Dazzling range of quality OLED 4K TV allows you to stream content and live shows seamlessly with more realistic experience.

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  • Pixel contrast booster for refined details
  • Unlimited streaming with HDR picture processor
  • 4K X-reality for clarity in watching
  • Access with alexa for hassle-free use
  • Built with Google assistant for voice control
  • Latest tone-mapping technology to optimize sense
  • Self-illuminating pixel for black and intense colors
  • Wide viewing angle with immersive sound
  • Advanced sound and picture technologies
  • Powerful 4k processor and dolby
  • 4step noise reduction function
  • Wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse
  • Enhanced clarity for quality viewing
  • Perfectly flawless glass design TV
  • Black and infinite contrast for darkest scenes
  • 4K high definition wide viewing angle
  • Ideal to increase logical and analytical thinking
  • Acoustic audio technology has two subwoofer for clear sound
  • 265 kwh estimated electric power for per year
  • Compatible with Android and IOS smartphones
  • Smooth and vibrant color with triluminos display
  • Enhance 120Hz refresh rate frequency
  • Combine Imax and dolby vision for cinematic view
  • 4k super bit mapping display
  • Access with alexa to play music, launch videos, and more
  • Acoustic surface technology screen
  • 3840*2160 pixel native resolution
  • Incredible pro upscale crystal clarity
  • High dynamic range for cinematic experience
  • Perfect harmony for immersive audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Enables pixel level dimming technology
  • Scene-by-scene optimization with tone-mapping
  • Best for thrilling games, movies experience
  • Create cinematic sound at home
  • Offer HDMI, Ethernet, USB connectivity
  • 120 hertz frequency refresh rate
  • 4k processor and cutting edge gaming technology
  • Emit own light for intense color clarity
  • Perfect for movies, sports, games, and etc.,
  • G-sync technology for exceptional images
  • Smooth gameplay with intense color
  • Seamless wisa speaker compatibility
  • Built-in Google assistant and alexa

A Comprehensive Guide To Pick 4K OLED TV For Your Home

Television has been a significant source of entertainment and a basic home appliance for years. With the changing technology, we have seen up-gradation in the television industry as well. From big box-like TVs to flat screens, we have come a long way. Don't you think it is high time to upgrade your living room's television? Every day we hear many terminologies and jargon related to television such as HD, Ultra HD, 4K OLED TV, LED screens, etc., but do we know the difference between them. The television has a wide range of prices and quality as well. These days 4K television is the talk of the town. Here we are presenting a buying guide that will help you analyze and decide which best affordable Television you want to buy. After checking this, you will be able to buy the best OLED 4KTV at an affordable price.

What is OLED?

OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode, which uses individual organic pixels to emit light. The OLED 4K TV is expensive compared to LED Televisions, but it gives you the best black levels, contrast, brightness, picture quality, and viewing angles. They give you a real viewing experience and a better picture quality.

What is the 4K resolution?

In terms of Television hardware, the term resolution tells us about the number of pixels that compose the television image. Ultra HD, which is popularly known as 4K, is 3840x2160 resolution, which features 3,840 pixels horizontally and 2,160 pixels vertically.

Procedure To Select OLED 4K TV Online

Price Range

The first thing you consider before buying a television is - decide your budget! Once you have decided your budget, your task becomes easier, and you can opt for a better television at affordable prices. Keep the point in mind that the money also decides the quality of the television.

Screen Size

Choose the screen size, which complements your living room. The television screens are measured diagonally. A 50-inch or a larger screen size will be perfect for your living room. But keep the budget in your mind while choosing the screen size because the price range increases with the increase in screen size. Get the best budget OLED TV and make your living room just like theatre.


  • LED screens are backlit. The lights are lit through a panel of crystals and generate images on the screen. While the OLED screens contain individual pixels, which emit light. These individual pixels turn on and off and adjust individually. Thus, you get a clearer view.
  • The LEDs do not have sharper details and contrast. While the OLEDs contrast and shadow details are just perfect and real.
  • The contrast goes better with the better black levels, and for that, nothing stands before OLED screens.
  • The viewers of the LED screens face viewing angles issues while with OLED screens, there is no issue with the viewing angles.


