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Cusimax Cooktops

Cusimax Portable Infrared Cooktop Compatible With All Cookware

Cusimax Cooktops Features

  • Automatic safety shut-off functionality
  • Great for everyday use in dorms, and offices
  • Electronic temperature control system
  • Ideal cooktop for campings

Cusimax C180N - Hotplate Double Burner

Are you looking for the best Infrared cooktop compatible with your pan and pots? Cusimax brings you the new Cusimax CMIP-C180 Double Countertop Burner to make your experience the best one. The product ensures efficient cooking even if your cookwares are made up of glass or copper. The hot infrared burners take mere seconds to absorb heat compared to the traditional heating tops, which take forever to get hot. Be it cooking scrambled eggs, soup, cooking pasta, boiling vegetables, and preparing warm sauces, the cusimax induction cooktop is the perfect pick.

Portable size

The small size of the cusimax induction cooktop makes it easier for you to carry it anywhere. It is ideal for camping, dorms, and offices. It is the best pick for everyday use and makes cooking convenient. There is no need for any stove when the infrared plate is at your rescue. It is effortless to clean, so forget about the hassle.


The automatic safety feature allows the temperature to be well-regulated with the help of a thermometer. The indicator turns off automatically.

The portable ceramic stove gives the cooktop a beautiful finish. The pitfall of the designs has been well-addressed, and replacement of the Double Countertop Burner is possible too.
Furthermore, the infrared worktop does not radiate any kind of harmful electromagnetic waves and is just limited to heating. So do not think that the Cusimax CMIP-C180is harmful for the human body.

The Cuismax brand is well known for its kitchen appliances and Cusimax CMIP-C180is, which is one of the best products to be ever built. Get your hands on this kitchen appliance today. Empava Cooktop and Gasland Cooktop are also 2 burner stoves for small kitchens.

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