Dazzling range of quality OLED 4K TV allows you to stream content and live shows seamlessly with more realistic experience.

By Customer Feedback

  • Pixel contrast booster for refined details
  • Unlimited streaming with HDR picture processor
  • 4K X-reality for clarity in watching
  • Access with alexa for hassle-free use
  • Built with Google assistant for voice control
  • Latest tone-mapping technology to optimize sense
  • Self-illuminating pixel for black and intense colors
  • Wide viewing angle with immersive sound
  • Advanced sound and picture technologies
  • Powerful 4k processor and dolby
  • 4step noise reduction function
  • Wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse
  • Enhanced clarity for quality viewing
  • Perfectly flawless glass design TV
  • Black and infinite contrast for darkest scenes
  • 4K high definition wide viewing angle
  • Ideal to increase logical and analytical thinking
  • Acoustic audio technology has two subwoofer for clear sound
  • 265 kwh estimated electric power for per year
  • Compatible with Android and IOS smartphones
  • Smooth and vibrant color with triluminos display
  • Enhance 120Hz refresh rate frequency
  • Combine Imax and dolby vision for cinematic view
  • 4k super bit mapping display
  • Access with alexa to play music, launch videos, and more
  • Acoustic surface technology screen
  • 3840*2160 pixel native resolution
  • Incredible pro upscale crystal clarity
  • High dynamic range for cinematic experience
  • Perfect harmony for immersive audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • Enables pixel level dimming technology
  • Scene-by-scene optimization with tone-mapping
  • Best for thrilling games, movies experience
  • Create cinematic sound at home
  • Offer HDMI, Ethernet, USB connectivity
  • 120 hertz frequency refresh rate
  • 4k processor and cutting edge gaming technology
  • Emit own light for intense color clarity
  • Perfect for movies, sports, games, and etc.,
  • G-sync technology for exceptional images
  • Smooth gameplay with intense color
  • Seamless wisa speaker compatibility
  • Built-in Google assistant and alexa