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How to Choose the Best Accurate Horoscope and Astrology App?


Don’t know which are the best horoscopes/astrology apps to choose? Look no further as this guide is going to help you with selecting the best astrology and horoscope websites applications are available to you. Reading your horoscope in the morning before leaving for work or before starting your daily chores is always a good exercise in itself because you can make up your mind and prepare mentally for how to go through the day.

When searching for horoscope apps on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, we are bound to choose the apps displayed first and one would be forgiven to think they're there because they are the best, but usually, that is not the case most of the time.

The top three displayed applications on the store are promoted or advertised. Meaning that the developers of these applications have paid the store to promote and display their application to look the best. Moreover, there are apps that are in itself filled with Ads. And let us be honest, nobody likes their apps to be filled with loud, unnecessary ads that pop up unpredictably.

Understanding The Basics of Astrology

Everything that is complicated to our brains to understand starts from the main point called fundamental or to say more practically basics. Astrology is also a science-based subject dependent on a few concepts that are the base of every reading of an individual. These points draw out the correspondences of one’s actions with the movements on Earth and other elements such as stars and planets in the universe. 

Although the events that occur to anyone have nothing to do with the external objects, ancient and modern scientists have proven that certain positions of stars in the galaxy can actually affect the activities that occur on Earth. The elements that astrologers consider the most while reading horoscopes are:

The Zodiac:

This is one of the primary things that people are asked to submit before they want to get their horoscope read. The Zodiac allows the readers to know about one’s traits, dates of important events, rulers of planets that may influence their financial or relationship status, and symbols that are gateways to good luck.

Planetary Influences:

It is believed that not only planets but stars, Sun and moon also have an influence on changing one’s fate. Each planet and star have their own symbols and importance in the book of astrology that determines the area of influence. For instance, Sun and moon have a hand on altering vitality, main concerns of self and emotions, instincts and habits respectively.

Astrology Houses

The stars and planets are divided into twelve signs properly depending on their symbols, in the same way, the astrology chart is segregated into twelve houses. From the first to twelfth house, the chart describes how these elements have the power to alter one’s life whether it be their personality, appearance, money, morals, marriage, work and even death. 

The Asterisms:

Ancient records tell us that the zodiacal background is divided into 27 sections by a belt of stars so that it is easy to read one’s fate. The boundary at which the belt goes through all these sections is marked by a fixed star, which is why these partitions are called the Asterisms or otherwise known as Nakshatras. 

For more information about basics, fundamental rules and how astrology works, beginners are advised to refer to some popular astrology books. They offer updated data on sun, moon, star and zodiac signs which are beneficial to prepare birth charts. The illustrations and drawings by famous astrologers help the readers to understand the context perfectly. 

The readers can also learn techniques and shortcuts to make quick but accurate predictions. These books not only help understand what astrology deals with, but they also provide spiritual guidance, self-acceptance and mental health tips. Buy an astrology book today to gain basic and professional knowledge on this subject.

What Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Astrology Sites?


A very well-made lifereader are always its authenticity. To understand and figure out how authentic the applications are, you should try reading the description. Descriptions posted on the application store are written in-depth and give you a good understanding of what you could expect from the app. Look for applications that use legitimate methods to show you your horoscope and not by a random horoscope generator or any random astrology app having predefined lines built inside the applications. You wouldn't want to start a normal day with negativity! If you have little idea about sources, ask Google. Other features to look out for are the ones that will easily fit in your daily routine and require your minimum effort once you set it up, like remembering your date of birth, name, etc.

Horoscope Application Ratings And Reviews

The second step is always checking the rating and reviews about the application. A good, well-designed application will always have a good rating, very high download numbers, and decent reviews. But, there's a catch here too. You see, some applications pay a little extra to either third parties or the store itself to boost their reviews by posting fake reviews which display at the top reviews section. So, before that app clogs up your phone space, it will not hurt you to click on the 'see all reviews' option and go through the critical feedback which legitimate users provide. How to know if they're legitimate? See the depth with which they describe their experience with the application and talk about the features which they loved or didn't like at all.

