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CUSIMAX Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop With Countertop Burner

Cusimax Features

  • Double crystallite glass cover
  • Available at low price
  • Compatible with a tea kettle, glass, aluminium
  • Ideal ceramic cooktop to scramble eggs, soups

Cusimax - Premium Quality Cooktop

Cusimax portable cooktop is a perfect choice for a small family or bachelor pads. It is easy to install and operate. The hot plate is ideal for cooking, sautéing, and boiling food. Cusimax products are well-known in the market.

Electric cooktops are easily available in single, two, four, and five burner options. The buyers can buy Cusimax products online also. The online portals have product descriptions listed alongside the items so that buyers can easily understand the features and buy the product. Cusimax portable electric stove allows the user to install the product both inside and outside the premise. This means that the stove can be carried for picnics also.

2 burner electric cooktop can be easily maintained and cleaned by the users. It has a ceramic double hot plate that can easily handle any vessel on the surface for cooking. Heat is efficiently and evenly distributed on the vessels and this makes cooking fast.

Cusimax portable double induction hob is a great item for everyday use and is perfect to be installed in any premise; be it home or office. The product is a space-optimized item and occupies very less space. This means that it can easily fit in an office pantry as well. Cusimax induction cookware has achieved positive reviews of the users. The temperature can be controlled and the burner gets auto switched-off the moment the vessel is removed from the surface.

Cusimax induction cooktop has passed all safety standards and has made a mark in household products. The customer service department is very strong and they offer a 30-day return policy after purchase. Same Features are also available in Trighteach cooktop and Nutrichef cooktop with circular heating panels.

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