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COSTWAY 1800W Portable Double Induction Cooktop With Dual Hot Plate

COSTWAY Cooktop Features

  • Smart key to select rice, milk, fry functions
  • Best magnetic induction cooktop for home purpose
  • Configurable temperature setting
  • Protect from fire hazards

Costway - Premium Cooktop

Costway has a line of high-quality induction cooktop that warms up through magnetic induction rather than, a conventional flame or an electrical heating component.

The Costway induction cooktop utilizes an electromagnet to warm up an iron or steel pan more quickly than gas or electric.

It also loses minor warmth during cooking. It is a touch screen digital control cooktop that are easy to regulate and have all procedures plainly displayed on it.

Costway induction burner is a healthy, energy-efficient means to cook the food you cherish the most. Furthermore, it accentuates a 180 minutes timer arrangement, 1800W of power, and warms up to 430°F.

Along with the Induction Cooktop, you can also stir fry, braise fry, deep fry, roast, and even boil the liquids.

It is very easy to use after reading the directions on how to regulate the burner.

Moreover, in order to wield and use the Costway Induction cooktop and/or any other induction cooktops, you will be required to have the right kind of cookware. The experiment is easy. If a magnet sticks to your cookery pan it can be utilized for induction cooking!

The Costway Induction cooktop is brand new in the market but of exceptionally high quality. It comprises an integrated micro-crystal panel, an explosion-proof, high resistance, and a scratch-proof surface. It also renders its consumers overheating protection as well as high and low voltage protection. It utilizes the 100% copper coil which is both energy-saving and highly efficient. The induction also has wear-resistant protection. Waring cooktop and True Induction cooktop offer touch control option for easy cooking.

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