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LG 55 Inch OLED

LG 55 Inch OLED

LG OLED55E9PUA - 55 Inch 4K Smart TV With Flat Wall Mount Kit

LG 55 Inch OLED Features

  • Perfectly flawless glass design TV
  • Black and infinite contrast for darkest scenes
  • 4K high definition wide viewing angle
  • Ideal to increase logical and analytical thinking

LG OLED55E9PUA - 55-inch OLED 4K Smart TV with Flat Wall Mount Kit

When you are looking to spruce up your home entertainment systems, the TV is a device that people think of first. With the advancement in technology for everything, OLED TV’s cannot take a step back.

Amazing Aspects of LG 55-inch OLED Television

Stunning Sound and Picture Quality

The LG, 55-inch OLED, is perfect for increasing logical and analytical thinking amongst the users and comes with a 4K high definition wide viewing angle, which makes it an immersive experience. With high-quality sound and picture, this OLED 4K TV is perfect for your smart homes.

It comes with black and infinite contrast for darkest scenes, making darker scenes darker and brighter scenes even brighter. Moreover, this TV is well designed and comes perfectly flawless to the user. The TV is glass designed and is quite sleek to look at.

High-performing 4K Processor

The OLED 4K TV by LG comes with the most powerful AI-powered 4K processor that helps to enhance your viewing experience. Moreover, it uses Dolby technology to improve the sight and sound of the media you are viewing. It also comes with built-in Alexa for voice control.

Wireless Connectivity

The Bundle that comes with the product includes the smart TV with AI ThinQ technology, Deco Gear Home Theatre Surround Soundbar, 2.1 CH Audio, Bluetooth, wireless backlit keyboard remote, deco mount flat wall mount kit, the ultimate Bundle for 45-90 inch TV and a 6-outlet surge adapter with a night light.

Other Accessories

With the purchase of this OLED 4K TV, you get the glass smart TV, a magic remote, remote control battery, power cable, quick start guide and an e-manual with step by step directions of the same.


The OLED 4K TV from LG comes with a dimension of 55 inches with AI ThinQ technology. Compared to all other conventional and traditional TV’s, this one seems to be the best. From gaming to cinematic experiences, you will be displayed with everything that makes it fun to view.

Alternative of LG OLED55E9PUA TV

LG TV brings out the richness in the colours and helps to provide crisp and clear details similar to the LG 77-iNCH Smart LED and the Sony Bravia OLED TV.

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