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Zavor PRO 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop With Magnetic Burner

Zavor Features

  • 180 minutes built-in programmable timer
  • Tempered glass surface minimizes heat
  • 8-launch buttons for hassle-free cooking
  • Versatile, sleek, and portable induction cooktop

Zavor Pro Induction Cookware

The Zavor pro Induction is a multifaceted, portable & elegant cooktop that is safe and simple to use. The induction pro cooktop cooks up to 50% rapidly compared to other cookery textures and saves fuel, time, and money. It is one of the best Zavor products.

Induction cooking is the most convenient and fastest way of cooking. And, Zavor’s induction cooktops are the best cooktops and premier portable induction cooking solution. The induction cookstoves finish cooking and preparing meals in the fastest and achievable time than the conventional and traditional gas stove.

Zavor’s induction cooktop cooks and prepares food twice as fast as the conventional stoves and cooking surfaces. It also saves up a lot of time and more than 90% of the energy used by the cookware is utilized in preparing the food in the most effective and efficient manner.

The induction cooktop has about 8 quick launch switches and buttons that aid users in selecting their preferred preset cooking temperatures by a mere touch of a button.
Every button is allotted its own cooking process that adapts to the preset conditions.

While using Zavor’s induction cooktop, there are no flames or heating aspects to keep the surface cool. The induction cooker also consists of a safety lock system that disables all touch controls in case of any unwanted, accidental, or unintentional adjustments while preparing the food. Being the customers differentiate the competitive stove such as isiler and duxtop

Zavor’s induction cookware is perfect for a college dorm, studio apartment, or wherever you are with a 110V electricity outlet and can also be used as an induction camping stove. The temperatures can go as high as to stir fry the food and low as to melt chocolate or cheese.

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