User-Friendly Interface

Mark of a decent application is always having an easy-to-use and appealing user interface. Usually, Horoscope apps are targeted mostly for adults and even little older people, the app should be easy to set up and use. The software should look and feel clean, be bug-free and have as few ads as possible. Yes, advertisements are a way to generate revenue for the developers but they should not hinder the experience at all. Plus, the paid version or the ad-free version astrology app should be portrayed in such a way that better features can be displayed attractively and approached in a way that people are happy to invest in it and not pay for out of annoyance. 


The majority of the people would not like this option but please hear me out. Paid apps are always the best ones to go for unless they are overpriced or filled with bugs or unreliable. If you ever come across a decent app with everything above standard, or if someone recommends you to use it, please do not back off because of that payment wall. These are the kind of developers that know the pain advertisements are nowadays and are charging a reasonable price for their efforts.

Good Features

No matter what app or software it is, good features always attract customers. Now you might ask what features to look in a horoscope application? For starters, the kasamba website provide daily notification or a pop up in the morning with your daily horoscope would be one. The notification can be adjusted to your liking which includes, daily, monthly or even yearly horoscopes. Secondly, having a wide variety of horoscope types to choose from should be there. Zodiac is most popular but the option to try something else like the Chinese horoscope would not hurt the customers. So, go for the one with the varieties too. Always go through the feature list in the description of multiple apps before finalizing on one.

Operating System Compatibility

The application you choose should be compatible with all the Operating Systems like Apple, Android, and even Windows. Do check if your chosen app is universally compatible or not. Especially applications on Apple Store are more relevant and authentic compared to Google Play Store. So using an application on Android that is also available on IOS is a pure bonus for horoscope apps. 

Final Verdict

When selecting a horoscope, you have to be selective and smart. Because the choices for horoscope and astrology apps are endless, it is common to make mistakes. Horoscopes are one such sphere where people may claim to tell you the truth when in reality they are only telling half the story. It is crucial to find an app that is reliable, informative, and gives a holistic view. So, when you are selecting your next horoscope app, put these tips and ideas to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Astrology and Horoscope similar to each other?

No, they are not similar to each other, but their area of study is the same. Horoscopes are a part of Astrology and Astrology is a combination of many subjects like tarot card reading, horoscope, numerology and many more.

2. What is astrology and horoscope?

Astrology is a science that describes events that take place which is a direct impact of change in positions of stars and planets whereas the Horoscope is a study of the birth chart of a person and making predictions based on that.

3. Is numerology better than astrology?

It depends on the preference of the believers if they want to find their lucky numbers, jewels, names and even colours they can turn towards numerology but if they are interested in knowing the future and want to find solutions for upcoming issues in personal lives it is better to go for astronomy.

4. Is there any scientific proof for astrology?

Although there is no direct proof from scientists that astronomy is accurate or even legitimate, the practice of this subject has been active for centuries and is strongly believed by ancient and modern astronomers and people in general due to the game-changing factors that take place that go beyond anyone’s imagination.

5. Are horoscopes reliable?

The modern horoscopes that are created by professionals and astrology experts are generally accurate. We can say this because these horoscopes are made based on the birth chart and personality traits of an individual.

6. Are online birth charts accurate?

Astrology websites owned by professional astrologers draw precise and accurate online birth charts like no other. These charts are reliable because they are created on the basis of birth date and time, birth star and zodiac signs.

7. Does astrology really work?

Even though astrologers have no personal connection with you, they seem to make vague predictions about your future and your status in relationships and finance based on your personality traits and the birth chart which makes us believe astrology really works.

8. How much of astrology is true?

There is no extent to which anyone can explain how much of astrology is true, but one can say that it is effective to get astrologers’ advice on certain matters depending on their personal experience, but they do not talk for the entire world.

9. Why do people believe in astrology?

Although there is no definite scientific proof that astrology works, there is evidence from ancient times to today that compel people to believe that it works. People trust astrologers due to the mystery sense and excitement they experience in discovering what the future holds.

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