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American Family Safety Kits

American Family Safety Kits

AmericanFamily Safety AquaBlox Emergency Drinking Water Boxes

American Family Safety Kits Features

  • UHT pasteurizing process beverage
  • Migration and unsavory taste
  • Sealed with seven layered cartoon

American Family Safety - Disaster Survival Kits

Two of the main reasons why people die during droughts are starvation and thirst due to lack of proper food and water. To avoid that, American Family Safety comes forward to provide them with the necessary means to keep them alive and healthy. It is a prestigious brand with years of experience in serving people with their supreme quality emergency food kits and water boxes. The drinking water boxes of this brand are popular for their pure quality and constitution of minerals.

A medium-sized case consists of a maximum number of 32 of the water boxes. This case is easy to carry and can be loaded onto vehicles or stored at the home or office in emergencies like power outages, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Each box has 200 ml of mineral-rich filtered water to increase immunity. This water comes from municipal water sources and has to undergo UHT pasteurization and then is packaged into sterile, seven-layered cartons to ensure safety and sealed perfectly. The packaging is certain of having no odor or essence to avoid contamination and a foul taste in water.

It has a 5-year shelf-life due to refraining from adding preservatives or artificial additives. American Family Safety products are the perfect replacements for supply kits from Wise Company and Legacy Food Storage. They also take necessary actions to provide the best customer service and guide people to choose smart options in buying emergency kits.

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