Best Smart Plugs

Smart plugs handles entire household outlets with the help of automation system technology for added safety and security.

By Customer Feedback

  • Remotely control on/off light function
  • Access with alexa and google assistant devices
  • Award-Winning Insteon Technology
  • Plug-in control on regular unswitched power outlets
  • Support 140 watts of power consumption
  • Plug-in module for dimming and on/off
  • Weather-resistant plugs for outdoor duty
  • Compatible with smartphones for hassle-free usage
  • Best to improve home network connectivity
  • Z-wave plus certified smart plug
  • Connectivity with wink and smart devices
  • Offer 60 Hz frequency technology
  • Five years of limited warranty
  • Clear connect with RF technology
  • Convenience and easy to install wireless lamp dimmer
  • Personalized sensors to control multiple lights
  • Low level of thermal performance
  • Best to keep secure from uneven socket accidents
  • Two Z-wave AC outlet controllers
  • Intuitive panel push button for brightness
  • Space-conscious design smart plugs
  • Offer dimmer functionality to save power
  • Get 250% faster processor for blazing speed power
  • Wireless controller for outdoor appliances
  • Weather and impact-proof smart plug
  • 32° to 104° F operating temperature
  • Support 2.4 GHz frequency network connectivity
  • Set routine and scheduling with alexa
  • Automatically control fan, light, and much more
  • Compatible with Android and IOS operating system
  • Remotely turned on/off switches with Z-wave
  • Module contains two power receptacles
  • Neutral connectivity with plugs device
  • Best for controlling kids to consoles and TVs
  • Enables to monitor appliance with smartphones
  • Set schedule for specific time of the day
  • White colored plastic material constructed
  • Remotely recharge battery device

How To Choose The Best Smart Plugs For Your Home? - Expert’s Advice

We live in a world where technology has exceeded its limits and with just a click of a button you can easily connect to multiple devices such as television, cell phones, smart fridges, and many more. It is always a better option to get to know all the details about the products you are using and to control each and every one of them with just a click using your mobile and also gather information from each of them at a single platform anytime anywhere and enables to make Smart Home for kids

A smart plug is just like any other traditional plug that is available at your home or office that receptacle into a normal electrical socket or outlet and helps to integrate it into a smart network process. The smart plug allows you to control any of the devices that you plug into it through an app on your smartphone or through any other virtual assistant.

The Smart Plug allows you to create a small home network consisting of all the devices that you intend to plug including a table lamp, TV, router or you can even set your coffee maker to make you a cup of coffee without even coming out of your bed. It allows you to control, monitor, or customize all the devices based on your needs and usage. The Smart Plug can plug itself to any of the sockets whether inside and outside and even allow multiple devices to connect and function at a single time.

Features to look for while buying a Smart Plug


The Leviton smart plugs come with a wifi connectivity option that allows a user to connect the plug directly through your wifi router and control all the devices through your smartphone that are connected to the plug. Some smart plugs also come with Bluetooth connectivity and provide the option to do more. Once done connecting to Wifi then you can remotely turn on/off your devices from anywhere if you are within the connectivity range.

Set Schedule

With Smart Plugs you can easily set schedules for all the devices that are connected to the plug, for example, air conditioning. With this feature, you can make it turn itself on when you are about to reach home, so you have a chilled atmosphere at home by the time you reach. You can also schedule your lights while you are a vacation enjoying just to mimic your regular normal routine.

Smart Assistance

The Smart Plugs come with Voice prompt, which means you can easily control the devices plugged in through your virtual assistant devices such as Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant. The plugs recognize the voice commands easily through multiple devices and operate functions according to the command. Although, there are multiple plugs available in the market that may require a bridge or a dongle for proper functioning.

Tracking And Monitoring

You can easily track and monitor all the devices that have been plugged-in with a detailed history of the energy consumed by each one of them directly through your smartphone so that you have a clear picture of the devices that are consuming too much electricity. Enabling this feature will allow you to save more. The app provides real-time information on the devices plugged, including the time duration it was operating with full power consumption details. The Plug helps to restrict and prevent latent energy consumption by all the devices.

Remote Control

Some models of the Smart plugs available in the market same as Insteon remote control smart plugs also come with a separate remote for you to control and operate your plug so that you don't have to always open your smartphone and then go to the app just to switch it off. This feature makes the whole process simple when you are at home.


Smart Plugs are designed to meet the standards of installed plugs. Smart plugs are specially designed to take the matter of safety as a priority. Smart plugs come with a feature of automatic power on and off in case of an event of power surges or during short circuits, which could damage the devices connected to the plug. The Smart plugs automatically disconnect itself from the power source when it detects any fluctuations in the power supply or high voltage. They are way better in terms of safety than our traditional outlets.

Outdoor Connectivity

The Smart Plugs not only connect to the devices that are present at your home but also can connect to any of the sockets that are present outdoors in case of lighting or decorations. Especially useful in festive times or parties, smart plugs are a reliable device to own.

Alerts and Notifications

The Smart Plugs are not only smart but also provide timely alerts and notifications to your cellphone while you are out. It will inform you about the devices that are plugged and the power consumption. It also alerts you and sends advanced notifications in case of an electric surge so that you can take timely action to prevent damages. Now, with such a device you can relax completely while vacationing away from home.

Share control

With Smart Plugs you can easily share your control of the devices with other people or family members at home so that you don't have to worry about all the timely scheduling for the devices and focus on your work while you are out working.

Cost Of Smart Plugs

one of the most important things to look for while buying a Smart Plug for your home is the cost. Buy the one that suits your needs and fits easily with each and every traditional socket present at your home or office. Also, take into consideration the number of features it comes with. The normal pricing range for a Smart Plug can start at a range of $ 25 to $ 50 approximately.


Buying an award-wining Insteon Smart Plug is a must for everyone. Not only does it provide all the details about the devices in your home, but it also helps to save your budget by controlling power management. The devices are smart and can be easily connected or controlled by a smartphone or a virtual assistant device. The Smart plugs send notifications in case of high voltages and prevent heavy damages as where there's a use of electricity you should always stay cautious. So, what are you waiting for? Add a layer of protection to your home appliances with this smart device, today!

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