LG 55 Inch 4K Smart OLED TV For Gaming | LG OLED55CXPUA With Alexa

LG OLED 55CXPUA Features

  • 120 hertz frequency refresh rate
  • 4k processor and cutting edge gaming technology
  • Emit own light for intense color clarity
  • Perfect for movies, sports, games, and etc.,

LG OLED - Quick 120 Frequency 4k Smart TV for Gaming

The latest OLED TV's come packed with various features that make the entire viewing experience quite convenient and fun. Every time you watch TV, it feels like you have experienced something magical and it's something that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

What are the Best Features of LG OLED TV? 

High-pixel Contrast Picture

The OLED TV from LG uses OLED pixels to emit light, allowing for perfect black, intense colour and amazing picture. Millions of pixels on this TV emit their light. Only the OLED can turn the pixels completely and individually and display an amazing picture with perfect black and infinite contrast and with a huge range of rich colors.

AI Display and Sound Quality

With this OLED 4K TV, everything is enhanced and made better, clearer, smoother and much more dynamic than before because of the a9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K. You don't have to do anything because this processor does it all for you. The AI Picture Pro, the AI Sound Pro, the AI 4K Upscaling and the easy ability lets your TV evolve and improve easily over time.

Fast Motion 4K Processor

The OLED 4K TV uses advanced motion handling technology for fast movements in the category of sports and various action sequences as well. This TV is perfect for spending time with your family and friends and is the perfect companion for all your needs.
It uses the 4K processor that makes it easy and quick to use and provides crystal clear clarity that is amazing to experience.

Streamline Movies

This TV consists of a magic remote that is super useful and uses voice and motion control rather than having to click and choose your favourite channels of entertainment. The LG web OS platform is quite fast and can quickly stream movies and shows using your favourite apps and finding new and trending stuff every day.

Top Alternatives of LG OLED TV

Similar to the Sony Bravia and LG 77-inch TV, this one is also perfect for gaming. It comes with AI-powered picture quality and helps to transform you to a whole new level of gaming. The gaming features, along with the technology, provides an edge over others, high refresh rates and amazingly smooth and responsive gameplay.

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