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NutriChef Electric Induction Cooktop

NutriChef Electric Induction Cooktop

NutriChef Portable Ceramic Countertop Cooktop | NutriChef PKSTIND52

NutriChef Electric Induction Cooktop Features

  • Flameless burner designed stove
  • Two circular heating panel
  • Stain-resistant nature for quick clean
  • 1800-watts energy power

Nutrichef PKSTIND52: Induction Cookto Double Burner

The Nutrichef PKSTIND52 is a burner induction cooktop which is an effective and hassle-free cooktop for kitchen appliances.

The cookware’s functionality and versatility are what influences it's consumers and is excellent for all cooking conditions.

Let's take a look at some of the characteristic features of the Nutrichef PKSTIND52 digital electric induction cooktop.

The Nutrichef PKSTIND52 is a dual induction cooktop with a double countertop burner and a digital display screen, along with adjustable temperature and condition settings.

The Nutrichef Dual Induction cooktop is so highly in demand at the market, it often becomes out of stock even in supermarkets such as Walmart and Target.

The Nutrichef PKSTIND52 induction cookware also consists of a ceramic and tempered glass induction designed cooktop. The cookware also comprises a simple electric plug with a flawless burner deign. The induction also constitutes of two circular top old panel heating zones.

The temperature setting in the PKSTIND52 is an independent and configurable one, with high power heating components. The cookware heats edibles very quickly for instantly preparing food items. It also has a digital LCD screen display screen with sensor touch controls and a countdown timer setting. The ceramic surface is incredible with stain resistance and easy to clean technology along with compact and space-saving design. The design is also made in such a manner that the induction is energy efficient with very low power consumption.

And, if you are planning on buying the PKSTIND52 model, then don't worry and go ahead it is officially and legally verified, approved and certified. So, you should definitely buy the double induction cooktop which is also a double countertop burner. It is the best induction cooktop in the market right now among summit2 or duxtoplcd

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