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Track your health status with the best medical alert system that incorporates GPS tracking and a quick emergency response sensor to lead a healthy life.

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  • Portable medical alert device
  • Appoint senior medical alert expert for treatments
  • Water-resistant button to protect from damages
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Medical alert system for seniors
  • Includes fall detection and GPS system
  • Personal emergency response system
  • EMT/EMD military certified medical care alert
  • Automatic fall detection mechanism
  • Hands Free device to monitor health status
  • Spouses protection for free with basic services
  • Simple and easy for installation
  • Latest alert medical technology
  • 24-hours medical alarm emergency
  • Unlimited talk time and push buttons
  • Medical alert notification for heart attack
  • Personalised emergency responsive
  • Annual , semi-annual and quarterly services plan
  • Fast call response for customer
  • Offer in-home traditional medical alert system
  • ESA security certification for emergency service
  • Necklace pendant and wristband style
  • Update health status for respiratory disease
  • Built with long lasting battery and charged on hours
  • Customer- friendly pricing
  • Best for asthma COPD patients
  • Advanced wireless communication technology
  • Perfect for diabetics patients
  • Real-time battery notification
  • Built in GPS tracker
  • Real time battery level update
  • Easily connect to traditional landline
  • IP67 water-resistant design medical alert system
  • Best for high blood pressure and arthritis
  • Simple press helps button for emergency
  • One month free medical monitoring services
  • User- friendly design interface for customers
  • FDA and FCC certified medical alert system
  • GPS tracking system to track location for emergency
  • Perfect for senior professionals
  • Realtime medical monitoring services with location tracking
  • Offer waterproof medical alert bracelet and pendants
  • Alert notification for chronic disease
  • Two way communication system
  • AT&T Wireless network coverage
  • Anti-fall detection mobile pendants

Buying Guide: How To Select The Best Medical Alert System To Monitor Health


Are you looking for a reliable medical alert system but don’t know which one to trust? Here are a few things to consider before buying a medical alert system. Medical and Health conditions can become severe in an instant and time here time plays an important role. We all have people or know someone who often needs treatment for a condition or has to go to a nearby hospital multiple times for regular and emergency checkups. These kinds of people need monitoring and timely checks due to their health conditions.

We understand that it is always not possible to stay with them due to the work schedule. People with serious illnesses need attention all the time as matters can become critical in a matter of seconds. this is where medical alert systems come to your aid.  It is a comprehensive solution that can help you get medical attention during an emergency.

What is the Best Medical Alert System?

A Medical Alert System or a personal emergency response system is a device that has been designed to provide medical attention and monitoring in and out of the home. The device is used to send an emergency signal to the patient's caregivers when the patient requires urgent attention. It can also send a message to an ambulance when in need. The signal sent from the device is connected to the emergency medical team and the team responds through a call whether the patient requires medical attention and sends a medical team quickly after assessment. These easy to use time-saving devices have saved many lives by sending medical teams quickly to the site and also helped many senior citizens i. e. above 65 years to live an independent life.

A Medical Alert System is an excellent choice to invest for a senior citizen especially one who lives alone or to those who want to have added protection during medical emergencies. The Medical Alert system is there to keep you safe and provide peace of mind that your loved one is fully protected.

Features of Medical Alert Systems


There are multiple best Medical Alert Systems available in the market which come in various shapes and sizes. It is recommended to choose the size of the device which can be easily placed at any corner of your house that you can reach in case of an emergency. Make sure the device is not too bulky and fits perfectly at the place where you want to keep and connect it.

Home-based or Mobile-based device

Earlier the Medical alert system were typically designed to work with a landline connection that was only limited to your home, but the process has changed as many companies are now providing you with an option of connecting the device directly with your cell phone so that it becomes easier to get connected to the medical team or to those who don't have a landline connection. By connecting through mobile you can easily call for help or call an ambulance when you are out and seek medical attention.


After connecting to your cell phone the navigation of your device helps to send your exact location to the medical team whenever there's an emergency or even when you are not able to respond through a call. in any condition, the GPS will alert the team and the ambulance will directly pick you up from the exact location by medicalcarealert.

Fall Alert Mechanism

When you have a senior citizen or an old age person living at your home, you know how the chances of falling in a bathroom or on slippery floors are high. These falls can cause severe trauma and injury to these patients. The lifestation medical alert systems device that will automatically detect a fall and alerts the medical team for a response call.

Device And Connectivity

The Medical Alert Systems are usually lightweight systems that can fit perfectly at your home. The device comes with a base station and a help button or a pendant that easily fits as your wristband or a wired necklace. During emergencies, the help button on the band transfer signal to the station and the station transfers calls to the medical team. The base station features a microphone and a speaker that are clear and loud to exchange voices and transfer messages during the call.

Battery Life

The device can either be connected to a socket or can be used directly through a battery backup. The batteries are massive and made up of lithium-ions that are meant to last longer so that you never run out of options during emergencies.

Activity Monitoring

The devices also monitor your daily activity and perform a daily check-in regarding your health through the mobile app. They keep all your records for the medical team to gather information about your health. The device also helps a person to remember to take their pills or medications on time. The device has a fitness tracking feature that allows you to view and monitor your health improvements or assist you to sections that need monitoring.

Cost Of Medical Alert System

Before buying a Medical Alert System the company collects all vital details including the phone number of the user, their family members' details, and neighbors with a proper home address to visit or call during an emergency. The two-way communications base station will allow you to talk to the emergency team when you seek help. There are many devices available at different price ranges and monthly subscription plans with added features and the prices for these plans can start at a range of $30 per month, approximately.


So, this was our article on the Medical Alert System and we hope you found this useful. Medical alert devices are one of the most important things to have for a senior citizen and will help them during any medical emergencies. There are various Medical Alert devices available on the market with different features and monthly plans that you can choose according to your preference and of course your budget same as greatcall medical alert for seniors. These devices help a person to stay healthy and provides a safe atmosphere to work free and do their regular activity without having any fear of emergencies.

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