Best Bar POS System

Authorized payment and customized menu ordering techniques with bar POS system which allows hassle-free online chain management service for restaurants.

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  • Report tracking technology to reduce human errors
  • Powerful control panel with chain configuration
  • Allow hassle-free credit transaction processing
  • Best-in-class EMV technology to keep data safe
  • Perfect bar POS system with restaurant
  • Create customized marketing campaign function
  • Equipped with tailored messaging to targeted people
  • End-to-end encryption payment facility for consumers
  • Helps to control food and beverage management
  • Fully customized on-screen layouts for menu
  • High security on data and managerial functions
  • Best POS system for fast and easy transaction service
  • Affordable and simple setup bar system
  • Easy to use, reliable restaurant management
  • Reduce fraud liability, theft, and order errors
  • High margin tableside menu designed order
  • Communicate via SMS, emails, push notifications
  • Secure and accurate PCI compliance prevents theft
  • Unlimited onboarding webinar and demos to clients
  • Equipped with automatic payroll calculation system
  • Helps to manage and control inventories for orders
  • Quickly track drinks effectively for guests comfort
  • Increase security and monitor bartenders tips
  • Organised table placement for better visibility
  • Best bar POS system for pubs
  • Tailored robust management for customer experience
  • Pre-authorized and split bills functionality
  • Create loyalty programs to encourage clients
  • Best point of sales system with gift cards
  • Engaging digital experience for regular clients
  • Flexible menu management with 86 items
  • Secure cash drawer hardware integration facility
  • Perfect bar POS system for cafe and bakery
  • Customized and flexible menu interface option
  • Accurate payroll and tips allocation services
  • Hassle-free inventory, liquor cost management
  • Helps to increase staff productivity
  • Simple and intuitive interface to handle complex tasks
  • Real-time inventory tracking with barcode printing
  • Table positioning to streamline order processing
  • Exclusive happy hours discounts

Bar POS System For A Smooth Running Business

Wondering how POS software programs can be used in bars. The key feature can seem basic and straightforward, but it takes a wide variety of skills and experience. POS programs will help you keep your bar's activities under check on your daily tasks. They assist you in simplifying processes by speeding up service and improving the performance of your entire company functions.

Benefits of Bar POS Systems

The perfect bar scheme requires the inventory, finances, and sales to be reviewed. The method also simplifies its criteria for bookkeeping.

Easy Sales Tracking

The perfect system should allow the bars and restaurants to track all transactions until the very last penny since they manage a huge amount of credit cards and cash every day. The solution also monitors menu items with the controversial ones that are most sold. It enables owners to change their menus on a demand basis.

Smooth Credit Card Transactions

Nearly all bars use the best POS software that provides simple credit and debit card issuance control. It helps managers to delete peripherals and other systems. It also makes credit and debit card purchases a convenient and simple proposition for consumers and bar owners.

Simple Financial Statements

The approach includes all the requisite financial statistics, such as benefit and expense accounts, with a considerable amount of manual labor at the appropriate time.

Improved Security

The solution gives bar owners more protection since servers are responsible for all transactions and cannot alter customer checks without entering the appropriate password. This move also removes staff robberies and improper family and friend discounts.

Check on Employees

The bar POS app also tracks workers by providing time trackers and the organization's wage. The solution keeps track of workers' enrollment and signup times, making it easy to create detailed payrolls.

Enhanced Inventory Tracking

The app also helps owners of bars and restaurants to watch over the food use and the entire inventory. The Retail POS software helps users understand different usage habits so that cases of food scarcity and over order can be avoided and food procurement can thereby be properly prepared.

Offsite Control

An advanced POS tech bar also helps managers and owners to log in through a web interface. It helps users to track revenue and employee trends remotely to detect challenges and predict potential problems.

Efficient Utilization of Resources

The development of a POS bar app also alleviates the boring and time-consuming activity for employees, such as duplicate checks on sales statistics.

Incredible Features Of Bar POS System

Flexible Menu Scheduling

Offers and rates at most bars are shifting periodically, either over a day or a year. You may have special pricing for happy hours, special game days, seasonal cocktails, etc. For example, the waiter does not have to recall all special things or fail to charge the happy hour rates instead of the normal price because you have a POS that you can configure dynamically to handle these modifications. The regulation of menu prices is necessary if you also serve food in your bar.

Off-Hours Customer Support

The bars do not run at the same hours as other firms, and processing payments at noon may be troublesome. Given that bars are open even longer than other corporations, the POS systems preferably require 24/7 assistance. Customer support can be attentive and supportive any time of day or night so that when there are issues with the device, you can safely and operate ASAP. Your POS system can be similarly "offline," which keeps your POS running even though the internet runs out.

Inventory Management

A POS bar will monitor and warn you when stocks of an ingredient are limited. It will also keep track of if alcohol is over spilled into any drink. It can store drinks, report on best-selling orders, and reveal your stock in real-time. The best POS bar solutions can also be combined with cocktail control apps from third-party bars.

Employee Management

Spills, fraud, and even drunkenness on shift are challenges that bars typically have to fix for their employees. But you can also profit from the management software of workers even though you have implicit faith in your bartenders. Modern POS systems can act as monitoring mechanisms for staff, allowing you to do things like creating individual user permissions and produce reports and see who makes the most profits, who carries the most tips, who compose the most drinks, and so on. At least a POS should be able to control basic time, allowing you to set shifts and workers to time out. Square POS is best known for fully customizable team management software.

Tabs & Suspended Tickets

Obviously, through an open ticket or "suspend" feature, it is possible to set up and monitor customer tabs. The device should ideally be pre-approved to save the customer's card as soon as you launch their tab. A wider bar also requires the ability to combine and move tickets between servers and the ability to break tickets between multiple persons, particularly when you serve food and wine.

Good Reporting Features

A POS with strong monitoring capability helps you track your revenue bar and other measures to assess the company's success, see growth opportunities, and take critical management decisions. POS surveys, for example, will show you what drinks are most popular and when are the busiest hours, so that you can stock up and employees. Modern cloud-based applications produce comprehensive POS reports from every internet-connected computer about the regular transactions, inventory, and staff that you can access anywhere.

Feature set

This is the field in which you have to dive into to see if your business plan suits a framework. Map the exact specifications to see if the app matches up against them before agreeing to a POS system. Consider new functionality that you do not now use, but that is as big as your company.


Do not pick a reduced price POS bar system on your own. Not only could you end up with a scheme that is ineffective for your business, but it can also mean that additional, more costly contracts cost you more.


Think about what technology you need and how this impacts your budget to manage your bar. It depends, of course, on the systems of sales management. Are you hunting for one or five POS terminals? How many portable terminals do you require for your credit card? Your POS hardware from any company like Shopkeep, must be suited to your particular configuration. Please note that POS hardware is as critical as POS software.


Effective solution you can do while trying to make your retail company thrive is to get a PoS framework for it. But it is necessary to select which kind of PoS method. Research carefully the styles listed above and settle on your retail sector's scale, specifications, and future growth. Lavu POS is best-in-class for EMV technology to keep data safe. Do not wait to contact an expert at once for their advice if you are ever puzzled.

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