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Energy Efficient Bulbs For Home And Commercial Use

We all know bulbs are made to bring light into our lives and our homes. But now, because of the innovations in technology, smart bulbs are available in the markets that are perfect for smart homes.

A smart bulb is an internet-enabled LED light bulb that helps with customizing the lighting in your smart homes, which can be scheduled and controlled with the help of technology and remotely. These smart bulbs are the fastest-growing products in the home automation industry. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee for home automation systems, these bulbs are made to be controlled and used through smartphones with an app. They can be controlled individually for different and varying results. With the help of Internet connectivity, the suppliers can apply and equip bulbs with additional features such as built-in cameras, speakers, and motion-detecting capability.

These smart bulbs such as iDevices and Lifx help make a unique setting for the homes and assist with controlling the overall brightness levels according to the moods and situations in RGB color. Similar to all technological products, these bulbs can also be used as an attack vector. For example, one can easily access your homes, get into the network, and grab some Wi-Fi details to decrypt the credentials and eventually use all the information without the proper authentication. To make for utmost security and protection, before purchasing bulbs, one must research thoroughly. Any cons or drawbacks associated with the product must be taken into account, and the user should also know of the product's vulnerabilities.

Moreover, the software used for controlling these bulbs must be continuously updated and secured. One should run these devices on an individual/isolated network only, making it inaccessible to sensitive data. Therefore, although these bulbs are quite beneficial, they have to be used carefully. They can change the room's entire tone and mood and help the user roam around conveniently without having to switch it on and off repeatedly.