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Sofi Online Bank

Sofi Online Bank

Sofi Online Banking Services For Student Loan Refinancing

Sofi Online Bank Features

  • Financial planning assistance
  • Raise negotiation prep tool
  • Easy to setup, and make online payments
  • One-on-one session with professional career coaches

SoFi - Advanced Online Banking Services

Sofi Money is an online banking and cash management platform that combines both liquidities and checking accounts with the exciting potential of high-yield savings and utilizes partner banks' networks to hold the fund deposits. Sofi online bank also comes with a MasterCard debit card, which lets you withdraw money at the ATM's. You can make a transaction via its built-in Peer-to-peer payment features that offer pay bill services and physical paper checks without any overdraft fees and no regular maintenance fees.

Transferring money is simpler and straightforward than most of the premium and advanced online banking services of  Radius Bank and HSBC bank. It helps move the money you want from the selected account provided by the drop-down options. They are pre-filled with your banking information you provided when you sign up for an account. 

This platform also provides the complete package for the customer looking for solutions to their checking and saving needs. It offers a robust and fee-free structure beyond the zero monthly maintenance and overdraft fee and typical for cash management. In addition to it, it also charges zero fees for services like inactive accounts, replacement of debit cards, and returns items.

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