Best Web Hosting For Bloggers

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Buying Guide To Choose Web Hosting Service For Bloggers 


Finding a suitable web hosting service for a blogger at the brink of starting a blog can be confusing and difficult. There are many good options available on the internet, but choosing the right one is a daunting task. Depending on the type of content you are looking to produce and the amount of money and effort you are willing to spend on your blog's web hosting service, you should choose your best option to start a passion project, or maybe even a career. 

Did you know that the USA holds the most number of free web hosting services in the world? The USA has 43% of the total web hosting services in the world, alone! Now, let's check out the step-by-step guide for selecting the right web hosting for bloggers.

Easy Installation Process

If you are venturing into the world of blogging and want to try it out, you will most probably not be acquainted with the nitty-gritty of blog set up or coding. Finding a website with an easy setup system will let you concentrate more on your content than figuring out how to build the website or maintain it. Many web hosting services come with a pre-set blog format where you can share your thoughts and art without tangling yourself in a technical and coding related fuss. Any good web hosting service should be easy-to-setup and use. They should ideally take only a few minutes to open your website after you have got your URL.

Type of Blog

You should choose your hosting web service according to the type of content you are looking to produce. If you are a writer, then your choice of web host will be different from that of a photographer. It is recommended that you do your research about which host will be the most effective according to your form of a blog. Your work's personality should be reflected through your website and ensure that your chosen platform is the best for that kind of work.

Give A Professional Touch 

Suppose you are looking to turn blogging into a profession or a side hustle. In that case, you might require additional plugins and rebranding after a while to show your growth and increasing seriousness and professionalism regarding blogging. The option of having room to grow is very important when you're looking for a hosting web service. Additionally, you can also prefer cloud-based web hosting services.

Money Making

If you want to make money through your blog, you should opt for a Bluehost web hosting service that lets you run ads and yields you money. Not all services provide this option, but if this is a business venture for you, then look into it and ensure that there are opportunities to make money with the website. 

Open Source

Open source platforms are free web hosting services. You do not have to pay any money to sign up on it or develop and produce content. They let you practice your art and share them with the world without the compulsion of having to pay. If you are starting your career as a blogger, you should opt for it until you create a strong base and start earning money.

Template Collection

You should check the template collection of the hosting web service beforehand. A web hosting service with a customizable template and pre-set options can encourage your creative juices to flow better and give your website a personality that you don't have to work on separately. It will allow you to build a beautiful and creative website that is a step ahead of the rest. 

Stock Photos

If you are a writer and don't click photographs by yourself, web hosting services with stock photo collections can be extremely helpful. Using copyright-free images on your website is very important, as you should never use someone else's art for your benefit without their consent. But due to different social media websites, finding the source of photographs or graphic art has become way more difficult. However, such things will not bother you if you choose a platform that already has a stock photo collection. You can search for photos on the site and use them without running the threat of getting sued. 

Tools, Integrations, and Plugins

If you want to turn your blog into a business platform eventually or even now, you should be aware of the kind of plugins allowed in the hosting service you choose. If you are thinking about linking a store to your website or blog, opt for a service that allows that particular plugin. There can be simpler formats of plugins, like attaching galleries and contact forms that you can use to showcase photographs or even conduct surveys.

Backup Facility

Look for a web host that provides backup facilities. You might lose your work and entire portfolio if you do not back it up. Some web hosting services provide auto-backup facilities that can be very useful if your blog crashes in the middle of some activity or your system fails and gets all its data erased. 


The uptime of your website or blog is dependent on the web hosting service that you are choosing. It is essentially the amount of time, represented in percentage, that your blog is available for everyone to see. If your uptime is high, the website is not good. It will affect the traffic and views of your blog. It will always be better to have a blog site that is available 100% of the time.


The speed of your blog directly affects the number of visitors. No one likes to fumble multiple times while reading some posts or wait for 10 minutes for the link to open. Fast service is an essential element when it comes to choosing a hosting web service.

Customer Support

Lastly, having customer support or helpline number will help emergencies related to technical issues or something that you cannot understand or access. Customer service also enables you to give feedback and reach out, and the need for it cannot be denied. 


Out of the innumerable options, Hostgator will always be one web hosting service that ticks the right boxes and is the perfect fit for your blogging endeavors and will push you forward and might as well turn it into a full-time career option. So, if you are a writer on the look for expanding your business, get yourself a web hosting service right away.