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Freshly Meal Delivery

Freshly Meal Delivery

Freshly Meal Delivery - Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door

Freshly Meal Delivery Features

  • Certified service by Gluten Intolerance Group
  • Freshly’s entire menu is made up of gluten-free
  • Never frozen, ready to eat fresh meals
  • Helps to cure celiac disease
  • Three to Four Vegetarian dishes every week
  • Protein and vitamin-rich ingredients
  • Combination of macro and micronutrients
  • 30+ healthy natural dishes
  • 300-650 calories of sugar conscious meals
  • Free of food allergens, refined sugar, and cross-contamination
  • Track your food delivery

Freshly Product Description

Experience the joy of hassle-free ready to eat fresh food that is sure to take complete care of your well-being with their fresh, nutritious and mouthwatering meal service. Freshly the keto gets you certified gluten-free nutritious food that can be made to order as per dietary preferences. Provides for a delectable choice of 30+ rotating dishes that include seasonal vegetables, lean protein, whole-grain starches.

Freshly meals are all about heating, eating and getting back to work in a few minutes, as it requires no well-equipped kitchen or any messy cleanup. Freshly talks of the ultimate combination of the nutritious and the delicious and are extremely careful about what they put in and what they leave out. Being crafted by eminent chefs and approved by nutritionists, the food is packed in recyclable boxes in quantities of 4, 6, 9 or 12 meals. You can easily refrigerate the meals for 5-6 days on an average as they are free from any kind of preservatives and every meal comes with a ‘’use by date’’. Freshly is also a best allergy friendly meal delivery service.

With freshly cost as low as $7.99, you can also easily order for your entire team or everyone in the office. From setting up your account to helping you choose the meals as per your taste, to that of delivering them on time, their team is here to help you with everything. Try out chef cooked, delicious, freshly picked food that gets you the best in terms of quality as well as service. You can compare it with other trending meal services like Veestro and Bistromd to choose the best one.

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