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Winco Cooktop

Winco Cooktop

Winco EIC-400 Induction Cooktop With Digitally Controlled Temperature

Winco Cooktop Features

  • German Schott ceramic glass top
  • Perfect choice for catering, buffet line
  • NSF listed and ETL sanitation approved induction
  • Precision control with timer

Winco - Single Burner Induction Cooktop

Are we talking about cooktops? The range of products is wide and the buyer faces a tough time in making the right decision. But kitchens become the favorites place in the home if Winco Induction cooktop is installed in it. The product is made of German engineering and hence is an efficient one. It has a glass-ceramic cooktop.

To buy Winco products online, the buyer should read the product reviews. This helps in buying the best product and something that proves to be a complete value for money one. Induction cooktop manufacturers also equip the products with USP so that it becomes a fast-selling item. Winco cooktop has digital controls. It requires up to 1800 watts operating and has exctensive functionality for hassle-free use than the zavor and costway competitive product brands.

The heating capacity of the product can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user. It is easily adjustable between 50-240 degree Celsius. The product is even listed for commercial use in Canada and the USA. The law of magnetism is applicable in cooktops. This helps in the quick heating of the cooktop that results in faster cooking and heating of the food. This feature makes it desirable as a commercial downdraft induction cooker.

Winco Cookware products have uniqueness because of its features and high-grade looks. The stainless steel used for the manufacturing of the products gives the durability quotient to the cooktop. Being a professional cooktop, it is easily available in the market and online portals. Winco Cookware makes cooking simple and easy for the users.

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