GASLAND IH30BF Two Burner Induction Cooktop With Safety Lock

GASLAND Features

  • Power boost function for 5 minutes
  • Auto shutdown and overheating protection
  • Ideal for frequent travelers
  • Barbecue and flexible zone function

Gasland Chef IH30BF - Induction Cooktop

Gasland induction cooktop is this out of the ordinary sensor touch control induction cooktop that offers 9 power levels to switch easily into different levels right from simmer to boil in a precise manner. Among the different gasland cooktop products, the digital sensor touch of gasland-ih30bf helps to control the heating of the induction cooker accurately. This gasland cooktop has a size of 20.5'' x 11.3'' x 2.2''(520mm x 290mm x 55mm) and has a cut-out size of 19.7'' x 10.7''(500mm x 270mm).

Buy online dual gas cooktop products as this 12 inches Gas Stove Top is perfect for 240V and offers 2 different zones for cooking with a total power of 1500-3500W and it is specially crafted to enable super-fast cooking. The two different cooking zones of this dual-fuel cooktop are of different sizes with different power ranges.

This dual burner gas cooktop offers one 6.3"(160mm) round cooking zone that works with a maximum 1500W power and the other cooking zone that it has is a circular one of 7.1"(180mm) and has a maximum 2000W power. As far as Gas CookTops are concerned, this dual gas cooktop adheres to the strict North American norm. This 2-burner induction cooktop comes with a number of protection functions that certifies ultimate safety for the gasland chef, like, overheating protection, child safety lock, detection of small articles and the auto shutdown protection. Best Gasland-ih30bf4 comes with a multi-functional timer. Opt for this among the different online cooktops for it also offers excellent customer service. If your looking for complete new technology i.e Magnetic induction cooktop can be a good choice.  Here are some dual burner cooktops from other brands are Cusimax cooktop and Thermomate cooktop which are portable.

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