The more pixels, the clearer image! As we have already explained what resolution is and what 4K is. So, it is better to choose a 4K TV. If you focus on technology and clearer images, then the 4K television is worthy of your hard-earned money.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. There are numerous OLED 4K TVs available in the market. But never miss HDR. Without HDR, some colors cannot remain true to life. The HDR enhances the color and contrast ratio to create great and true to life images. If you have decided to buy a 4K OLED TV, you must opt for an LG HDR smart OLED.

A 4K HDR OLED TV can give you a better viewing experience with amazing colors, contrast, and a greater image. But there are different versions of HDR format such as Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, etc. Almost all the top brands' TVs support all the common HDR formats, but there may be some exceptions. So, it is better to check once.

Refresh Rate

The television's refresh rate refers to the number of frames it can display per second. It is denoted in hertz (Hz). If you are looking for more into gaming, then look for a television that has a variable refresh rate. It would turn out to be a smart choice. The variable refresh rate is highly compatible with PC-based and console games.

The above points advocate that when you bring a 4k OLED TV to your house, you not only bring a Television but a bouquet of the clearer image, contrast ratio, colors, excellent viewing angles, and luxury as well. The viewing experience you get with an OLED Television with 4K resolution cannot get it anywhere else. The true to life images take you to another world of technology where you watch quality images.

Some other factors add charm to the magic of OLED TV. Below we are mentioning those other factors which should be considered before buying.

Smart TVs

The people are turning towards OTT platforms. Even some major Bollywood films are going to be released on such platforms. So, bringing a smart OLED 4K TV to your home can be a smart choice. You would get various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube with smart TVs. Also, you can get rid of cable or satellite services. 

You can also watch great content on your TV by connecting your computer and mobile phones and accessing the data like photos, videos, music, etc.


While purchasing a new OLED 4K TV, make sure that the TV provides connectivity through the right cables and ports.

The TV cables that are thicker than usual cables are known as HDMI cables, and the ports in which these cables are plugged in, called HDMI ports.


It may be an unpopular opinion, but higher-quality HDMI cables are important and surely make a difference. Higher-quality HDMI cables can pass wider signals and faster as compared to the common HDMI cable. These cables handle greater bandwidths and maintain the quality of the content from source to the TV. It provides you the higher speed and bandwidth required for the high-resolution content. And when you are going to spend a big amount on OLED 4K TV, why compromise with the better connectivity. Thus, it is necessary to check the HDMI cable's quality.


When you are looking for HDMI ports on the TV, opt for an LG ultra OLED TV with a minimum of 3 or 4 HDMI ports. So that you can connect your gaming device, sound system, or other devices simultaneously. Because each device needs a separate port.

Another factor that is to be considered is that your HDMI ports support HDMI 2.0 or not. HDMI 2.0 is needed to connect 4K devices. Also, look for HDCP (high-resolution digital content protection) compatibility. The next generation of HDCP is HDCP 2.2. So, look out for your new OLED 4K Tv that has all these compatibilities or not.

Bluetooth Connectivity: This can be an additional factor you can look for. But the Bluetooth connectivity does not define the quality of your OLED 4K TV. It is just an additional feature that does not affect the quality of the TV. Still, if your TV has Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones and enjoy content without disturbing anybody.

Audio Quality

Surely the new technology-based OLED 4K TV offers an amazing visual experience, but what about the sound quality? Do not forget that it is the sound that sets the mood. So, you cannot just ignore it. As compared to the old box-type TVs, 4K TVs provide a bit of poor audio. So, do look for a 4K TV that is offering much audio quality. Otherwise, the bad sound quality would be going to ruin all your viewing experience.


How can you forget this? If you purchase a TV from an authorized dealer, you will surely get a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty helps you when you face any problem with your TV, and if it is in the warranty period, you will get free service. So, do buy a TV from authorized dealers and get the warranty on the product.


Hence, we have shared in-depth information about OLED 4K TV. Now it's your time to act. Don't just read it but act upon it and choose an OLED TV that fits in your budget and fulfills your requirements. Bringing a Sony Bravia OLED TV home will bring luxury to your home, and you will get a different but marvelous viewing experience.

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