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Sony 65 Inch TV

Sony 65 Inch TV

Sony 65 Inch TV BRAVIA OLED 4K UHD Smart TV with Alexa Compatibility

Sony 65 Inch TV Features

  • Combine Imax and dolby vision for cinematic view
  • 4k super bit mapping display
  • Access with alexa to play music, launch videos, and more
  • Acoustic surface technology screen
  • 3840*2160 pixel native resolution

Sony 65-inch Oled TV With Google Assistant and Alexa Compatibility

Buying a TV is a difficult decision to make, and hence, a lot goes into finding the perfect ones for your homes. There are so many upgraded versions of TVs available nowadays, and one of the highly-rated OLED TV’s in such a category is the Sony 65-inch Bravia TV, which is more advanced.

Stunning Features of Sony 65-inch Bravia TV

Amazing Picture Clarity

This OLED 4K TV from Sony provides a high dynamic range, which is combined with IMAX enhanced and Dolby Vision to provide a great, wide cinematic experience unlike any other.

Apart from this, the TV has transformed the sound industry by providing an immersive sound that emanates from the OLED screen using acoustic surface technology. You get the most authentic and amazing Triluminos Display with this OLED 4K TV similar to the Sony Bravia. The display works with 4K super but mapping to create true and real life-OLED colours.

High-resolution Display

The Sony 65 Inch TV combines both IMAX and Dolby vision to provide the best experience in your homes. The native pixel resolution of this OLED 4K TV is 3840*2160. It includes over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are controlled by the extreme processor and help create an exquisite, unmatchable contrast.

Supports Voice Assistants

This Android TV is a flat-screen OLED TV with built-in Google Assistant and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home. The included components are the television and remote, and the package includes the TV with a stand, batteries, power cord, IR Blaster, start guide and a manual.


The OLED 4K TV is amazing and comes with exquisite contrast making all the details stunning and real with great depth, textures and colors. The TV came with incredible precision and clarity and provided x reality upscale pro images that make the pictures unbelievably amazing and also reduce the on-screen noise. Like most of the other devices Sony Bravia and LG 77-inch TV, this one is also compatible with Alexa.

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