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Sony XBR-55A9G

Sony XBR-55A9G

Sony 55 Inch TV Bravia OLED 4K HD Smart With Alexa Compatibility

Sony XBR-55A9G Features

  • Incredible pro upscale crystal clarity
  • High dynamic range for cinematic experience
  • Perfect harmony for immersive audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity technology

Highly Dynamic Sony 4K HD Smart TV for Crystal Clarity Picture

Having a great and technologically advanced TV means that you are in for tons of entertainment. With OLEDs and smart 4K TVs like Sony XBR-55A9G, the entire experience is more enhanced and exciting, and all the engaging content that you watch is amplified each time.

Excellent Aspects of Sony Ultra HD 55-inch TV

Vibrant Colors and Bright Pictures

The OLED 4K TV from Sony 55-inch consists of millions of individual pixels that are supercharged and provide more vibrant colors to complement the OLED black. It is a contrast booster and helps provide brighter and better pictures on the screen. This TV is quite high in quality and conveys the creators’ hard work and intent on screen for providing the best picture experience.

Apart from that, the OLED 4K TV is Sony’s best processor and helps to bring out the best intense content and contrast in the form of pure blacks, peak brightness and supernatural colours.

Does LG TV Have Bluetooth Connection?

LG TV provides perfect harmony for an immersive audio experience. It works using Bluetooth connectivity technology and provides an incredibly high dynamic range for providing an altogether amazing cinematic experience to all its users. The Sony X BR includes amazing and unique upscale crystal clarity for the viewers to enjoy.

Multiple Compatibility Options

Users can easily get answers, manage tasks, and do so much more with these voice control devices. With Alexa, you can stream smart camera feeds easily with your voice and with any Alexa enabled device, and you can play music, turn the volume up or down and do so much more.

This OLED 4K TV comes with Apple Airplay 2 and Home Kit Support. You can easily integrate your iPhone and Siri Devices with this TV for managing your homes and streaming your content.

Final Words

With this TV, all the gaming lovers can amplify their gaming experience to another level and enjoy the Sony Gaming TV feature that comes with the game mode for a better, smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Similar to the LG 77 inch TV and the Sony 65 Inch TV, this one also uses voice commands to control your TV and other smart home devices. It has become extremely easy to search for movies, shows, and so much more with these amazing devices.

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