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Elegant and professional designed motion sensor monitors indoor and outdoor activities through smartphone integrations for enhanced security.

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  • Wireless connectivity option
  • Quick and easy motion detection
  • Includes night mode for capture long distance object
  • Built in LED indicator lights for effortless operation
  • Best for modern home use
  • Compatible with iphone devices
  • Durable battery with wireless battery charging
  • Perfect suits for restaurants and hotels
  • Built- in USB -rechargeable battery
  • Automatically notification for lock and unlock door
  • Adjustable battery saver timer
  • Integrates with PIR motion sensor
  • Two-way wireless communication for reliable operation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Micro-USB cable and AC power adaptor
  • Motion-detecting sensitivity level for low , medium and high
  • Hassle free to adjust and installation
  • Ideal for home protection against robbery
  • Smart remote control system for effortless carrying
  • Received alert notification with in smartphone
  • Built in camera for recording video clips
  • Lightweight to fit on every mount wall
  • Weather resistant design for outdoor use
  • Includes smart home security system
  • Well- Suited for backyard and garage
  • Flexible fix on mount to room corners and flats walls
  • Includes advanced motion sensitivity
  • Prevent false alarm by avoiding pet detection
  • Remote control system through smartphones
  • 24/7 home security system
  • Received alert by phone and emails
  • Adjustable volume setting for alarms
  • Suitable for commercial use

Motion Sensors Buying Guide - How to Choose The Best Motion Sensors?


When it comes to home or office, you always need to be extra secure to keep your belongings safe. Almost every day we hear news of thieves and burglars that break into homes and steal people’s precious belongings. To overcome this problem, engineers have come up with an extremely intelligent device known as a motion sensor to make Smart Home. This device will help you keep all your personal belongings safe whether at home or your office.

What do you mean by motion sensor?

A motion sensor is a base for your security system. It is a device that detects movement when someone is approaching your home. The motion sensor detects movement present in the area and alerts you when it senses a change. The main objective of the device is to look for intruders or any suspicious activity in the area and send an immediate alert to the control panel. This Samsung smartthings motion Sensor device provide added security to your home and offices while you are out and provide a feeling of safety.

Types of Motion Sensors

Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor

The type of this device helps to identify body heat mechanisms. These passive sensors are widely used in home securities. It can easily detect movement and heat present in the surroundings and alters your for a presence.

Microwave (PIR)

These types of sensors help to identify reflections from moving objects and cover larger areas.

Dual technology Motion Sensors

It is a combination of both Passive Infrared and Microwave technology which helps to identify motions very accurately and reduce false alarms.

Area reflective

It emits infrared rays through a motion-sensing LED. The device is specifically designed to measure the distance of the person or an object from the desired restricted area and helps to send signals to the base and alerts you when someone is approaching.


It helps in identifying the reflections from a moving object and sends out pulses of ultrasonic waves.


The device helps in identifying the vibrations caused by the moving object and senses the frequency and depth of movement created by the moving object and helps to alert the user when a vibration is felt.

Incredible Features of Motion Sensors


Motion Sensors come in various shapes and sizes. However, the size of these devices which is ideal is small and handy and can be placed and fitted easily, either at your home, store, or offices. The smaller devices are difficult to detect so that they can do their job effectively without being seen. These devices are flexible and are easy to install. It can be kept easily on a shelf or hung on a wall outside.


These devices are specially designed for both indoor and outdoor monitoring and even for those who have pets at their homes. The sensors in these devices can easily provide a 90 degrees field view for better security.


The motion sensor lights feature an ultra-bright LED that can detect thermal heat and senses, intruders or burglars, easily. With their advanced lighting feature, images come out crystal clear.


The range that the motion detectors can cover can vary greatly. The ideal devices once placed can scan approx 30 feet radius and detect every movement of the person approaching your home or store and alerts you timely.

Smart Connectivity

The Eve Motion Sensors device is smart and can be easily connected to your smartphone. The in-built app for the devices helps a user to monitor and view all history of the movements in the area in one's absence. The device also sends alerts, notifications, and emails through wifi directly to your cell phone so that timely action can be taken.


Even though small, the devices can be easily shifted and planted to multiple places of your home or office. The sturdy and Waterproof designing of these sensors make it unique to withstand any weather conditions and perform an adequate function.


The sensors used in these devices are of high quality. There are multiple devices available with different sensors and functions such as light, Microwave, sounds, and vibrations etc.and all of them equally perform well. The sensors can detect a presence accurately either by sensing motions or the thermal heat produced by the moving object and interpret the signal which is then analyzed quickly and an alert system is triggered.

Bottom Line

We have mentioned all the necessary features that are available in a motion sensor that can help you to keep your house safe from thieves and burglars or any other presence. The insteon motion sensor is one of the most important things that one should have if one is living alone or spends most of the time outside doing work. Not only humans but these sensors can also detect any living creatures such as pests or other animals easily. Installed in the garden, they can protect your plants from invasion.

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