we find the product at diverse prices. For the users who own an expensive product, a car phone holder is nothing short of a necessity. It must be installed in the vehicle to remain in place while the vehicle is in motion. Loosely keeping the Smartphone in the vehicle can lead to a fall in the car while in motion or high speed. Hence, securing a Smartphone to a car phone holder is a smart choice. It prevents the phone from sliding in difficult and dangerous positions like under the seat, pedals, etc.


As per traffic rules, talking on the mobile while driving is a punishable offense. If found flouting the traffic rules, then the user is issued a ticket by the officer. To prevent such unwanted situations or untoward happenings like accidents; it is best to use the phone hands-free while driving. The phone is safely clutched to the car phone holder, and the driver is securely talking on the phone hands-free. 

No Additional Installation of Hardware

It is very easy to install the car phone holder in the vehicle. There is no need to install any complicated hardware or accessory for the car phone holder to be in place in the car.

Safe Control 

The car music system does not interfere with the car phone holder. Even the AC runs as required without interfering with the installation of the car phone holder. The car's entertainment system runs as usual, and the car phone holder is equally adorning the front of the vehicle. 

Easy Use of Navigation

The Smartphone has GPS navigation app, and the drivers frequently use this. Hence, installing a car phone holder is a necessary step for such users. They need the phone in front of them to get navigation guidance while driving. Hence the product is an important requirement for such users. 

Allows 360 viewing angle

The driver is at peace while driving and talking on the phone as the mobile remains clubbed to the car phone holder because it gives a 360-degree view. The product has a 360 degrees rotating clip that allows viewing from different angles.

Pocket-sized Models

If you think that only mountable car phone holders are available in the market, you are wrong. There are pocket-sized products as well that can be kept in the pocket. The pocket-sized product also keeps the Smartphone securely in the pocket while the user is traveling or using car rental services. 

Final Thoughts

Beam Electronics has been attracting the attention of the buyers since it’s launch. The above guide makes it simple for the users to buy the best-suited car phone holder and acquire security for self and the phone while driving. The product is designed with mechanisms to allow completely free and comfortable use of the product. 

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