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Acquire secure door locks and innovative home safety features with keyless entry and re-keying technology for residential and commercial door locks.

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  • Secure and hands-free control smart lock
  • Voice control features with alexa
  • WIFI sense technology with adapter
  • Home kit enabled smart door locks
  • Pro-lock kit connects with smart devices
  • Automated lock and unlock features
  • Convenient to use and operation controls
  • High performance hardware and keys
  • Touch enabled door lock access
  • Highly secured remote access
  • Easy and simple lock installation features
  • Provides auto re-lock options and weather resistant
  • Bluetooth control smart door locks
  • Fully customizable door lock options
  • Operates with smart phone and keypad access
  • Innovative and secure access sharing options
  • Advanced technology smart door locks
  • Fingerprint and keypad authentication features
  • Smart app enables keyless access
  • Standard and high quality exterior
  • Easy to connect touch-screen door lock
  • Built with alert and alarm settings
  • Innovative design with auto handling features
  • Protects households with smart alert system
  • Smart functionality door lock system
  • Integrated with 3D fingerprint sensor
  • Perfect smart lock for single latch doors
  • Enhances the security of homes
  • Touch-pad electronic door lock kit
  • Programmable security system solutions
  • High end mechanical finish door locks
  • Door lock kits provides access with mobile devices
  • Innovative door lock connects with alexa
  • Auto-door lock and unlock features
  • Perfect and standard fit with doors
  • Easy and smart control access
  • Reliable and faster connection door locks
  • Standard metal interior for high security
  • Advanced security and control options
  • Allows to lock manually and digitally

A Complete Guide: Things to be Considered Before Buying a Smart Door Lock


A home is a place where we all feel safe and secured. It gives you a feel of relaxation. Your home is the synonym of security. Then why rely on the traditional door locks? If your home keeps you safe, then it is your job to ensure the safety of home. Relying on the traditional locks can be a bit dangerous, and the safety of the home would be at stake. 'Survival of the fittest' is the rule of this world. Then why you lag? Embrace smart technology and bring out the smartness in you!

A Smart Home comes with various features to ensure safety. You may be wondering what does a smart lock do, what are the benefits and drawbacks of a smart lock, which smart lock is the best, and how many types of smart locks are available in the market. We are going to appease all your queries in this article, keep calm and stay with us!

What does a smart door lock do?

A smart lock allows keyless access to your home where you can control through a password or smartphone. It also gives you some additional features, such as notifications and smartphone alerts. A smart door lock can be locked and unlocked from anywhere. Unlike traditional door locks, smart door locks do not need any key, so misplacing your keys is now totally outdated.

Benefits of Smart Door Locks

Many times it happens, when you misplace the keys of the traditional locks and then search for it. It is a sheer wastage of time. But smart locks provide you keyless access. Either you connect it with your smartphone or set up a numeric PIN.

You can lock and unlock it from anywhere. Other than this, you can track the entry and exits as well. Who entered your house and when? Now you know everything about your house. It does not have many drawbacks, but while buying a smart lock, you should be cautious enough to choose a smart lock which is worthy of spending your hard-earned money and fulfil your home requirements.

Numerous smart locks are available in the market introduced by different companies. Before buying a smart lock, do check out smart door locks reviews available on the web/internet. There you will get lots of recommendations, and you can choose a suitable smart door lock for your home/office.

Smart door lock Budget

First of all, decide your budget, and then step out for buying a smart door lock. You can get various recommendation on the web and can choose the Yale smart door lock which fits into your budget and efficient enough for the security of your house. Don't opt for the expensive one. Just choose the suitable one.


Most of the smart locks work on rechargeable batteries. Whenever the battery of the smart lock gets low, you get a notification. Always look for a smart door lock which offers a long battery life and a longer standby time. So, you do not need to charge it time and again.

Not having longer standby time can put you in trouble. For instance, the battery of the lock died, and you are outside the house, then how are you going to enter the house. So, it is vital to look for longer standby time.

Alternate Entry

Many times technology ditch us and put us in great trouble. This can also happen with the smart door lock. Look for a smart door lock which gives you alternate entry options. Smart door locks offer various alternative entry options such as physical or electronic entry option which include PIN codes, add-on keypads, Bluetooth connection or a physical key. Some smart locks are also come with a key fob to unlock the door.

Automated lock

Automated locks let you set a distance limit and time limit for locking and unlocking the doors automatically. Majorly smart door locks with keypad do not have this automatic locking/unlocking function as there are some security reasons and Alexa compatible device such as August home smart door lock for busy people.

You can choose a smart lock which fulfils your requirements and is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Guest Keys

Do check whether your smart door lock allows you to assign guest keys for the temporary visitors or not. It proved to be an essential feature. When you are not at home, but you want a visitor to enter into your home in your absence so you can provide them with the guest keys or the temporary code so that they can get into the house. These temporary codes are for single use and for a determined time. You can get a notification, and you can track who entered your home and when and at what time they left.

Voice Control

These days a number of smart door locks are providing voice control. But these door locks can be controlled through voice when you are inside the house. These smart locks are compatible with Alexa and Siri's voice control. Many updates and new features regarding voice control are being introduced by renowned companies.

These were some major and most essential points which should definitely be considered before buying a smart door lock. There are some other points also which should be kept in mind when you are going to buy a smart lock such as weather resistance capacity, ANSI quality rating, home compatibility, wireless security options, and also the design. You do not buy a smart door lock every day. It is a one-time investment. So, choose carefully after all it is for you and your loved ones' security.


Technology is providing us so many things but as there are a number of options available so you may get perplexed. The above-mentioned checkpoints will definitely help you to choose the best smart door lock depending on your requirement. This Schlage smart door lock can give you the overall satisfaction, which you all need. Furthermore, if you have any queries, let us know in the comment section given below.

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